As a Melbournian I expect a lot from the city. Coffee…Unbeatable. Punt Road…Nightmare. And where always a couple of minutes away from a truck hitting that bridge again. But as sure as the Yarra is brown The World’s Most Liveable City’ Also has the world’s most unpredictable weather. Melbourne’s notorious for serving up four seasons in one day. A total fire ban becomes a flash flood. In minutes. Remember that bright, sunny day that turned into torrential thunderstorms, the second you got off the tram? How on Earth does Australia’s ‘fashion capital’, dress for that? Truth is…. …we struggle What if there was a single fashion item that could withstand anything Melbourne threw at it Here’s an idea THE MELBOURNE JACKET A jacket so Chameleon-like it can adapt to the changing conditions, combining four seasons of clothing into one super-garment. It’s packed with innovative features to survive that ‘Bloody Melbourne Weather’. without compromising on style Heres how it works: at first glance, it will look like a regular jacket But when the mercury rises, it folds down into a compact, pocket-sized pouch, transforming into classic Aussie singlet. Complete with a legionnaires hat and a pair of corded thongs that drop down from the back. Or. If that heatwave has suddenly becomes a blizzard, The Melbourne Jacket has a ski mask stitched into the collar. the sleeves have retractable gloves and a handy MYKI holster bringing hands-free touch offs to a station near you. Has asthma storms got you living in fear? Protect your lungs with a built-in respirator. It also has a military grade storm poncho. An emergency doggy raincoat for little Pugsley. And a ‘Big bib’ to protect you from flying hot sauce All stored away in the jacket’s smart pockets. The Jacket is also heated Imagine wearing an electric blanket to work. Rain coming at you sideways? No problem. Full length ’Rain chaps’ fold out to protect your new kicks from a drenching As you can see, the possibilities are endless. But at the moment, it’s only in concept form. I’ve come up with the ‘idea’ for The Melbourne Jacket, now I need to come up with the funding to make it a reality. As well as top quality materials, your donations will help pay for Melbourne’s best fashion designers manufacturers, photographers, and models to collaborate on this project. If I can raise enough money to cover these production costs I’ll be able to make this one of a kind jacket the best it can be and it will look bloody fantastic too. So no matter what side of the river you are from let’s unite to bring the most Melbourne thing ever into existence Remember, the more funding the jacket gets the better it will be so if you like the idea and want to be part of Melbourne history back this Kickstarter campaign and let’s show our ‘Bloody Melbourne Weather’ Who’s boss ~ L I G H T N I N G S T R I K E ~ ~ L I G H T N I N G S T R I K E ~ ~ L I G H T N I N G S T R I K E ~ ~ L I G H T N I N G S T R I K E ~

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