The most flattering gym leggings! Try on & honest review

I am finally filming another YouTube video and I've had a really busy couple of weeks and I just haven't haven't filmed anything so bad of me so I'm gonna get back on it now what better way to start than doing a gym leggings leggings whole I get asked quite a lot of times in the gym or on Instagram snapchat Facebook whatever is where I get gym leggings from and I do go on the hunt for some good leggings because I like it when they enhance your features see you boom and your legs like you want your leggings to look really nice on your legs so I just thought I'd show you my favorite or why I have it home with me some of them ask that Union Manchester unfortunately and but I have got a wide selection some more expensive somewhat cheaper some from the same places yeah I hope you like them so these first ones are Nike and I wear a small they are squat proof and they've got this lovely waistband they've got the just do it on the inside and I do love these leggings they are quite sick so you get quite hot in them in the gym and I got these in Sports Direct and they were so much cheaper than getting off night so look at sports director JD they always always have cheaper gym leggings be careful if you sweat a lot in the gym now and tough person why I could do a set of squats or I could do one random hit workout and I am dripping when I'm dripping you're gonna get that sweat when you wear light grey well you know what happens love these absolutely they're so comfy and they're from sports directors where I think these are like 30 pounds I've also got them in dark grey I have to roll them up because I'm 5 foot four and a half five five what and they are a little bit long for me but that is because I'm sure and then when you pull too much you get that we're like thigh unfortunately I think I've worn them so much that now they're not squat proof they were they have through stage where they having very squat proof again I'm a me UK 10 which is a small 810 is a small they're amazing leggings but don't wear them again like I said on the previous leggings if you sweat like crazy in the gym because you will get a sweaty ass crack so these amazing leggings are a khaki color like a dark green they are completely squat proof I've had them for two years now and they're the kind of leggings that I'd literally wear but every single leg they have I could because I trust them I know they're not gonna split this is like really strong and these are literally lemon I bought them in a store in London now they are quite expensive but if you do an invest in a really really good pair of leggings Lululemon are very very good at being squat proof and are comfortable and they're just so soft top tip secret sales I think that's what it's called I got I got my Lululemon Jian back from that and it was like half price so occasionally they're gonna have gym leggings on there so always have a look around before you purchase at full price I think around 6 or an 8 and that's how they're sized nonetheless great pair of leggings so both pairs of these leggings are from Lorna Jane and I hadn't heard of one Jane before I'd been out in Australia and might start of this year and I think they really mean the big over there because everyone's seen see wearing it I never heard of it but they do do in the UK and these dark green ones are small they're a little bit short for me and they think these ones for the next size up yeah these ones remedial but then they're little bit too big for me and I'd usually wear a 810 so there's kind of like no mid range what they're so so comfy they're both completely squat proof these however however where is I don't know if you can see this what there is a split this happened to mention obsession so that's the only reason why I don't wear these on leg day every other day absolutely fine these gray ones again really really nice and you have these holes keep it nice and cool in the gym I love them I really really really love them I mean because how biased because I am one of that athletes but you know when you find a pair of gym leggings and you're like yes I'm gonna buy it add some color which is exactly what I've done I have them in this blue color I've just ordered them and ruby red and a nude I'm not too sure how the news gonna go down might be CT might not be but they're so so comfy they're completely squat proof they're high-waisted which is good you can roll them down these are from Murray kilo and they're the amenity leggings and they're $24.99 and the ruby red the nude and the black which have just released are $26.99 I do have a discount code which I will put on the screen but I've had so many so many compliments about these in the gym I don't need to rob them up which is a bonus because I'm sure ask for amazing okay we're talking cheap three pounds four pounds or maybe four pounds three pounds either way 7000 total forever 21 now these weren't actually under the active section gym section where why I've worn them in the gym four legs and they're absolutely fine they're white I do that they're really really comfy they are just that legging material Wow hello they'll see through how I wear these on legs well we've just realized that they see through but any other day where that's fine or just around in general and these shorts I wear them when I'm doing my homework outside don't win the gym there a little bit you know and again forever 21 these are medium leggings are a small these bombshell sports were are extremely comfortable I've had them I've had these for quite a long time now think these purpley blue ones are a small and then this pink pair are extra small pink pad not as sweat-proof still squat proof completely sweat proof and squat proof and they just enhance your bum and your legs and I just love them so much they are more on the expensive side as I said if you wear gym wagons a lot I want to invest in a really with a good pair I'd highly recommend these and but I'd line from the UK I did have to get in there from I think they're from Australia so I had to pay but they've lasted and they're amazing I do get my wear out of them so I guess I'm kind of get my money's worth so everybody knows Jim shark and how quick they sell out but I did get my hands on two of the flex pays so the blue and the gray with the white waistband and I wear a small now over time they've got bigger I think and as I showed you in the video you can see that I have to roll them up like three times which is really really annoying nonetheless they enhance your features they look absolutely amazing they're completely squat proof sweat proof so I would recommend them but the sizing is a little bit had to know lastly we have the seamless gym shot leggings and I wear a small again and they fit perfectly don't swap out all because I think it was s so high-waisted like a big like waistband thing unfortunately mine also do have a slit in it somehow managed to split and but without a scene where there's nothing I mean I can still wear them they're ridiculously comfy they've got these holes in the bottom these are full-length ones now I said I would still recommend them because they make your butt look good though extremely comfy as I've said for maybe I just don't do deep and squat once in this split who knows love my gym muggins now what these are like over time I just kind of like collect them and these are my favourites and hopefully you enjoyed this video and maybe you can go on some of the websites find a pet for you what remember as I said be savvy look at sales as always always sales on Sports Direct JD things like that secret sales have a look because they might have them if you never know let me know if you have any questions and make sure you subscribe to get more of my videos bye

