The Most Controversial Movie Costumes Explained

A character’s outfit helps define who the
character is in the context of the film — particularly when it comes to period pieces and superhero
movies. Seemingly tiny incorrect details can cause
a huge uproar among fans. From metal bikinis to sparkly hot pants, let’s
take a look at some of the most controversial movie costumes — and the explanations behind
them. Karen Gillan in Jumanji In September 2016, audiences got their first
look at a set photo from Jake Kasdan’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, a new adventure inspired
by the beloved 1995 Robin Williams film. In the photo, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart,
and Jack Black are each wearing jungle-appropriate outfits…alongside co-star Karen Gillan,
who’s wearing what amounts to child-sized clothing. The photo prompted immediate criticism, prompting
Gillan to try and defuse controversy by telling The Hollywood Reporter, “The payoff is worth
it, I promise!” The Hollywood Reporter later revealed that
the first footage for the film does explain Gillan’s skimpy outfit. “The plot involves four high-school students
who are forced to clean out the basement of their school while in detention. They find an old video game (rather than a
board game) and each chooses a character to play.” So is the costume meant as tongue-in-cheek
criticism of how video games portray women? Maybe! We’ll have to wait and see. George Clooney in Batman & Robin Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin was a disaster,
to put it mildly. Setting aside the cartoony elements, the terrible
dialogue, and poor plot choices, fans will never forget the costumes — specifically
the Bat-nipples. “You can milk anything with nipples” Schumacher explained his reasoning in a Batman
special, “The bodies for the suits — the inspiration
for them are Greek statues that have perfect bodies. And, so, we’re molding this perfect body in
rubber, and they’re anatomically erotic. So, it never occurred to me not to put nipples
on the men’s suits because I didn’t know the male nipple was a controversial body part.” Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern Oscar winning costume designer Ngila Dickson
came up with the unique idea that Green Lantern’s costume should be a manifestation of his power. That could have led to some pretty cool visuals
— but as fans immediately realized when the first images of Green Lantern were released,
the special effects just weren’t up to the job. “Woah green!” Wow “I know, right?!” Even star Ryan Reynolds also complained about
how the costume made his job much harder to do, saying, “It’s brutal doing a film where you’re wearing
a motion capture suit for the whole time. I didn’t even get to see the Green Lantern
suit until the first trailer. I never even knew what it looked like.” Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect 3 Even before Pitch Perfect 3 finished filming,
the production caught flak after Rebel Wilson posted a photo online of herself alongside
co-stars Brittany Snow and Chrissie Fit, causing fans online to accuse the film of size discrimination
because Wilson’s outfit had sleeves, while her costars had bare arms. That’s right. This was the start…of “sleevegate.” Costume designer Salvador Perez ultimately
took to Twitter to try and put out the fire. “I let each actor decide how their costume
fit, it was their choice. Rebel, Ester & Hana Mae wanted sleeves.” In another photo posted by Kelley Jakle, each
of the stars are seen wearing a variety of styles of the same sailor top. It appears that the photo that ignited the
controversy in the first place may have been taken out of context. And that was the end…of “sleevegate.” Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad Harley Quinn’s big-screen debut in David Ayer’s
Suicide Squad was one of the movie’s biggest draws, especially since Margot Robbie was
playing the famed villain. As with any other comic book character, a
lot of media attention focused on her costume — particularly how much of it was missing. When asked about her body-hugging costume,
Robbie told The New York Times that Harley was, quote, “wearing hot pants because they’re
sparkly and fun.” But the actress personally felt self-conscious
about the outfit. Ayer defended the look by saying that he “didn’t
think denim overalls would be appropriate for that character.” Because that clearly was the only other possible
choice. Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine You may have blocked it from your memory,
but Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool before Deadpool. Unfortunately, during his first outing as
the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the filmmakers decided to make the brave,
bold choice of doing everything they could to insult the character’s fans. They took away his comic book outfit, including
his iconic mask, and they sewed his mouth shut — leaving a character who’s literally
referred to as “the merc with a mouth” physically unable to speak. Studio ADI, who applied the creature effects
for the film, made a video explaining their whole side of the Deadpool tale. The artists believe the studio didn’t intend
for Deadpool to be fully formed in Wolverine, just a setup for what he could become in a
later film. “This is sort of a pre-Deadpool. If you think of this as an embryonic Deadpool
it might make more sense.” Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World Though audiences generally loved the big,
dino-action, there was one big problem with Jurassic World for some fans: Bryce Dallas
Howard’s heels, which somehow stay magically glued to her feet even when running from a
T-rex through mud, rain, and wet concrete. But Howard defended the choice, telling Yahoo! News, “I’m better equipped to run when I have
shoes on my feet. So that’s my perspective on it. I don’t think she would carry around flats
with her. I think she’s somebody who could sprint a
marathon in heels…For me, it was actually logical for her to be in that very illogical
situation because she doesn’t belong in the jungle and yet she finds herself there and
has to adapt.” Sylvester Stallone in Judge Dredd In the comics, Judge Dredd famously never
reveals his true face, a decision that’s symbolic of his dedication to his job. There is no other, secret identity. His helmet isn’t a mask — it’s who he is. So it was a huge problem for fans when star
Sylvester Stallone took his helmet off less than 20 minutes into the film. The reason was simple: Stallone’s celebrity
was more important than the source material, and he wanted to showcase that famous face. After all, what’s the point in signing a superstar
to a role when you never get to even see him? As Judge Dredd writer Alan Grant said, “The
story was subservient to Stallone, who, I think, takes himself too seriously.” Or in other words: “I am the law!” Carrie Fisher in Return of the Jedi Princess Leia’s metal bikini struck an immediate
chord with adolescent male fans of the Star Wars series from the moment it debuted in
Return of the Jedi. But while the outfit was based on Frank Frazetta’s
legendary painting The Princess of Mars, plenty of critics have since found the “slave Leia”
costume to be a prime example of sexual objectification — a sexist treatment of the series’ only
notable female character at the time. Carrie Fisher, who played Leia and had to
put up with decades of discussion around the outfit, warned Daisy Ridley, star of The Force
Awakens, “Don’t be a slave like I was… You keep fighting against that slave outfit.” Fisher later tweeted, “That chain only ‘enslaved’
me until I could use the frabjous thing to KILL THAT DROOLING SWOLLEN SUPERTONGUED SLUG
& whirl him off into infinity.” As always, Fisher had the last — and best
— word. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “The Most Controversial Movie Costumes Explained

