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Hey guys, I’m Kya and it always drove me nuts how
much Spider-Man shows his face in the movies. Seriously, he takes his
mask off all the damn time. But I get it. It’s hard for the audience
to connect with blank, unmoving fabric. Like, ever notice how his eyes constantly
change size and shape in the comics? It’s kind of a cheat. There’s no in-universe explanation for it, it’s just
a shortcut artists use to show Spidey’s emotions. And it wasn’t possible at all in live action, at
least until the MCU came up with a genius solution. ‘Homecoming’ could have Spidey’s best onscreen
costume ever, and I’ll tell you why in a little bit. Because today we’re taking a look at the
evolution of Spider-Man’s live-action costumes. Starting with the
early incarnations. Okay, so the first live-action appearance of Spider-Man
was in a Turkish movie called ‘Uch Dev Adam.’ Thanks to a little trick called “not giving a shit about copyright law,” we
saw Spider-Man and Captain America do battle forty years before ‘Civil War.’ Hey Cap’n. Big fan. Spider-Man. Though in this case Spider-Man was a straight
up villain with a crappy green costume. I don’t know why, whatever. Spidey’s first authorized appearance
was on ‘The Electric Company.’ It was an educational show with short
little segments starring Spider-Man. The costume isn’t
too bad, actually. It’s just a simple spandex version
of the comic book design. It looks a little silly, but it
works just fine for kids TV. There was a live-action ‘Spider-Man’ show
in 1979 that actually had a worse uniform. It’s the same basic design, but the material was
all wrinkly like a cheap Halloween costume. Like, even though he had no pants
to hold up, he wore a utility belt. With a big silver buckle
shaped like his face. Narcissism at it’s finest. There’s also just one webshooter, it’s a big bulky
bracelet that Spidey wears on the outside of his suit. I do kind of like the round
reflective mirror eyes. They’re creepy and bug-like.
I’m a fan. The whole outfit has kind of a homemade vibe,
which I don’t think they were actually going for. But, I mean, it’s great
for early cosplayers! And at least it looked better than
Marvel’s other 70s TV heroes. Except for the Hulk. Can’t
really screw that one up. Japan had its own ‘Spider-Man’
show around this time too. It used the same costume with a couple
of minor differences, like the eyes. And the giant transforming
robot named Leopardon. Spidey adaptations would get a little
more faithful in the Sam Raimi trilogy. Okay so I’m going to
fangirl a little bit here. The Sam Raimi trilogy is one of the best superhero trilogies of all time, and I know
people have complaints or whatever, but it’s still better than what came before. I mean, yeah, X-Men started this whole superhero revival and everyone
praised its great acting, interesting story, and fun script. Know what nobody praised?
The frickin’ uniforms. Because they were the worst. What would you prefer?
Yellow spandex? They were ugly, Matrix-y black jumpsuits without any of the color
or style from the comics– and they were impractical as hell. It’s just impossible to
get your leg up there! But that was the only thing we had to go off of when Sony announced
their Spider-Man movie, so there weren’t high hopes for the costume. Like, how the hell was Spider-Man gonna
do his thing in tight stuffy leather? They tried some
different designs. Comic artist Alex Ross submitted
a cool black and red one. It wasn’t used, but it inspired the later costumes
of Miles Morales and the Superior Spider-Man. Thankfully, our fears were put to rest when we saw
the first picture of Tobey Maguire all suited up. It sticks close to the comics, with just a few changes
so it wouldn’t read as an ugly blob of color on screen. Like the raised webbing
design made out of rubber. And a honeycomb texture printed
throughout the material. It still looks great, but I’ve always
had a couple of issues with it. Looks uncomfortable. It gets kinda itchy.
