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  2. I've always thought the losing of the masks in the original cosumes as the characters developed into their own was also meaningful. Not only is it a sign of the character coming into their own but its good PR for a team. Telling the general public "Here is my face you can trust me" Except for Cyclops (who fears his own power) and Wolverine (who does whatever he wants).

  3. I'd like to see (not just from you but from YouTube comics commenters generally) more coverage of Golden Age and early Silver Age stories (and of pseudo-Golden Age stories like The Invaders, All-Star Squadron, Sandman Mystery Theatre, &c.).

  4. (sorry for my english) It's a bit a paradox, they want to be accepted by humans but they want to be seen as mutants and not simple humans, I don't know if it's very clear. As always it's a very good video !!

  5. I like that this video brought up the question as to why the X-Men wore costumes, but it only scratches the surface on the subject:
    – In-canon reason for Charles Xavier choosing super hero-esque costumes is that he wanted them to appear to the world as super heroes and not freaks of nature. See Grant Morrison's run for more on this.
    – I always wanted a canon explanation for this, but notice that his first wave of mutants are all good looking white kids. It would be nice to point out there he chose the most anglo of mutants simply so that he could open the door for mutants of all colors (being that it was the 60's)
    – I'm not entirely sure of why there is a color choice of Blue and Gold, but the combination is very authoritative — almost police-like.
    – It should also be noted that when the X-Men graduate, they earn the right to modify their costumes.

  6. I always felt that the X-Men's costumes were also part of mutant culture. Like rainbow flags, pink triangles, black pride flags, and certain parts of LGBT culture, men dress in drag to express and exalt femininity, mutants similarly have mutant culture. Having extraordinary abilities that make them feel powerful, like superheroes, naturally would evolve into showing pride in these abilities and "dressing in drag" or "superhero drag" to me, would be a natural evolution of the culture. Maybe dressing like a superhero is showing pride in being a mutant with super abilities. And sure, the X-Men start out with the basic uniform in training as part of first becoming an X-Man, but after proving themselves in the field of battle, maybe this is where they show their individuality and graduate to a costume which shows off their own personality. So ultimately the costumes can be functional, can show pride in being a mutant, can exhibit the type of powers the mutant may have, and show the mutants individual personality at the same time. All of this could have been touched on in the movies, even the first. And I think the leather costumes was just lazy and uncreative design. I kinda understand it from the first movie, but all subsequent movies… there's no excuse. If Marvel made the movies, considering they actually care about the characters, I think a lot of this would have been taken into account.

  7. The real question is…. what does Scott keep in all of the punches of his utility belt? Seems like Batman is the only character that ever actually uses his utility belt.

  8. I just don't understand why people hate mutants so much, yet adore other superheroes who got their powers by other means.

  9. Maybe it's because the first version of the X-Men i ever heard of was the 90s cartoon, but I prefer the more diverse costumes. The black suits and the black-and-yellow suits look too… uniform. It's easier to tell them apart if they look different.
    Besides, some mutants have different physical needs than others (the ones with wings need backless shirts, the ones that shoot energy need holes in wherever etc) so their clothes would have to be custom anyway.

  10. I've always thought that the X Men were knowingly fighting for a peace and equality that they probably would never get to experience in their lifetime. The nobility of that, added with the sacrifices, danger, and pain that they willingly took on to stand up and literally fight for the acceptance and equality of ALL mutants in the future , is what made them heroes to me. Their abilities just dictated which mutants could defend them as a people…. I may be wrong, but I assumed for every Wolverine or Cyclops there were hundreds or even thousands of mutants who couldn't defend themselves, because their mutations were either only physical, or whatever power they had couldn't be utilized for combat or protection.

  11. I think the X is closer symbolically to a police badge (what a police badge SHOULD symbolize, anyways…) than WWII era star of David. it didn't just signify they were mutants, but mutants who are sworn to protect humanity regardless of their hated.

  12. +NerdSync About why they might wear the X even if it could do more harm than good because they're separating themselves with an X. And also how Xavier's intentions might be contradictory by labeling them as separate with an X. As you brought up the X is there to show the public "We are mutant and we are proud. Notice us and the good we do." I think it's there for that very reason. They are forcing the public to first accept them as being mutants for their abilities and traits before they will conform to society and wear normal clothes to fit in. Some people in X-Men obviously don't like mutants and wish that they would just disappear into normal society. It's a strain to their brains to even think that there are these "freaks" with crazy powers who aren't like us but still classify as human. These people just want the mutants to leave and disappear because they're afraid (even if that fear comes out in the form of anger). So by wearing the X the mutants force these people to first accept them as being mutant and recognize that they aren't bad, and then maybe after that happens then they will take the X off because they also realize that it puts a wedge between them and the non-mutants. I love your videos by the way! I love hearing what you think about all these characters and the deeper meanings in comics. Looking at comic books from these psychological, sociological, moral, and ethical views is actually quite fun to me so it's cool to hear your thoughts on all of it too! Keep posting great videos man!

