The Penelope Christening Gown by Baby Beau & Belle

The Penelope christening gown designed by
Baby Beau and Belle is one of the most detailed and gorgeous gowns we make The lace overlay on this gown features a two
tone ivory and champagne re embroidered floral lace design A lot of work goes into making the Penelope
christening gown It’s the most time intensive gown we make As with all of our gowns, it’s designed
and hand sewn in the United States We’ve many matching accessories for the
Penelope gown. Our soft knit sweater accents the lace on
the gown Adorable booties with silk chiffon roses Hand selected gold rose cross necklace As well as our silk bonnet Lace headband And receiving blanket This beautiful gown can be passed down and
appreciated for ages to come Our keepsake garment bag will preserve and
keep your gown beautiful for future generations

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