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  2. Hi there all I want to see is all of them to see the amazing battles and forever if it goes far and beyond that's all if it's possible anyway nice video same thing and have a great day peace y'all.

  3. YAY
    But I just don’t want him to die
    I want Freiza to survive and be a part of the main cast
    Kinda like Android Saga Vegeta

  4. I really want the next movie to be about Jirens origins so we get a chance to see who was the evil that killed his parents and his master! The movie should end in a cliff hanger and they continue the series as the demon realm arc where I think it would be a great idea to introduce Yamoshi!!!

  5. All this is a bit much but I do like the story of Uub and The Warrior Bardock and something different that Yamoshi movie

  6. My list would be dragon ball super, dragon ball origins(TV series), Dragon Ball: Advent of a bizarre warrior(Dragon Ball remade), Dragon Ball Z: Awakening of a Legend(DBZ Saiyan saga and Frieza Saga), Dragon Ball Z: Fear of the inevitable doom(Android Saga timeline 4), Dragon Ball: Jene special(this will take place in timeline 3 where the first vegeta was resurrected by the tuffles with their advancement of the incubation chamber and their technology to the heart. Bulmas fertility in this timeline is also restored in this advancement), Dragon Ball Z movie: The arrival of Cell(Cell Saga), Dragon Ball Supreme(TV series), Dragon Ball Supreme: The rise of the malicious legion, Dragon Ball Supreme: The Descendant(Canon Goku Jr. Story). 4 of these movies would revolve around the past sagas while other stories would be added on top of these stories like jene being a long lost brother of future trunks being born by bulma and the newly resurrected King Vegeta 1. One of these movies would be centered around a time where Goku was destroyed along with a universe in the future timeline, and he won't be resurrected immediately because of the use of the super dragon balls falling into the wrong hands. Dragon ball supremes main timeline arcs with the movie versions of pan and bulla or bullas child going back in time, escaping the inevitable fate of the multiverse. There, the future versions may make sure that this timeline turns out differently from the movie timeline.

  7. so universes 1,5,8, and 12 being stronger then a 7.0 rating, instead of the same universes in the tournament of power why not seeing that lower level universes did so well, xeno gets the top strongest people from the few universes that made it to the end, go up against the other universes that weren't in the first one. if that makes sense like goku, vegeta, jiren, toppo, hit, kefla, (maybe we could finally see majin buu be able to fight all out)etc..all on a team with the other universes in the ToP2. what do you guys think? because i just really interested to see the other universe that didn't get to be in this first one. also i like all the ideas and hope they do as much as they can.

  8. I know this may not happen but when dragon ball super come back or in the manga I kind of wanna see goku regain back his memories like for example he knows who his parents are and would want the dragon balls to meet them for the first time or something like that

  9. Broly vs the Pride Troopers.. LMAO CRINGE. What the fuck are you dude? Totally devoid of imagination? You and your subscribers represent the "tistics" of the DB Fandom.

  10. As much as i would love to see this go down. I feel like dbs would try to keep the series more grounded than start and explore new ideas and concepts. Lot of the ideas sound like sumthin outta dragon ball heroes. We can only hope?

  11. DBS season 2, ToP 2, and multiverse paradox. And just have the Goku vs Beerus rematch in DBS instead of it's own special.

  12. I'd LOVE to see a hit movie with the animation level of broly. There's a lot more to explore with him – backstory, why he's an assassin in the first place, what kind of jobs has he handled, etc

  13. I’m definitely down to seeing Hit, Broly vs the Pride troopers, Piccolo Dead Zone and Uub! They’re all getting their spinoff series. This is exactly what to see is the history of Hit. Him assassinating some dudes, Jiren & the Pride trooper deserves their own film with Broly. And last but not least my boy Piccolo deserves his own film. And let’s not forget Gohan’s deserves his own film

  14. Yamoshi ; Dragonball super season 2; Gohan Unleashed; Dragonball Super Cooler; Broly vs Pride troopers ; The demon realm(tv special); Dragonball Story of Uub; Tournament of power 2; Piccolo Deadzone; Dragonball:Journey to Saldala;

  15. I realize this may never actually happen, but I'd love to see Cell return somehow. I think it might also be kinda interesting to see Vegeta's brother, whose name escapes me at the moment. Other villains I wouldn't mind seeing in Super, even if they needed to be retconned, are Bojack, Garlic Junior, Lord Slug, Hirudegarn, Cooler and Janemba. Come to think of it, most of the bad guys I just listed would need some sort of retcon in order to fit them into the main series continuity.

