The Most Fiercest Poses in Miss Universe Evening Gown Competition

Hi, I am Gabriel and welcome to another video of the
Miss Universe Predictions And today I will present to you my favorites in the Miss Universe evening gown competition from 2015 to 2018 This video I already posted on the channel for a while But when I had the channel problem, I had to delete this video And today I decided to repost it on channel Now let’s meet the candidates with the fierce pose on evening gown competition I hope you enjoyed I decided to repost this video because I like him a lot And I didn’t want to let him out of the channel And so I decided to post again, for you to watch Leave your favorites in the comments Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and like I am Gabriel and I see you in the next video

12 thoughts on “The Most Fiercest Poses in Miss Universe Evening Gown Competition

  1. Até hoje ainda não me conformo com o resultado do MU em 2015 com a não ida da Miss Republica Dominicana ao top 5 e em 2018 com a não ida ao top 5 da Miss Canada

  2. 1. Colombia ‘15
    2. Thailand ‘16
    3. Venezuela ‘18
    4. Vietnam ‘18
    5. Philippines ‘15

    A bit disappointed when France in her drop-dead-red gown isn’t in here.

  3. NO HATE !!! COUNTRIES in Four (4) Major Beauty Pageants:

    FYI, VENEZUELA is still The POWERHOUSE w/ 23 Crowns and PHILIPPINES is 2nd w/ 15 Crowns, PUERTO RICO is 3rd w/ 9 Crowns (w/o Ms EARTH), BRAZIL is 4th w/ 6 Crowns and COLOMBIA is 5th w/ 5 Crowns.

    Please check this out:
    Big Four international beauty pageants

    My take is still the Powerhouses from the PHILIPPINES, BRAZIL, PUERTO RICO, COLOMBIA and VENEZUELA in that order. PEACE EVERYONE !!!

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