The Green Lantern is making fun of Batman | Justice League: War

[WATER SPLASHES] Yeah, I noticed,
but fire is no problem for me. As I was saying,
Green Lantern can do anything. Except shut up, apparently. Wow, someone forgot
to take their Tru Blood tonight. – I’m not a vampire.
– Seriously? I thought with the darkness and the vanishing,
and the, what, super strength? No. GREEN LANTERN: Can you fly?
– In a plane. Wait, you’re not just some guy
in a bat costume, are you? Are you freaking kidding me? What, nobody asked you to prom… …so now you dress as a bat
and prowl around your parents’ basement? What’s this do? Huh? No buttons.
I assume it works off concentration. How did you do that? You weren’t concentrating. – You won’t do that again.
– Unless I want to. That’s it. Let’s rumba, spooky. [GRUNTS] Shh. [GROWLING] [HUMMING] Hold fast. We need more info. – Bull crap. That’s a bomb and he just armed it.
– Lantern, wait. For Darkseid. – Darkseid? What’s that, a band?
– Some kind of death cry. It wanted to take us with it.
All to protect this. I’m on it. Ring, scan and identify. RING:
Initiating scan. [BEEPS] Processing. – Unable to identify.
– That’s impossible. The ring knows what the Guardians know
and the Guardians know everything. It doesn’t scan like a bomb.
More like an alien computer. Alien? Like the guy in Metropolis? Superman. – You’ve met him?
– No. But I’ve researched him. – His power levels are–
– Not gonna be a problem for me. We’ll see. In the meantime,
we need to know more about this thing. SILAS:
Nothing on the markings or the design, Sarah? SARAH:
No, Dr. Stone. Dozens of tests and we’re still unable
to learn a single thing. We know less now than when
the Flash brought it to us days ago. Maybe we’ll catch a break
with the metal scan. [COMPUTER BEEPS] You’ve been working around the clock
on this, Silas. Perhaps if you got some rest. I’ll rest when we know what this device is… …and why that creature needed it planted
in Central City.

100 thoughts on “The Green Lantern is making fun of Batman | Justice League: War

  1. Just wanna point this out.
    You won't stop blabbering and boasting about your magic ring and big gang to a dude in bat costume and when the table reversed you got angry…

  2. Im not against it, but why are those animation teams are so inclined to turn Hal Jordan into a huge asshole?
    The man is endless willpower incarnate, he should've realized something about being stoic and wise by now.
    This sounds more like Wally West Flash level of wackiness.

  3. Geoff Johnns should know better then writing a comic whereby someone can take a green lantern ring off their finger because theyre not concentrating. The ring wouldnt let it happen for a start.

  4. Love how Green Lantern thinks Batman is weak because of his lack of super powers but really Batman’s superpower is his mind and been able to adapt and overcome absolutely everything if he wanted to it’s also his money because he could use his money to get things like Kryptonite to weaken Superman and maybe infuse his armour with it to fight Superman

  5. It makes a fun scene, but let's face it… it is NOT that easy to remove a green lantern's ring. If it was, that would be the main strategy when fighting them and it would be a huge weakness. I thought somewhere it was said that a lantern's ring can't be removed except by him – or the severing of an arm/hand/finger.

  6. Did anyone watch the Animated Marvel Avenger’s movie based off of the Ultimate from the Ultimate reality (the same one Miles Morales is from in the comics) I only ask because in that movie the Chi Tari (correct me if I’m wrong I’m honestly curious how that is spelled) seem very similar to the Parademons with the techno organic … technology I think ? that how u use that phrase … “techno organic technology” hmmm… ?‍♂️

  7. OMG, Green lanterns my favorite DC Character
    1, Hes Funny like lol Lest Rumba spooky… Hilarious!
    2, He had awesome powers!
    3, Hes a bit kiddish not that much though did you see Shazam lol he funny to.
    4, i have such a lot of reasons…………. :/

  8. People think batman cracking jokes is not comic accurate But DUDE GEEZ LEEZ Bats is Bruce Wayne hes a playboy hes obvio gunna cracc jokes and shit

  9. I like the burn form bruce to hal Jordan that's what he gets for messing with batman and killing Ben tennyson in death battle and I wish bruce said and having a bad movie while mine got billions

    Hal.. what's about batman and robin and batman vs superman

  10. Lol going by comics Green Lantern could solo the JL, other than Flash. Yet for whatever reason, the two most powerful characters get reduced to the butt of the joke in mainstream media 🙁

  11. Best part is, Batman had only met Green Lantern that night but already knew who he actually was, what his powers are, and had plans in place to take him out.

  12. This is exactly how I hope Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson portray Batman. I think this version rivals even TAS Batman.

  13. This is why I love Batman. For all the shit people give him, he's better than any other hero because he doesn't rely on super powers to be who he is. Take away all his wealth and gadgets and he's STILL Batman. His mind is still greater than any one else on the league (scholastically, tactically, and strategically) and he's a far better fighter than anyone else on the league. Take away hals ring, Wally's speed, cyborgs motherbox, Superman's powers, and their normal Joe's. Super powers are a crutch for most characters.

  14. Why do all the guys in the DC verse look the same lol I swear Green Lantern looks like Nightwing looks like Batman looks like Atom looks like—

  15. Hal: What, no one asked you to prom so now you dress as a bat and prowl around your parent's basement?
    Batman: my parents are dead, asshole.

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