100 thoughts on “The Hateful Eight – Red Dead Redemption 2 – TARANTINO STYLE

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  2. I expected like at least a half hour remake, but this is also pretty awesome though, want to see way longer remakes in the future

  3. If you're planning to do more of these machinima style videos rather than just cinematics, I would love to help write them with you 🙂

  4. Man I just can't get over how well ur videos are edited. Some really cool looking stuff, keep it up 👍👍

  5. Just no words to describe this masterpiece…
    Best video in Youtube gaming community for sure. Great job man.

  6. Imagine how much better this would be if there was Director mode and stuff!
    (Not saying it’s bad, it’s incredible)

  7. Congratulations epic video, it would be great if you continued making this type of videos with other western movies like, django, wild group, desert centaurs, apache, the magnificent 7, 2 men and a destination, train 3:10 to yuma, without forgiveness , just in the face of danger, the reborn, padua keoma, for a handful of dollars, etc etc … I hope you continue this way a machine hug

  8. Did you know there is a glitch where you can have gang members as companions and they will follow you around. Also they are invincible so maybe you can get a cinematic vid on that

  9. Nice one! Again! Love your vids dude
    How about one about Mountainmen maybe a 'the revenant' edit if your familiar with the movie

  10. I have a really cool outfit that I think you can do something on here it goes…

    Estate Boss Hat-White or Peach
    No Coat
    Sheepskin Vest At Trapper
    French Dress Shirt-White
    Elk Riding Gloves at Trapper
    Everyday Pants-White
    Classic Preacher’s Boots-White

    Thought might be able to do something with this outfit idk maybe in the snow or something I just put all the clothes together and thought it looked badass so I felt like needed to share this with everybody!

    P.S you could also wear the trappers cloak to make it look even more badass…you’re welcome

  11. How do you get actors and cast? It’s sooo hard 😂. I’m into making RDR2 short films on xbox one and can’t find any people who want to act in my movies. Btw this is amazing!

  12. Damn u have a good team for online, this was fire I'm jealous I wanna edit now lol every got damn time I watch your stuff I be ready to whip out the laptop n edit

  13. Alright, so…
    I'm not a real professional of gaming content, so my opinion is just my opinion, but I still want to think about this one and tell you, Voyagers, some of my thoughts.
    Let's start with pluses. There's good organisation, nice editing, music and effects are totally inspired by Tarantino, but it's fine. At least, you've said they are.

    But there's one big deal. You see, everybody loves violence in Quentin's movies not only because it looks nice. Action scene is always constructed in a kind of climax. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Django Unchained, The Lone Ranger etc. In these movies action is a PART of storytelling wich fits them. Not only because it is a part of a genre, but also because it is the final, important part of the whole story.
    But what do we have here?
    Totally Tarantino inspired "mindless" violence, which looks and sounds nice, but makes no sence at all. I mean, the first story has it's beginning, but there's nothing apart from murder. You had some potential in there with creating a good suspence-built scene, but you've lost it as they started shooting. Second chapter makes no sense at all (for me at least). Some shooting, murder, effects and… That's all.
    The third story is some sort of a reference to the original H8ful, but it doesn't really work as well, because it's just a reference for a reference and nothing else.

    To sum up, this work has technical potential, but it has absolutely no meaning as a short film, because it does not bring anything new to RDR2 or to Tarantino's art. It is just a fan work with a lot of bloody action. But if it is just a totally Tarantino inspired fan film, why can't I go and watch HIS movies?..

    I hope, you will hear me and get my message. I really enjoy your works, but if you have a talent of copying one's style, use it! Create some comedy, storytelling, create some fan stuff, not only copying. And believe me, the quality of your works will grow as fast as a gunslinger shoots a bullet to an outlaw. Good luck, friend!

  14. Did you use a acoustic guitar version of kanye west “good morning during the part when the title of chapter one appeared on screen .

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