The Three-Year-Old Who Does a Perfect Chris Farley – Lights Out with David Spade

Uh, so over the weekend,
my Instagram got bombarded by the post of a kid dressed up
for Halloween as Chris Farley in Tommy Boy. Some of you might have seen it.
Here’s… It’s really funny.
Here’s a clip. -Can I go?
-WOMAN: Yeah. ♪ Fat guy in a little suit. ♪ (applause and cheering) Isn’t that funny? He’s gonna talk to us
on video. Here’s the Farley kid–
Chuck Diamond. Hey. (applause and cheering) Your name’s Chuck Diamond.
Are you 53? Yeah! -(mumbles)
-CHRISTINA P: Yeah. He’s exactly Farley. Um… Hey,
so you saw those movies, Chuck? Yeah! (laughter) Pretty close. Uh, all right,
let’s do some lines, okay? Give me a line. (laughter) That’s right.
They’re called doctors. (laughter) Um, uh, okay. Uh, hey, what’s your phone
number over there? -Hey, Chuck?
-WOMAN: Chuck, put it down. Chuck, what’s your phone number? WOMAN:
Put it down. You’re… Chuck, you’re not gonna get
the candy, remember? -Yeah, Chuck.
-(laughter) -CHRISTINA P: Love it.
-Exactly what we did with Chris. (laughter) WOMAN:
What’s your phone number? Two, two, niner. Oh, did I catch
a “niner” in there? What, are you calling
from a walkie-talkie? Hey, listen,
I know you got a busy day. Um, can you give us a little
Farley from Chippendales? -Yeah. -Come on.
Let’s see you dance, buddy. (applause and cheering) Yeah! -(applause and cheering)
-All right. Thank you, Chuck. All right, bud. I have to give him his plugs. Chuck will be trick-or-treating
from 5:00 to 8:00 on Thursday, and then bouncing off the walls
until 11:00. All right. You can follow him on Instagram
by following my page. -Oh.
-(laughter) All right, anyway, uh,
thanks, Chuck. That kid’s cool.

100 thoughts on “The Three-Year-Old Who Does a Perfect Chris Farley – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. That's cause Chris acted like a child…Tommy Boy…..Black Sheep….Beverly Hills Ninja. Was fun though, we really nevet got to see what might've become if he had went in a different direction later in life.

  2. It must actually hit a spot for David to see a late friend and partner in crime still remembered by the future generations.

  3. Do a Tommy boy Sequel with CHUCK DIAMOND!!!!! It will be a HIT FOR SURE!!!! Get that kid on the Show ASAP!!!!! He’s your NEW SIDEKICK Dude👌

  4. Shout out from a 90's teen grown in Waukesha county. Chris Farley was huge out there when I was growing up, no pun intended.

  5. Rest up Farley. You were a good friend and a fun guy. That prostitute should be charged with your death. She left you to die on your bros. door step. I'm so sorry you couldn't of lived longer… having fun with Spade and Sandler. They miss you terribly… It is so hard to watch them hold back the tears. Till you meet again buddy. 🌹

  6. .47 secs the only time in Spades life when he said.. "let's do some lines" 👃 And it didn't mean what u thought it meant.

  7. And that was all right nothing big this little kid jumping around you have to be in your late forties to remember Chris Farley it was all right

  8. I wonder if he was still alive what kind of movies he’d be doing like if he would have eventually went into more serious roles you could catch glimpses at times that more talent was in there

  9. This kids great! You should shoot a Tommy Boy sequel with him.

    Tommy Boy II pitch:
    Twenty years later, you and Tommy are leading the biggest brake pad company in the nation. You and your wife (played by Kelli Cucco) are babysitting this kid (Tommy Jr.) while Tommy and his wife (Kristen Stewart) travel to Europe to put the finishing touches on a European division, when an offscreen plane crash leaves this kid running the company. With the corporate stock on the verge of collapse, an evil competitor devises a plan to buy out the company. As Tommy's most trusted assistant, it's up to you to teach this kid how to find the great leader he has inside, and save the company.
    You can do all the big bits, and cameos from Sandler and all Farley's other close friends. Maybe a qick dance off with a kid that can do the Patrick Swayzee part of chippendales while Nealon is blown away.

  10. That was hysterical. You could probably go out in public and get every third to fourth person you ask quoting Matt Foley, motivational speaker,…..

  11. Dude…the fact that David saw this and had the kid into a show…is just epic! the kid embodies Farley.

    Miss you CF. 😟💔

  12. Man imagine being David spade. Missing his bestie and all. I feel selfish saying I miss that big bastard but damn rip Farley

  13. I'm my God! How cute! I once heard my son tell two beetles "I thought I told you boys to… SHOVEL THE WALK!"
    He was about 4 and he heard Farley say that in an interview 😂😂😂

  14. That kid honestly has no idea of who hes dressed as. The parents put him up to it. But at least next Hallowen he can do an OD'd Zombie Farley.
    …wha? too soon?

  15. “You’re not gonna get the candy”

    “That’s exactly how we did it with Chris”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true 😂

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