46 thoughts on “The most flattering gym leggings! Try on & honest review

  1. I just ordered two pair of the Queenie Ke and one pair of the Merakilo! Hoping I like them and that they are a good fit.

  2. hey really nice video, i have a question, do you know how the gymattic leggings are? i really love the tecture but i don'y know how the are in the gym, got some tips?

  3. hello! Thank you for the video. very helpful Do you know what is the fabric of lululemon? and do you workout with "tradicional underwear" or thongs?

  4. The second pair is definitely NOT squat proof; unfortunately they’re see-through all the way, but they’re super cute!
    BTW your legs look amazing; I cannot wait until I can see more bulk & definition in my legs.
    Great video. Super helpful.

  5. girl i was trusting you until you mentioned those forever 21 leggings! my mom commented on them every time i wore them because that’s how see through they are.. they’re not even an option in the gym for me! but they are comfortable for lounging

  6. Beautiful body. Youth is so short, but if you train all your life, you can extend the time. She looks very nice.

  7. Nice collection.. I brought one from this store…

  8. You really shouldn’t promote Merakilo – they’re a scam company. Took my money and ran. No customer service what so ever. Really poor.

  9. I ordered the Merakilo leggings and paid for express delivery, still no update on the item and I still haven't received it! I emailed and DM them on Instagram and I've had no reply. I've read they've done this to other people. Terrible customer experience !!! 🙁

  10. Aftet watching this video i was super excited and ordered myself a few pairs of Merakilo leggings.
    The best advice I can give is to not waste your time. Their customer service is the worst i have ever experienced, I've never received a response to my emails and never got my leggings. I would recommend checking out the comments/complaints on Instagram.

    Loved the video though, think I will try a different brand.

  11. Are those Merakillo leggings sweat proof?? I sweat profusely, as if I just have gotten out of the shower, it's bad 💦. I think those are so nice but I wonder if they will handle my sweat?? 🤔

  12. LOL I think it's so funny how you say Nike… you say it like how it's spelt but it's supposed to be said like "Nike-eee" really pronounce those invisible extra e's

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