The fashion house Firdaws daughter Kadyrov in 2018 reported an income of 1500 rubles

in the center of the terrible fashion
house firdaws occupies a five-story building on kabardian skya street 22
asia cater ova LLC reported financial results after a one-year break according
to the documents the income of the company which dressing statesmen and
celebrities amounted to 1,500 rubles last year and expenses 1,400 rubles
there is no information about revenue profit etc in the reporting the fashion
house firdaws paradise gardens in arabic was founded in 2009 by the wife of the
head of Chechnya and Nika Dora in 2016 she said she handed over the brand to
her eldest daughter 18 year old a should cater OVA according to the registration
data for dos LLC past Asia quatre OVA in December 2018 in the centre of the
terrible fashion house firdaws occupies a five-story building on Kivar dance kya
street 22 the building in the land under it judging by the extracts from Roz
rooster belonged to fertilize a de same company owns the trademark of a fashion
house in September 2019 firdaws opened an Islamic fashion boutique in Moscow
scheming a shopping center today costumes and dresses from firdaws are
acquired by state and political figures world pop stars firdaws collections are
visited by famous carriers of Russia Europe and the Middle East
a rare guest of Chechnya leaves the Republic without having been to firdaws
and not buying a dress for his girlfriend or wife the head of Chechnya
Ramzan Kadyrov told about the success of the fashion house on his official page
in contact the website of the fashion house Firdos presents women’s dresses
from seven thousand roubles up to 650 thousand roubles roubles and men’s suits
priced from sixteen thousand roubles to 41 thousand roubles roubles the store
also sells religious accessories a mat for nameks for twenty thousand rubles
and rosary for seven thousand roubles in addition according to the website of
state procurement the company from 2017 to 2018 for 1 million rubles rented real
estate in Grozny post Bank however Firdous LLC has a shakier OVA according
to the contour database focus last year there were only 10,000 rubles on the
balance sheet the company paid three thousand euros for
20:18 under the simplified tax system rubles of taxes and contributed one
hundred fifty thousand rubles to the pension fund the Russian federal tax
Service website states that the simplified tax system ons is designed
for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs the basic conditions of its application
the organization should employ no more than 100 people and its income should
not exceed one hundred fifty million rubles organizations that have branches
are prohibited from using the ons in its 2018 financial statements fir das
reported income of one thousand five hundred roubles and expenses of one
thousand four hundred roubles for 2016 the company reported revenue equal to
six hundred thousand roubles judging by the contour database focus for 2017 fir
dass LLC did not report to the russian federal tax service for this the company
had to pay a fine of fourteen thousand roubles in the spring of 2019 open media
reported that quatre abs Charitable Foundation and its structures under paid
taxes and rent for Grozny on land and the city administration could not
recover arrears through the courts the accounts chamber of the Republic did not
raise any questions about this its leader Abdul Hamid the B broth had been
combining the civil service with business projects for several years and
was the director of the Firdos fashion house

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