  1. I don't get the Jurassic World heels thing. Like she didn't know when she woke up and went to work she was gonna be running from a T-rex she thought it was just gonna be another normal day at work as oh what was her job as a over seer. Like yes we knew shit was gonna hit the fan but what makes a movie good is that they don't hence why they wear what the normally wear.

  2. The only people who get angry at hot women for being hot are unattractive women.
    Straight men obviously don't mind.
    Gay women obviously don't mind either.
    Gay men are fascinated with them, and think they're fabulous.
    Straight attractive women are usually just friends with other hotties.

  3. Many of these are just plain stupid but I'm going to pick on peoples opinions on Harley Quinn. She is crazy, she does not care what people think and just cares about herself, don't see why it's controversial

  4. I mean, Jabba was a sexual objectifying deplorable slug man. That is the point. Imagine if he just gave her some normal very nice clothes and treated her nice, what? would the eventual pay off of Carrie chocking him out pay off. I think not.

    Everyone needs to calm down and realize that villains are villains for a reason.

  5. My argument on the heels thing is always the same — she wasn't faking it by any means lmao… GG to her tbh

  6. Karen Gillan wearing short shorts is very appropriate…and hot! Even snobby PBS will show a archelogical dig with buttoned down scientists and some female students digging in short shorts and tank tops. Those scientists must've had a sexist dress code.

  7. It’s almost like men like seeing women without a lot of clothes. And women don’t like looking at men as much that way. It’s almost like men and women are completely different.. Weird.

  8. If you criticize men wanting to see women as it being societal and not biological you are a dumb dumb person. I’m a Christian and don’t think it’s go to look at a bunch of naked girls but it’s not sexist. People just dumb. I think the lantern suit was kinda cool but whatever.

  9. I noticed Megan Fox's high heels in transformers suddenly became flats.i think it was Transformers 2

  10. The only thing I find controversial about Star Wars costumes is that Leia was never given an opportunity to become a Jedi. She'd have rocked those Jedi robes.

  11. Yes. The girls costume from jumanji was a criticism of all female video game characters except Samus.

  12. The princess Leia thing. Ok. I actually think that is silly. I mean, think about it. She was a slave (weird, that's not the bigger concern) and ultimately she still was about to kick ass. I think it should be seen as a testament to the fact that even when they try to objectify you, you can still be a bad ass.