  13. }Very, very interesting this modern occultism, we love it and we love the lady's costumes the best. We're also fans of capes and power-armors like WarMachine. – <°°>~

  14. This video inspired me to become a mutant. I've been listening to imagine dragons at a feminist rally while staring at a solar eclipse for 5 hours now. so far no radiation, no cancer, no mutation of any kind. Please advise, I really want to support the mutant cause in anyway possible.

  15. Why is a mutant hero hated and rebuked, while a superhero like spider-Man is beloved and accepted. The X-Men is a strange concept but ultimately they're both superhumans.

  16. for instance the psychological features on Cyclops outfit, the placement of the X over the heart to signify he was the heart of that team at the time

  17. I loved this episode!! I just wanted to add that the unifying "X" can be used against them, when they say "look at us! And what we are doing" they leave themselves open to other mutants (magneto and other such villains) using that symbol and doing unjust things under that banner. This has been a plot point before, and I'm sure it was in your script, but I just wanted to point that out. (Have a nice day)

  18. This video… this video is pretty horrible sorry, or, ok, to be fair, it's not that the video IS bad, it's that I couldn't dissagree more with you.

    But I really don't want to explain why because this is going to take fucking way too long.

    Edit: FUCK IT! I'll explain myself; As much as I love the X-men costumes (some more than others), the movies had a much more logicall approach to them. Because the X-Men, much like the fantastic four, isn't a team with a bunch of random people that joined forces to fight some greater evil (like the JL or the Avengers can be) it's a family. A mutant family. Like you say in your video, it's a bunch of outcasted people that got together. So it makes no sense for them to have different costumes (or costumes at all) since they aren't so much superheroes, but more of an "army". Xavier's army. That's why the approach of the movie, with them wearing the same costume with little variations and the same symbol makes more sense. Also, after Grant Morrison's run in the New X-Men, when Xavier came out publicly as a mutant and everybody learned what the school really was, it simply stup making sense for them to pretend to be superheroes when they simply weren't that.

    About the "first class" thing you mention, it's been explained many times that the X-Men needed costumes mostly for practical reasons. Not only to shocasing them as "xavier's army" but because superhero costumes in Marvel are made of this more durable material (can't remember how it was called) that is better for fighting and shit like that. So, yes, they wear them for practical reasons. And also the whole thing behind havok's costume in the movie was pretty much taken off from the comics.

    And last but not least, the yellow and blue costume in X-Men tradition represent the status of that person as a student and not an X-men. This was shown at least three times in the early days of the group:
    -First when the original five first ditched the yellow and blue costume (they ditched them because they prove Xavier that they had grown up and that they weren't students anymore)
    -Secondly when Kitty Pryde first joined the team, because since she was 14 and the only member of the team that didn't knew how to propperly use her powers (the rest of the team were adults that learned how to use their powers by themselves and that's why they never wore those costumes because they never were "students") she had to wore the blue and yellow jumpsuit until she proved herself to the proffesor.
    -Third, when Xavier thought the X-Men were all dead (it was like the third time he thought that, there weren't cellphones back then so whenever the X-Men went out for more than two days he used to panic and start thinking they were dead -he was a bit of a drama queen in Claremont's run if you ask me) he recruit new teenagers to be his students. And because they were that, students, that team was called "New Mutants" (and not x-men) and they had to wear the yellow and blue costume.

    Only a few x-men have kept going back to that costume, and, in my opinion, it's because most redesigns for them have sucked and people have no creativity anymore (like Kitty Pryde who still to this day wears that costume even though she's been through like seven or ten other costumes over the years)

  19. The colorful costumes never translated well to live action or even to animated cartoons. Hence why in the first X-Men trilogy films they wore generic all black leather. There were times in the comics that Professor X did wear a gold and blue costume as well. I think that it was in the late 1980's. And he could walk again.

  20. Stan Lee has stated in interviews that the X in X-Men comes from them being men/women with Xtraordinary, Xtreme, or Xtra powers and abilities.

