The North Face Resolve Jacket – waterproof and breathable jacket using North Face Hyvent technology

Hi there and welcome to Webtogs.  Todaywe’re
taking a look at the Resolve jacket from the North Face. It’s one of our best sellers,
 and is cracking value for money. Firstly the fabric they’ve gone for. They’re
using HyVent, it’s their own proprietary fabric. It’s seam-sealed and is also waterproof and
breathable. From the top you can see that the collar is fleece-lined, nice and
comfortable.   The hood; draw-cords on either side to put
it nice and tight. As we go further down the jacket, the collars or rather the cuffs are
elasticated, and for the main zip it has a double storm baffle to keep the water out
.Two large pockets on either side are finished off by a draw cord down at the hem. What’s interesting about this jacket, it has
a nice active cut; it comes just down from below the waist. And that’s it, the Resolve
jacket from The North Face.

48 thoughts on “The North Face Resolve Jacket – waterproof and breathable jacket using North Face Hyvent technology

  1. Both are great jackets TBH and will keep you dry and get rid of the sweat – it's just down to how you like to look out on the hil 😉

  2. Whats the difference between the Venture Jacket(By north face) and this one by North face, they look extremely similar.

  3. @willfaz07 I´m in the exact same situation right now !! :S which one did you pick ? and did it meet your expectations ?


  4. The North Face has devolved into nothing more than a fashion statement. Everyone and their dog has one. It truly is the "Member's Only" jacket of this generation. Anyone that is serious about outdoor wear chooses Marmot.

  5. @southport97 Undeniable that they are v popular, but they still have their place in the technical spectrum of outdoor clothing.

  6. @koryan Both are great jackets, it really depends on whether you want a longer jacket (Venture) or shorter and more lightweight (Resolve)

  7. Not sure where you are looking but the jacket gets 5 star reviews on our site and a number of other outdoor retailers as well from consumers. Which reviews are you looking at?

  8. We can categorically say this jacket is totally waterproof. As with any jacket, water can get in around the collar and cuffs if not sealed tightly but the fabric itself is waterproof.

  9. Cheers for stopping by, I would say the All terrain would be better as it has Goretex that breathes better, both will do a cracking job of keeping you dry though. For both winter and summer you would be a little more comfortable as a result in the All Terrain, but the main benefit of the resolve is that it is considerably cheaper.

  10. Had this jacket for years and I can say it is rain proof. I don't know where you read those reviews from but mine works great! 🙂

  11. I was wondering If i could use this during winter hikes, with a novelty fleece jacket, fleece sweater and dryfit base?

  12. Hi, the Resolve is a great waterproof. I'm unsure what you mean by novelty fleece? Please give me a call on 01179 113869 and I will happily answer your questions.
    Kind regards

  13. Webtog your absolutely right! Hyvent technology is amazing 😀 and works great and effectively as well,can't go wring with The NorthFace at all!

  14. If you put a lightweight down or insulated jacket/smock underneath then it'll keep the rain and snow out and keep the heat in.

  15. Okay I am going to order this jacket but idk whether to get a small or a medium. Im 5"11 and weight about 140 lbs (about 64kg). What size do you think i should get?

  16. Hi, I'd go for the small. I am 6ft, 77kg and take a medium so the small should be great for you. If the size is wrong then we offer a free exchange service!

  17. I want this jacket but i vary so much in clothing between medium/large. i am 6'2 and about 88kg. What would be the best size for me? Thanks.

  18. i have a tnf hyvent 2.5 rain gear and i used it yesterday. the rain was not that heavy but guess what? my arms still got wet. its really water proof, once the water goes in, it never get out.. LOL

  19. Is this jacket warm enough for the winter i am usualy waering a big hoodie under my jackets. But my question is does this jacket keep you warm too not only dry ?

  20. The problem with the North Face brand is the lack of confidence it inspires in serious customers who intend to use their goods on the billboard, on real adventures. I bought a tent Mica FL2 Y direct from the company website and in the first rain entered the water the tent disintegrated. A friend of mine said that the North Face boot worn by him dropped the sole on the summit of Aconcagua. Another friend of mine says that the anorak Venture simply could not stand under the shoulder straps for two hours and ripped. Here in Brazil, we have hundreds of customer complaints that have had issues with North Face items at the time they were being used for what they were designed for. In Brazil we say that North Face is good just to walk in the maul mall.

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