  13. Harley's costume would have made someone mad no matter what. If it had been the original Harley bodysuit, it'd be complained about (which she does wear for a few quick seconds anyway) and personally, the hot pants would have worked… if Margot had a bit more in the booty. But I saw the outfit and thought "Yeah, I'd see Harley wearing that" since this isn't 1992.
    And in Jurassic World…. She's a business woman. Its an emergency. She likely doesn't have sneakers at work while trying to get investors.

  14. The movie Judge Dredd the reason why they take off his helmet is in the fall scene is he's in the locker room changing the leave form Duty that day he might still be on call but still it be inappropriate for him to be talking to other judges in the locker room that have taken their helmets off that be disrespectful to them and in most of the movie he is not technically a judge she's been filed or arrested to go to prison so technically and most of the movie he was not a judge but still the character Dredd so that's why he didn't have a helmet in and most of the movie you should look at the movies contents before judging about the outfit decision like a really going to let him keep a helmet of the judges on when he's no longer a judge give me a break you idiots

  15. About the helmet/mask thing in superhero or comic book-based movies. It's evident it is a contractual thing; the only exceptions I remember (which I think it's admirable, imho), are Hugo Weaving as "V" and Karl Urban as, whaddayaknow, Judge Dredd. Now, about every male Warsie puberty kickstart, aka THE Slave Costume, the only argument valid would be: Why the hell would a Hutt care if "his human pet" is showing skin? Do they even find an "alien" body with lower extremities arousing? But no; they have to go all feminazi about it. The whole idea is that the Rebel Princess finds herself captive, treated like an object, and she later makes the big slug pay. Given her situation, I don't think sueing Jabba for harassment and wrecking his career as a Gangster was much of an option. I mean…

  16. Why oh why oh why do women constantly whine about sexual objectification in movies, when the vast majority of them, in the movies, had to sexually objectify themselves to get the part? Like sleep with the director or producer or top line male star, even the head honcho females. Yet they bitch and moan about having to wear some slinky, tight, form fitting, form showing, outfit.
    Typical female logic. And, Suicide Squad was one of the worst movies ever made.

  17. Of course the bikini was objectifying. That's what Jabba the Hutt wanted. Why would he care about empowering women? The movie was making a statement ahead of its time really. Just imagine Jabba is Harvey Weinstein and you'll understand that to be a slave of the fat slobs, you have to do some shit your not proud of. NOW DANCE FOR MY AMUSEMENT! You want to be a star don'tcha?!

  18. Sex, T&A, Sexism, Eye Candy in contemporary movies- SHOCKING!!!!(not). Should have seen some of the"costumes" they wore back in the pre-Morality Movie Code days, almost 100 years ago. Nothing new here…except the plastic boobs…Just sayin'.

  19. Why, because more men will watch it if hot women have less clothing, let's not try and prove anything different. Although Jumanji was so funny i forgot it about Karen's skimpy outfit for 90% of it.

  20. He doesn't know about men's nipples. Omg clueless 4 his age. Has been under a rock till now? How innocent. 😂 Yeah her sparkly Daisy Dukes, showing her butt. I was link Dang. A bit uncomfortable moment. Yeah the Jurassic Park heels too was like but believable yet it was as thought what she said.

  21. The male nipple isn't controversial because it's on a male and therefore not generally sexualised. Unlike the pic for Princess of Mars, which had the entire torso pixelated, even though the original doesn't show the nipple itself.
    Double standard bullshit!

  22. I generally don't notice a lot of these things in movies but the girl running in the heels in Jurassic Park. To me it showed how athletic and talented she was because, damn she was flat ass movin even with heels on. I would say that 90% of people can't even walk in heels but I bet she could have beat some of the best High School Sprinters in the 50.

  23. Hey Karen Gilliam was hot in doctor who and looked hot as a blue half alien and cyborg in guardian of the galaxy. Yes Ryan got screwed in green lantern. I'm a Hugh dc fan but good god they can't do a dc movie worth a crap. Except for the Batman movies with bale as Batman. My god why did they pick Ben Affleck as Batman. Uuuuggg but the movie wasn't bad and jla was ok. I didn't get to see suicide squad. But her costume as Harley wasn't great. But she did look good in it

  24. Almost 40 years later posters and life size cardboard images of Carrie Fisher in her Leia bikini sell well. I'll bet the same people think the Farrah Fawcett swimsuit poster, which is also still selling 40 years later, is overly sexualized.

