46 thoughts on “The References: “Feud” Episode 6 + “Strait-jacket” Trailer (Legendas em Português)

  1. Omg! This scene is Feud was a dream come true! Lol it was everything I was hoping for and more! Jessica just doesn't have that Crawford face, but it's so much fun seeing her in full on Strait Jacket mode. Priceless. Your split screen shows how crazy accurate they recreated it. Literally frame by frame! Thanks you so much, nice work again!

  2. I'm hoping we get Berserk and Trog later on as well!!! That would be crazy! I can just see Jessica Lange dressed as circus owner Monica Rivers in those crazy wigs and leotards trying to seduce Ty Hardin! Lol

  3. Lange is an incredible actress, but she really looks nothing like Joan Crawford. Joan had stronger brows, much larger eyes, smooth skin, toned arms, and a svelte body. Lange looks just awful in comparison, even if she does have the right kind of general jawline.

  4. I have been loving Mamacita in Feud, and can't help thinking of Carol Ann in Mommie Dearest. It would be great to see a tribute video to those two!!! Lol

  5. Actually miss Lange acts exactly like miss Crawford there might be physical differences,but the body language is exactly like Joan Crawford I seen most of Joan's movies & Lang's performance is as haughty and elegant as Crawford she should get all the awards as well as Miss Sarandon Susan face looks more like Bette Davis, doesn't necessarily mean they have to have their voices. down I am not. certainly an expert or a connoisseur of physical features but, one doesn't need to both Actresses are fabulous and should be getting great reviews!

  6. just wonderful–finally somebody understands  what cool is!!! so which is better? the original trailer or the 2017 remake?

  7. Amazing attention to detail, completely true to the original. I don't think it's been done before, such recreations. It's mind blowing.
    And Jessica does an amazing job here; she might not look or sound exactly like Crawford, but the body language, tension, emotional portrayal – everything is top notch. I believe Joan would be impressed and proud of Jessica.

  8. Lange doesn't have to look exactly like her: Joan famously said that Faye Dunaway was the only actress on Hollywood at the time who was beautiful enough to have been a movie star in her time, and LOOK how that turned out.

    Lange's job here is to perform her emotions and tell a story about career decline and a woman's plight in Hollywood, which she does superlatively well. She gets the essence of the character: she doesn't have to be a pin-up.

  9. In contrast, Sarandon looks SO much like Davis that she is at pains not to slide into a mere impersonation. She tones down the famous mannerisms in order to get at how the woman is feeling, and not resort to a delightful drag act.

  10. Wow you have almost 4,000 views for this split screen! That shows how great a job you did on this one, and shows how much people are just loving seeing Jessica Lange do Strait Jacket lol! I love when Feud recreates stuff like this, because I immediately think YES! There will definitely be a split screen of this!

  11. I think you guys will like this Making Of Strait-Jacket. It shows a more positive relation between Crawford and this film.


  12. Emilio Corral I know that you enjoyed Feud and the performances of such brilliant & gifted Actresses as miss Lange & Miss Sarandon, i certainly did too!!!

  13. Cliff9685 I certainly agree with you is such a treat for TV viewers or anybody that appreciates talent & I am not only talking about Susan & Jessica, the whole movie crew of fabulous Actors & Actresses performances Bob Aldrich's, De Havilland's, gifted Allison Wrights,mamacita, Hopper's, Joan Blondell,Victor Buono's ,Harriett's Bob's wife &many many wonderful people that made Feud such a Success!!!

  14. POLL: Despite the fact that Jessica Lange is one of the most amazing performers working today, it's quite obvious that the aesthetic team on Feud dropped the ball on trying to make her look like a believable Joan Crawford. Is there another actress working today that may have been a better choice, based on how much she resembles Joan Crawford? She'd still have to have acting chops though. I've been thinking about it, and going by her appearance mostly, the actress Janine Turner came to mind. One of my favorite TV shows was "Northern Exposure" and she was the female lead. She's now in her mid to late 50s, I believe. She's a fine actress and it would take very little to turn her into a Joan Crawford look-alike. They would have to age her a little. https://goo.gl/images/mGHFZS
    So… Who do you think would make a good replacement? I'm posting this mostly for fun. I still think they made the best choice with Jessica Lange.

  15. Jessica Lange is doing outstanding work in this series. However it's so very difficult to portray an actual person that was so well known. I do have to agree she does not look or sound like Joan Crawford but she still deserves applause for her work. Taking on a playing Joan Crawford isn't easy for anyone.

  16. So I think you are gaining notice! On What The Flick Bette and Joan Ep.7 they talk about a guy on YouTube who has been doing split screens, could that be you?!

    Be sure to watch that !

  17. Excellent comparison! Thank you for posting this. I remember seeing this picture when I was a teenager and I went back a second time because I thought Joan was fantastic in this role. Love this movie; Love Joan Crawford!

  18. Joan Crawford was still beautiful in her old age, Jessica Lange however looks like a rubber-faced monster.

  19. I find it interesting they were filming Lange with Black hair in scenes where Joan was partially or entirely grey.

  20. ? I agree I love Jessica Lange but yeah she looks nothing like Joan Crawford .. feud is extremely Exaggerated..

  21. Though it may not seem like a big deal at all, I have noticed, why does Lange have jet black hair in black and white and the real Crawford has white or different colored hair completlety from Langes here…..just do not understand that at all. why didnt Lamge have that color hair too?

  22. I would have paid GOOD money to sit there and see Jessica Lange fake screaming to the camera for an hour hahaha. Thinking about it just cracks me up because at least in '63 they cut from a whole scene that Crawford did in this movie, for this they probably just put the camera and told "Start Shouting!" Pure ridiculousness lol.

  23. These are SO close, about the only real difference of note I saw was that the Feud re-enactment has harsher lighting. If it had been a little darker on set, I'd argue it'd have been near perfect.

  24. Had Joan Crawford given this performance in any other genre, she would have been nominated for an Oscar.

  25. Aquilo que aconteceu, na promoção do filme, dela entrar nas sessões com machado e constrangida, realmente aconteceu?

  26. Both ladies are beautiful I just think Jessica was a bit old to play Joan. She did an awesome job, I mean it is Jessica Lange. However, I considered Joan a well put together beauty and Jessica didnt exactly nail that part.. Joan made baby jane at like 62 Jessica is like 69….but great performance.

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