  16. Dame they are treating this like mcu gonna be in my 30s or 40s, but who cares once a dragon ball fan always a dragon ball fan till the day I meet my end.

  17. Are we getting a continuation to the saiyan on berus planet fan manga? Cant remember its title but was really enjoying that one.

  18. I think your idea is good but you the years very close and I think instead of gohan series make (revival of cell)
    And than gohan return to the main picture

  19. Multiverse paradox would be a badass I really want to see bardock alive before dragon ball super broly movie and before dragon ball super the actual Z story that why frieza destroyed the saiyan planet vegeta because frieza afraid of bardock and saiyans legend super saiyan bardock was my favorite character I wish he would alive??

  20. Gohan trained only one day with his mystic form and he surpassed goku blue vegeta blue goku black golden frieza and he equals kefla ssj2????

  21. I want to see a movie where Goku goes with Shenron like in gt I also want to see Goku tain with the grand priest may be the origin of zarama I want to see a young beerus and was training him to be God of destruction I want to see the origin of zen chan why was he picked of was he created from the super Dragon balls maybe if there is a frieza revenge they could show us his childhood
    Maybe some evil person from a universe that was wished back would wish that all universes where brought together into one big ass universe but it causes dimensions to start collapsing and timelines messing up allowing alternate timelines of people coming together and meeting for the first time maybe this could help goku remember his parents by seeing alternative versions of them a movie about what Saiyan we're like before cold and Frieza next generation of the z fighters
    The backstory of the grand priest
    I do want to see a time bardock meet goku and maybe seeing gine he would try and connect to his saiyan side and accepting kakarot his true side and combining both do he's still goku but his more different in maturity wise because of connecting to a his saiyan side which would allow him to finally be whole in mind and body allowing him to if he trained to master ui

  22. Toriyama confirmed that gogeta equals vegito but on my opinion gogeta will win potara has a weak point over power cause them to unfuse if gogeta and vegito equal then they both need a lot of power to defeat so vegito use lot of power they unfuse but fusion dance gogeta can fight without unfuse until his certain time 30 min he can also limit break himself and even that never make gogeta defuse

  23. I wish to see vegeta finally gets his revenge against frieza by destroying him for once it for all and I also like to see vegeta going berserk after he hears that beerus was the reason that frieza destroyed his home planet???

  24. Your time line is ???? my G!!!! You should have a job down at Toi Animation!! Big FACTS BRO!!??
    GOKU VS BEERUS!! (remach)

  25. FRIEZA fights another villain, change of hearts and became one of the Universe 7 heroes, not necessarily as close friends of the Z-fighters but a Universe 7's citizen who is always there whenever Universe 7 is in danger.

  26. Here’s other concepts that definitely should have been included in this list after the Cooler-movie is a thing:
    DBS Season 3 & 4
    DBS Halloween TV Special

  27. yamoshi birth of the legend is gonna be when beerus remembers yamoshi name and he use the duper sheron to bring him back to life or beerus tells the story how he was apose to fight him and use the super dragon balls to give him knowledge of him but i dont think this one happens csuse its more like beerus remembers

  28. the rematch of goku and beerus will go about goku in ultra instinct but this time beerus uses his version of his ultra institc dont forget beerus did unlock the ultra inctict before goku

  29. the demon ralm is when the deamons be debuted in dragon ball by a new deamon king is crown and the angeld and deamons are ready for war against each other and the deamons can decised they self as angels if they wanted to. the uub story is when uub is born and as a child hood a story on how uub went to scchool simular to gohan how he was brought about in hes village became a matial artist

  30. Like After 4 years Dragon ball super tournament of power 2

    Goku forms New
    1 Base
    2 SSJ
    3 SSJ2
    4 SSJ3
    5 SSJ God
    6 SSJ Blue
    7 Mastered SSJ Blue
    8 SSJ Blue Kai-Ken x100
    9 SSJ Blue Evolution
    10 Ultra instinct
    11 Mastered Ultra instinct
    12 Hakai
    GOKU Hakai New !!!

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