  25. Sleevegate…. OMG are they serious… I missed that silliness…. just watch the movie people!!!! Robbie's shorts were awesome… and I'm a female and they were cute (on her)!!

  26. The point about Leia being sexualized as a slave / trophy would seem to make a certain degree of sense…
    Until you remember that Jaba is a Hutt, and shouldn't be getting hot over human females.
    Do you dress your cat, dog, or other pets in outfits designed to emphasize their species' sex characteristics?
    (It's a rhetorical question. If you do, we do not actually want to hear about it. Thank you.)

  27. My favorite movie of all time is Tarzan and his Mate with Johnny Weismuller and Maureen O'Sullivan in 1934. Neither of them has much of anything on and it's sexy as hell but still quite beautiful. It's all in the presentation. Of course, that film was precode.

  28. I find it interesting that some women want females to be portrayed more modestly in movies and shows but then, walk around any North American city during the summer and young women are barely wearing any clothing. Skin tight leggings, and booty shorts everywhere.

  29. the Batman and Robin costume with nipples were so fucking hot to this day I love them you can eat my ass I will forever love those goddamn costumes and a huge reason why that film was amazing;

  30. As far as the Princess Leia costume I only have one thing to say, thank you Carrie Fisher for inspiring so many young women to wear that outfit at fancy dress parties.

  31. Joel Schumacher didn't explain why, unlike Batman and Robin, Poison Ivy and Batgirl don't have nipples although those lingering butt shots of Clooney and O'Donnell are explanation enough.

    The fact that posters of Princess Leia in her harem outfit still sell well over forty years later is explanation enough. How are posters of Jyn and Rey doing?

    The feminists who object to Karen Gillan's Jumanji costume can always watch the girl power Ghostbusters again. Jumanji, Welcome to the Jungle did over $900 million without their support.

  32. Because Science Proved an athletic woman can out run a T-Rex in heels. Most believe a T-Rex could only hit around 14-16mph

  33. Females wear more objectifying clothes in real life…also nobody forced them to wear it or act in those movies, they have free will. Take responsibility for your choices jeezus.

  34. If people find the human body repugnant — they can always move to Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia. I'm sick of the "moral objection," with regard to the human aesthetic, in the western world. Re-read some Classical Greek philosophy, study some art, and get off your high horse already. Jeeeeez . . .

  35. "controversy"

    Did Miriam Websters redefine this word to mean anytime hypersensitive whiners bitch about whatever is triggering them in the current minute?

  36. Sexual objectification?? Hahaha stupid women. I get objectified every time I go to the gym or out in public. I’m convinced that those who bitch about being objectified, are the very people that wouldn’t ever be objectified, and are kissed off because of it

  37. For the women in the video:
    There's nothing to be forgiven. 10/10 great costumes

    For the men:
    That's fucked up yo, how could you

  38. Harley Quinn's outfit really suits the character. Even in the comics, she was always quite slutty. A very sexual person. So, I wouldn't put it passed her to wear a small outfit like that

  39. I didn't like the redo of jumanji but her outfit wasn't that bad. For suicide squad it was first a comic in the
    1950s they could of put her in the catsuit harely quin n originally had lol that was a funny excuse it's like
    They knew nothing of comic . (Nerds rants) cool video

  40. But if you let trans child predators loose and sexualize 8 year old BOYS it’s all good. Fuck out of here..

  41. • Batnipples are unholy & must be exterminated from all of existence!
    • I was okay with Harley Quinn's outfit in Suicide Squad, i was just excited to her in the movie.
    • Green Lantern's outfit could've been worse, but the comic's costume IS SO MUCH BETTER.

  42. People get mad over everything now days but most are just pissed at the world, or want crap handed to them an 5 mins of fame

  43. Fall because you're wearing heels, "Oh my god typical girl running and tripping in movies like who even does that"
    Runs like a badass in heels, "How can they do that it's so sexist!"

  44. Complaining about objectification is a double-edged sword, because it would mean that 90% of these "actors and actresses" would be out of the job, and most of the movies you like wouldn't even exist

  45. fuck off Harley Quinn is known for her sexiness so if she didn't like it they could have just highered someone else

  46. I just find it odd that Margot Robbie was okay going topless/butt naked for Wolf of Wall Street, but hated wearing shorts in Suicide Squad.

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