  21. Considering we have elected a president who has advocated making Muslims wear similar badges to those that Jews were forced to wear prior to WW2 this is a rather timely subject. Just saying

  22. Nazis wore the insignia as a way to have pride in what they believed and identify themselves I think the X works like that rather than like the star of david

  23. One of my favourite (but short-lived) team costumes debuted in X-Men #100 (https://d1466nnw0ex81e.cloudfront.net/n_iv/600/1087783.jpg). Although not completely uniform, they largely shared enough common themes of the giant X on their chests while also individually coloured to best represent each member's long-standing palette.

  24. Really interesting analysis. Made me think a bit about the uniforms from the 90's (when I was introduced), and how they've progresssed.

    Keep up the good work! 😮

  25. Reminds me of the pink triangle also used by the Nazis for marking homosexuals, it has been reclaimed as a unifying mark today. Strangely enough the Star of David a unifying symbol of the Jews, marked them.

  26. it does not mater if the x-men save life's, the rest of the humans would still hate them anyway, example the x-men saves a building with humans inside from being destroyed, are are they greatfull, no, no matter what they do, they are still hated, its ironic that humans will give birth to a mutant anyway, like the professor x says, mutants are the next stage of human evelosion.

  27. using this line of thinking you could try to equivocate any Badge or symbol that anyone's ever worn in history is comprable to the stars that Jews had to wear in World War II. and I'm sorry but I'm just not seeing that as a valid comparison.

  28. To me, that X is no better or worse than the Fantastic Four's 4 on their chests. I simply means 'hey, I'm a member of this particular team.'

  29. Whoa hold the phone,… when professor x walks through people's minds like when he entered Sabortooths subconscious, he does appear to be wearing a costume.

  30. One thing about when when their costumes were all the same, at a distance it would be easy to mistake one for another. By allowing them each to have their own costume it helps them respond with aid to the one who needs it faster.

  31. NerdSync happy new year guys.
    Request, could you do a video about the anti-life equation. I've seen a number of variations and I'd like to know their origin. Thanks




  33. why i think that this is something needed at the start it will have to do one thing in the end, disband. at least on the current form and maybe be remade. it runs the risk of being a symbol of being "I'm better then you" once they actually start winning public interest.

  34. The X is a very important unifying symbol but also to represent……for example wolverine has been passed around to pretty much every team in the marvel universe from alpha flight to the avengers but at his core and wherever he goes he represents mutants and the X-Men first,foremost and always……its kind of like goku from dbz inspite of all the teachers he has had over the years still representing his most important teacher and group that being the turtle hermit/master roshi.

  35. Also the fact that wolverine wears mostly yellow with highlights of blue, and cyclops wears the exact opposite, mostly blue with highlights of yellow, signifies their contrasting views and opinions on leadership, with the two color combos also being a contrast as well. However, both still wear yellow and blue, showing that throughout everything they are united

    That's just my take on ot

  36. I see the X on the costume as more like someone wearing a pride flag pin, or a christen cross. it is a voluntary symbol that identifies who they are and their alignments. or the X could be more accurately, a kin to military ranks. like you said the X-men suits had to be earned, the mutant wearing them had to prove they could handle that responsibility, that they were disciplined and strong enough to be apart of the team. much like in the military you have to earn your way though ranks and prove to your superiors that you can handle being promoted to that new ranking. but in this case it is going from a civilian mutant to an X-man Mutant, which have a lot of risks and responsibilities. but I guess this train of thought kind of falls apart when you realize that senior mutants who can give orders and such, don't have a differing X's from the junior mutants, which would have paralleled military ranks quite nicely. oh, well at least I tried.

  37. I really like the costumes of the time-displaced, young, 60s X-Men in the comics now (wherein Iceman was revealed to be gay, etc). They have a similar pattern and base color (white), but the secondary color allows them to express themselves and show their individuality, while still showing off their Mutant-hood. (Here's a link to an article that uses the image to which I'm referring: http://za.ign.com/m/all-new-x-men-40-1/90167/news/founding-x-men-member-comes-out-as-gay )

  38. Imo when something is as iconic as the X-Men, I don't even need a reason for the costumes or uniforms. Just translate the source material as accurate as possible for a cinematic interpretation and that's that. MAKE it work, and if you can't make it work…hire someone who can. There's no excuse

  39. I kinda thought that you were going to talk about each individual X-men costume and their meanings. Like why Cyclops's asymmetrical suspender looking thing is there.

