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Hey guys, I’m Dev, I’m filling in for Kya for this episode, and in case you were thinking it, yes, ‘Yellow Spandex’ comes from a line in the very first ‘X-Men’ movie. You actually go outside in these things? What would you prefer? Yellow spandex? It was meant to make fun of how ridiculous superhero costumes are, and why an accurate representation could never work on the big screen. QUESADA!!! TIME TO GIVE THE DEVIL HIS DUE! but now, 18 years later, we’ve got a fourth wall-smashing anti-hero cracking the same kind of jokes, and wearing a costume that’s damn near identical to the printed page. It took way too long for cinema to fully embrace comic book craziness, but ‘Deadpool’ is the perfect example of why you should never mess with perfection. He’s become a style icon, and today, you can’t step foot inside a comic-con without
seeing dozens of cosplayers dressed up as Deadpool. I’ve seen a lot, they’re awesome, shout out to Rickpool, who I saw last year at NYCC. Deadpool RICK!!! So today, I’m taking a look at Wade Wilson’s wacky wardrobe, and exploring The Design of Deadpool Let’s start at, where else The Beginning. Deadpool’s costume hasn’t changed that much since his debut in 1991, when Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza introduced him in the pages of ‘The New Mutants.’ Right from the jump, all the essential elements are there. And, since this is Rob Liefeld we’re talkin’ about, tons of useless straps and pouches. Deadpool’s design was an instant classic, in part because it built on two characters who came before. Liefeld’s never been shy about his influences, Have you had any formal art training? No. Just a lot of imagination, I think. and he’s basically admitted to creating Deadpool because he wanted to draw Spider-Man, but the character was off-limits. There’s a lot of Spidey crawling over Deadpool’s design, from his color scheme and wide, expressive eyepieces, to the suit that covers every inch of his skin. The similarities between the two have become a running joke in the Marvel Universe, but you’ll have to look to the Distinguished Competition to see the other big influence on Deadpool: Deathstroke. When Liefeld showed Nicieza his sketches for a super
soldier with a cool mask and a thing for swords, the writer basically said ‘Uh, dude… This is Deathstroke.’ Instead of going back to the drawing board, literally, they ran with it, and turned DP into an homage/parody of the Teen Titans’ arch-nemesis. His secret identity, Wade Wilson, is a blatant take on Deathstroke’s Slade Wilson, and even his codename Deadpool is a sly reference to his DC counterpart. Think about it in swimming terms. Where would you do the Death Stroke? In the Dead Pool, obviously. Either that, or they took the name from an old Dirty Harry movie. Regardless, the OG Deadpool looked the part, but it was later writers like Joe Kelly, Christopher Priest, and Gail Simone, who turned a Teen Titans ripoff into the massively popular merc with a mouth. So now that we know how Deadpool got his duds, let’s check out some Alternate Attires When the biggest development in your superhero costume is a little pointy bit of fabric on your hood, you know you got it right the first time. But over the years, Wade has donned quite a few variants of the Deadpool uniform. Sometimes, it’s part of a storyline, like his dark grey makeover as part of Wolverine’s new X-Force, or his homemade X-Men costumes from his many, many desperate attempts to try out for the team. Sometimes, he’s got a good reason for changing his looks, but he mostly does it for shits and giggles. And since this is Deadpool, probably literal shits and giggles. This guy’s got the right idea! He wore the brown pants! Deadpool is basically a cartoon character in comic book form, a wiseass who gets under his opponents skin and drives them as crazy as he is. And, I mean, how many times have you seen Bugs Bunny dress up as a viking, a femme fatale, or Superman, just to annoy Elmer Fudd? Deadpool is the same way. When he’s passing through Georgia, he dresses up in a Sheriff’s outfit that’s the spitting image of Rick Grimes. During a team-up with Spider-Man, he dons a French maid uniform to distinguish himself from the webslinger. And once, while fighting Bullseye inside a walk-in freezer, he covers himself in meat armor to absorb the assassin’s arrows. He’s been a pirate, a zen monk, a duck, and those are just the 616 examples. In other universes, there’s an Ultimate Deadpool, with a clear plastic shell for a skull. Gwenpool, a fusion of Wade Wilson and Gwen Stacy… You know, come to think of it, if there’s a Marvel character, there’s a Deadpoolized version of them, even Galactus. There are enough DPs running around the multiverse to assemble a whole Deadpool Corps, consisting of Lady Deadpool, Kid Deadpool, Dogpool, and of course, the decapitated zombie Headpool. Then they clashed with an Evil Deadpool Corps. It was a whole thing, there’s way too many to list, just know that it was insane and it was awesome. Just like ‘Deadpools’ cinematic debut, although it took a few tries to make the perfect Movie Merc Deadpool’s first appearance outside the comics was in the classic ‘90s ‘X-Men’ cartoon. Kind of. Whenever he appeared, it was either an illusion or Morph in disguise. He was never named, probably because censors wouldn’t allow the word ‘dead’ on kids TV, which, by the way, is why Deathstroke is only called ‘Slade’ in ‘Teen Titans.’ WHO IS SLADE? Little censorship trivia for ya there. He also didn’t speak, just like his most infamous onscreen appearance. In a 2004 comic, Deadpool remarked that he looked like ‘Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Shar-Pei.’ That got the actors’ attention, and from then on he lobbied hard to play Deadpool whenever the opportunity arose. Unfortunately, that opportunity was the embarrassing 2009 spinoff, ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine.’ Reynolds was great as the ass-kicking, shit-talking Wade Wilson, Okay! People are dead! not that it was too hard, considering his teammates were and a hobbit. Things go downhill once Colonel Stryker grafts on some mutant body parts to create Weapon XI, A.K.A. Deadpool, A.K.A. ‘Botched’ on super steroids. I guess those tattoo lines are supposed to resemble the accents of his costume, just like the scars around his eyes vaguely look like his mask. No…just no…it’s just not good, not even the velour sweatpants fix it. They’re fine, but they don’t fit this character. Velour sweatpants fix everything. A good captain needs many skills, such as
boldness, daring, and a velour uniform. He can fire optic blasts, Teleport, and shoot giant Baraka blades out of his arms, which is kinda the same as having two katanas… it’s just way less cool. Way less cool! But for all his new powers, Dudepeel was robbed of his most important gift, when they stitched up the merc’s legendary mouth. If you didn’t have that mouth of yours, Wade, you’d be the perfect soldier. It’s more than just a fundamental misunderstanding of the character. Removing his personality was a deliberate screw you to every single fan, What the shit-biscuit! and it took years to undo the damage. 2016’s ‘Deadpool’ was a passion project for Reynolds and director Tim Miller, and it’s a miracle it was even made in the first place. The only reason it was even greenlit was because
some test footage “leaked” and broke the Internet. The Internet! The film was a massive success, the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever, and as far as superhero movies go, it’s got one of the best costumes I’ve ever seen. Is the mask muffling my voice? I love how much of the movie he spends under a mask. I mean, Captain America can’t seem to keep his damn helmet on, Iron Man wore his workout clothes for like, all of ‘Infinity War,’ and most Spider-Men rip their mask off every chance they get. But Reynolds and Miller fought hard to make the costume as authentic as possible, and that means hiding his butt-ugly face. Boo! To make up for it, the movie uses CGI
to make his mask more expressive, just like ‘Homecoming,’ except they don’t bother to explain it. Deadpool’s eyes can move because of course they can, He’s a comic book character in a comic book costume, and the entire film reflects that. In case the other fell off. Reynolds and Miller were so amazed by the final costume they broke down weeping when they first saw it. And can you blame them? It’s a picture perfect representation of the comic costume. It’s unapologetic, It’s iconic, and while it’s not exactly yellow spandex, it’s a long way from some crappy leather jumpsuits.