And it rides up in the crotch a little bit. The bulky muscle suit Tobey wore underneath
the spandex doesn’t do him any favors. I personally kind of prefer a
scrawny, lankier Spider-Man. I don’t want my Spidey looking
like a WWE Superstar. Just me. Also, I like the reflective stuff they used for his eyes,
but their shape is a little too pointy and angular. I’m more of a buggy girl. And while we’re here I’ve also gotta give a special shoutout to the original trilogy
for not even trying to adapt Spider-Man’s awesome costume from the Venom saga. They literally just took his regular suit, dipped
it in black dye, and called it a day. Kinda lame. I do love his homemade
outfit though. ‘Homecoming’ has a cool
version of it too. Andrew Garfield… Not so much. Remember ‘The Amazing
Spider-Man?’ Okay. Look, guys, Sony dropped the ball
with this reboot, but I’ll give them this: They tried to do something very
different with the costume. It takes some inspiration from Ben Reilly’s awesome 90’s
Spider-Man costume, like the blue fingers and big chest symbol. They also got rid of Spidey’s
traditional belt line, He looks naked without it, like a dude wearing blue
bodypaint with a bright red arrow pointing at his junk. It’s not the best. I’m glad his webshooters are back, though, and I like how you can
see the little discs on his suit light up when they’re used. You could call the costume more “realistic,’ even though I have no idea how a poor
kid from Queens could make something that looks like it came out of Nike’s test lab. Look at these sneakers! Does Aunt May know
about the sweatshop hidden in his room? Overall, the costume has some interesting
ideas, but it all seems a little too slick. Like it’s different just for
the sake of being different. Pretty much like they’re trying way to hard not to be Tobey and trying a new thing
and they’re like “we’re gonna be cool” and they just- It just doesn’t work. That definitely wouldn’t be the
case in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2.’ Look, the less said about
this movie, the better. But we can’t ignore how
awesome its costume was. They ditched the basketball-looking suit from the first movie and
went with a new design that’s ripped straight from the comics. Like, seriously. It’s exactly
the comic book suit. I love those big
Todd McFarlane eyes! They’re a little buggy.
They’re like big buggies. I didn’t think they’d ever be able to top this one, but now that
we’ve seen the MCU Spider-Man in action, I think I have a new fave. Now, Spidey’s eyes have these mechanical lenses
that narrow and widen as the scene demands. They’re buggy. They’re
like buggy eyes. It’s even justified in-universe, since
they’re used to focus Peter’s new senses. My senses have been dialed to 11. There’s
way too much input. They help me focus. That’s story done right
people, take note. The costume plays a big role
in the plot of ‘Homecoming.’ It’s a gift from Tony Stark, all
decked out with fancy tech. So that explains how a 15-year-old can afford
a super suit that would make Batman jealous. Kinda makes me jealous. The chest symbol turns into a drone,
and it’s got a cool AI like JARVIS… Ultron conspiracy
theory, anyone? He’s even got armpit wings! But I’m glad they didn’t go with the Iron Spider
armor from the original ‘Civil War’ storyline. Because the ‘Homecoming’ suit fits the
design language established by the MCU. Most of the costumes we’ve seen
have a kind of military style. They’re all about function,
or at least looking that way. So no more raised webbing. In fact now it looks
cut into the material. There’s also a lot of lines to break up colors
and create a visually stimulating look. Like these black bands around Spidey’s uniform
that connect to his belt and webshooters. They’re new, but they work with the design and they’re
justified by all the new technology he’s rocking. Honestly, I just love what
they’ve done with his costume. And I can’t wait to see how it evolves
in ‘Infinity War’ and everything after. But please, Sony, Marvel,
whoever’s listening. Let’s keep this one for a while, okay?
Cool? Great. Thanks.