  40. There's a HUGE difference between being a Mutant and being a member of the X-Men! Mutants are born as a mutant and with the manifestation of their powers usually around puberty, they cannot control their powers and are feared by the public as well as scaring the shit out of themselves and their family. The X-Men are on the other hand are well trained and skilled in the use and control of their powers! The X-Men want to meet new mutants (No pun intended!) to recruit them into Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters to help them control their powers and learn not to abuse their powers and to protect them from the Gov't that either wants to destroy them or exploit them by turning them into biological living weapons, and also protect them from evil mutants that want to do the same! An X-Men knows discipline and control and when they should use their powers and when they should refrain from using them, also to learn to work together such as in teamwork which is something they will never learn if left on their own to teach themselves control. If not for the X-Men fighting for mutant's rights, then mutants would've become extinct decades ago! It's an honor and a privilege to earn the right to wear an X-Men uniform! It's more than just a uniform, it's a symbol, much like how it is for us to earn a Marine's "Blue Dress" Uniform!

  41. So… is x-men not being accepted is not how we don't accept gay and black people?😐. We as in USA!!! I love and support everyone, no hating is attended

  42. Reading through the original silver age issues, I found the costumes annoying, because it made them all look the same. The differences between them were minor. Marvel girl had hair, cyclops had his vizor, angel had wings, and beast was just big and barefoot. Iceman of course looked completely different. But there were many panels showing just the character's heads, with looking at just their heads, it was pretty much impossible to tell beast and angel apart, unless they happened to be in the same panel (beast's head was bigger).

  43. Question. How come Gambit's most common look not have the "X"? He should have been on the team long enough to at least get a sticker or something.

  44. I like your video, but there's so much more you didn't talk about. Maybe enough to make a second video. The in universe explanation for this shift from uniform uniforms to individualized costumes was that it marked a form of graduation. We see this again with Kitty pride who had to wear a yellow and blue uniform Intel she earned an individualized costume and I believe we see something similar with the new mutants. Also many X-Men have secret identities. How does that fit in?

  45. 1:15 But Professor X has worn a uniform of sorts – there was one time he'd regained the ability to walk and went into battle side-by-side with the others, only to realise this wasn't a smart move because he tried to give orders as well as Cyclops and Storm (the ones the group are used to following) and it got confusing, so he went back to being the high-command/behind-the-scenes guy. Maybe the real reason we usually see Xavier in his civvies is just because he doesn't tend to be on the front line in the X-men's battles.

  46. 4:12 – Well since you're asking…..can we just address that strange side wrap thing on Gambit's head? What is that? What is even the purpose of the?

  47. I feel like you missed something in the fact that the colour scheme, almost every x man has had at least some yellow in their costume, the only exceptions being those who saw themselves as apart from the team as a whole, say, Gambit

  48. Despite the boring black leather, I liked that X2 did still play with the idea of the uniform being earned.

  49. I like how Jubilee was already wearing a bright blue shirt and yellow jacket. I imagine she joined up and they were like "oh, you've got a costume already" and this sheepish teenager is like "uh, yeah! th-this is my costume"
    or even better, you could imagine hip mutant teenagers or wannabes would start wearing X-colors out of solidarity. X-symbol buttons on tote bags, etc.

  50. Late to the game. In TAS, the "X"s were also a communication device, so it's not really to show to the world they are X-Men but to contact each other in different parts of the city.

  51. I've always thought the X was there because they're mutants,so the writers decided to give them the x as chromosomes have x shapes.

  52. I feel like you can't make the argument of "In order for them to co-exist they need to make themselves not look like a big deal with the X marking them all" because the public already make themselves a big deal, and the only way to change the public's opinion is to make an even bigger deal to say "hey, we are here and aren't going anywhere, we just want to exist".
    No social cause was ever fought and won without making a lot of noise and rallying support, rather than meagerly trying to fit in to social norms and what society wants and hiding with your head down.

  53. The debate over whether oppressed groups should try to distance themselves from the label of a member of those oppressed groups or embrace and celebrate that label is one that plagues every social identity movement, from civil rights to LGBTQ rights to feminism and beyond. It is a question with no right answer, but rather two valid, if mutually exclusive, perspectives.

  54. The X refers to the x factor in mutant genome the gives them their abilities. So not just solidarity as a team but as a species.

  55. Of note, Moira Mactaggert has worn the X-Men blue and gold on a few occasions. And she's a human. It's not a racist brand, just a team uniform.

  56. I agree that superheroes should not be wearing costumes that could make them more visible to the public's eyes.

  57. 2:19
    Christ mystique looks weird in first class how did she change from that to his she looks in Dark Phoenix

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