The Jacket Pride Update Episode 2

Good evening everyone. Welcome to The
Jacket Pride Update I’m Hannah Grace and I’m Trent Davis last Tuesday, schools
closed for a snow day. Few students were able to dig their way out of their snow
piled doorways, but some who did decided to brave the raging blizzard and break
out their four-wheelers to have some fun in the snow we also have reports that
many students capitalized on their mom’s stockpile of milk and bread to make the
famous snow day treat: milk sandwiches Ashley Rouse reports on the scene. Thanks Ashley. Students! prepare your
excuses now because your mom is going to be looking for your progress report on
February the sixth. If your grades aren’t up to par we recommend coating your
progress report and peanut butter and feeding it to your dog if you don’t have
a dog. Smaller animals such as cats and hamsters work – just remember to tear it
into smaller bites. Sightings of an intriguing but elusive man claiming to
be a rocket scientist have been reported around the school. Some students
report that this rare figure looks like the Lorax.
Others claim he resembles the much more dangerous Count Dooku from the Star Wars
saga. The majority of sightings have taken
place in the career-tech hallway. Until more information on this matter is
acquired, it is recommended that any trek into this area be conducted with extreme
care. More on this to come. At the beginning of the second semester
students received a letter regarding school report cards here is Dr. Trawick
and Dr. Rush with more information. We’ll be right back with Isabella Minor cooking a delicious
treat and a musical performance by Jacob Mann stay tuned. Welcome back. Here’s Isabella Minor with how to bake cookies. Oh… Corner Theatre Academy performs Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory tonight
and next Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. we caught up with one of the actors
Tyler Lowe to tell us what we should expect. Finally, it is time for a performance by Jacob Mann Thanks for watching tune in February
16th for the next Jacket Pride Update and remember to subscribe to stay up to
date and go for articles. Have a nice evening!

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