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  1. Thanks for watching, nerds! What's your favorite incarnation of Deadpool? Are you a fan of the classic comics character, the multiple multiverse versions, or are you here for Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds alone? Let us know!

  2. Gwenpool isn't a combination of anyone and anyone, maybe on a conceptual level, but she's her own character named Gwen Poole.

  3. Gwenpool is NOT a fusion between Deadpool and Gwen Stacy. If you read her comic, you would know this, but nobody read her comic and that's why it was canceled.

  4. I've been depressed for a while and thanks for helping me guys…

    Deadpool Rick final makes me wanna kill myself

  5. NO.
    The Deadpool from Origins was an ALTERNATE version. When Logan went back in time he changed it all. Remember who pulled Logan from the water afterwards?

  6. Gwenpool is not Gwen Stacy.
    She's a "real person" from our world who got sucked in to the Marvel Universe and she used her comic book knowledge to be a superhero.

  7. To be honest deadpool's costume is very realistic, its basically a red kevlar armor suit with a mask to hide his face, and be honest do you really want to see hugh jackman wearing tight yellow spandex with a mask with pointy ears? Imagine this, hugh jackman wearing a yellow leotard with a yellow mask angrily killing goons, in the comics that would look great, but in a gritty dark movie about equality?…

  8. I was really looking for an in depth look at the deadpool costume as it changed, as in every major mainline costume change, and the changes every writer made to the costume. I can't find such an article or video anywhere, and I don't have enough deadpool comics lying around to do the research myself.

  9. Hmmm, well actually centers glasses Gwenpool isn't actually Gwen Stacy and Deadpool, The "Gwen" part of "Gwenpool" is just some random girl called Gwen who's from our dimension who magically ends up in the comic universe. Therefore breaking the 4th wall just like the original Deadpool

  10. TF was up with the obsession over Yellow Spandex costumes, damn. Almost any and every marvel character “was supposed to have a yellow spandex costume”.

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  13. I think people hate too much on X-Men Origins Wolverine. It’s not a bad movie. Sure it retcons a lot of the storyline that we know and love from the X-Men’s story but overall I think it’s one of the best movies of the franchise

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