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  1. The reason they didn't go for the original black suit is because they thought it would worried parents for looking like something out of a porno

  2. They thought the suit looked too much like a gimp suit of course they could have used the honeycomb texture on the suit with a white raised spider on it.

  3. So for Spider-Man 3 they had intentions of using a suit similar to that of the comics the only problem they had with it is that they got a leather Daddy vibe from it

  4. While MCU suit is Spidey from the comics, and it allows for more Spidey moments like the comics, the suit just seems undeserved to me. I think a major part of spider-man is that he isn't rich. He makes his own gadgets, and often compromises being unable to afford it. Also, I really liked the 3D webbing from Tobey Maguire's suit, and the black arm lines on the new suit were probably added to for the animators to track limb movement, so I guess it works.

  5. Amazing Spider-man 2 sucked but it still has the best suit, the MCU one looks good but it looks a little too cartoony to me.

  6. Best costume is TASM2. If they could incorporate the mechanical eyes from MCU spidey it'd be perfect.
    But my favorite is TASM. Looked more cobbled together. And inspired by "Spiderman: With Great Power".

    And my favorite movie is TASM. It's much better than the Raimi flicks. Too bad TASM2 was just as bad as the Raimi crap.

  7. Apparently the Raimi black suit was originally gonna be closer to the comic look and have this sleek and shiny texture but the costume designer said it was scrapped because it looked like one of those leather bondage suits

  8. I mostly like homecoming suit but the black parts really are not my cup of tea, and all the tech stuff it’s meh

  9. I like how in homecoming they designed an original homemade suit before the high-tech one as it's obvious that a middle class kid from Queens could not afford a high tech suit without help which is a factor people haven't really taken into account before, one that's just been ignored.

  10. The amazing era is kinda good but not that good i dont like his cockiness his other personalities i mean saimi era has a nerdy spider guy has a good personality not like the amazing era

  11. When Kya said that the Og trilogy didn't even try to adapt the symbiote costume I got mad because they actually did make it but they thought parents would find it as inappropriate because it looked like a well you know what I mean

  12. When we see an entire image of spider man I doesn’t even look like he’s able to take off just the mask it’s just one solid suit isn’t that weird

  13. 1:32 "with a big silver buckle shaped like his face, basically narcissism at its finest"… what're yall trying to say about Deadpool lol

  14. I'm gonna be real… I somewhat prefer the Spider-Man 3 Symbiote Suit because it does look super badass. THE OG THO IS SIMPLE BUT AWESOME

  15. Homecoming used too much cgi for the costume which made it look fake and almost like a video game. Marvel has to get back to their roots and stop using CGI for every costume in every shot. They have a costume in set but paint over it in post to make it look bad

  16. 4:20 (heh) They actually did make suit adaptations of the original Symbiote suit, it looked rubbery and looked really accurate, but they said it made Spidey look like a gimp so they decided against it. You can find set pictures of it somewhere online.

  17. Why is nobody appreciating the raised webbing allowing the pattern to be easily seen on film, it's the weakest aspect of the MCU suits that you can't clearly see the webbing lines in the red material.

  18. ranking the suits imo

    10: vigilante suit (its meh
    9: Wrestler suit (eh)
    8: amazing spiderman suit (could of done better)
    7: nicholas hammond suit (i like it)
    6: Raimi suits *including the symbiote (dont like how the eyes look and the way the webs pop out)
    5: Far from home stealth suit ( looks cool for a S.H.I.E.L.D suit)
    4: Far from home red and black suit (anothee stark suit but with black gloves and i dont like the back logo)
    3: Homemade suit ( best homemade suit ever and it looks good)
    2: Stark suit (The most comic accurate suit, the only difference is that its techy with black lines)
    1: Iron Spider ( Looks amazing! and spectacular! definately the best spiderman movie suit so far

  19. I get this lady isnt trying to make it seem like she is reading off a script but her extra bits of commentary are so annoying like I dont watch yellow spandex or any video with her in it anymore it just bugs me

  20. Blade was the movie that proved comicbook movies could be profitable. Spider-man was the mega hit that showed comicbook movies can be a serious force in cinema.

  21. Ibdo really like the stark/homecoming suit. The added elements of a round back spider and smaller romita style eyes. Those to designs from the comicbooks that haven't been in previous versions.

  22. While your argument for Andrew’s Spiderman not being able to make that suit on his own is valid, the same can be said for Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman. I mean how could a poor high school student make a full suit with raised webbing and everything.

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