The Easy Jedi DIY Costume Tutorial

Hi I’m Angel. today, I’m going to show you how to turn your
Padawan into a full fledged Jedi with this great costume. It’s an easy sew and it’s.. it’s easy to put
together. Gotta be honest with you. Very basic sewing skills needed for this one. For this project you’ll need the following. You will need: brown jersey knit or fleece
for the robe. Black, gray or beige jersey knit for the vest. Stretchy fleece or knit for the waist band. A plain white t-shirt. Plain pants in a neutral color. Fleece Fun’s Free Sewing Pattern. A rotary cutter, ruler and mat. And of course sewing essentials (pins, scissors,
that kind of thing). Now just make sure the materials that you
are using are either Jersey knit or fleece. Basically something that won’t unravel. “Cause we’re not finishing the edges to stuff
here. We’re just letting it be natural, hang. We’re not finishing the edges nicely because
it’s a costume people. You don’t have to finish the edges nicely,
Unless you’re getting into Cos Play, but this is for little kids so we’re good. Any case, when you’re picking out material
you’ll want to stick to knits and also you want them to stay in the kind of the neutral,
earth tone range. Jedi’s they wear grays, beige’s, browns, black
(if you’re going towards the dark side) and even I have seen a little bit of green in
there. That tends to be where the Jedi’s like to
live. Their earth tones, neutral tones. Ok let’s get started let’s cut out some stuff
Cut out the following:. Cut out the robe main body. Place on the fold as directed on pattern piece
– cut 1. Cut out the hood. On doubled fabric cut out 2 of the hood piece. Cut out the sleeves to the robe. Place sleeve pattern on the fold and cut out. Repeat so you have 2 sleeves. For the vest. Cut it out on doubled fabric cut out pattern
pieces so you have 2 vest pieces. For the fabric belt measure the little Jedi’s
waist and add 2 inches. Make the rectangle that length by 6 inches. Ok, let’s get started on the robe now that
you have all those items cut out. Fold out the the piece of the main body so
it is flat. Using a rotary cutter ruler and mat, cut a
slit on one side from the center of the fabric to the neck line to make the front opening. Ok for the sleeve you’re going to want to
line up the folded part. So it was cut on the fold and that edge you’re
going to want to line up with the center of the neckline and unfold it. Center the sleeves to the neck line and pin
in place on either side. Sew onto the main body of robe using a .5
inch seam allowance. Fold robe in half so the sleeves meet up and
the sides meet up. Pin
then sew together using a .5 seam allowance. Let’s add the hood now. A hood’s very important for a Jedi. Pin the out edge of the hood pieces together. Sew using a .5 inch seam allowance. Center on to robe and pin to neck line. Sew on using a .5 inch seam allowance. Ok, now we’ll work on the vest. One seam and you’re done. It’s easy. Pin the back of the vest together to the round
neckline. Sew together using a .5 inch seam allowance. That’s it. The sides are open and the vest is held in
place with the waistband. Ok, now let’s work on the waist band. Make sure that the fabric has the wast band
has a good stretch to it. A jersey knit, Lycra or fleece with a good
stretch. Sew up using a .5 inch seam allowance. Ok, now we’ll work on the t shirt. The shirt underneath. Now Jedi’s they do not wear round necklines. round necks I think are an abomination to
them for whatever reason. it’s all about the v neck. So You’re going to want to cut… We’re going to basically turn this into a neck by cutting a slit and folding it open. So we’re going to tweak this t-shirt so it fits in with the Jedi look. Simply snip a slit from the center of the neckline on the t-shirt down about 3 to 4 inches Fold in the sides to form the V. Tack down the folds with a few stitches on your sewing machine ( or if you’re in a hurry you can even glue it). Alright. And you’re finished. You have you’re Jedi Costume. All ready to go. All you need to do is put on the t shirt, then layer the
vest on top, hold it in place with the waistband throw on the robe and you are ready to rock
the force. Yo Don’t repeat that. In any case if you liked this project I have
several other projects on my website Fleece Fun that I know you’ll enjoy. All my patterns
and tutorials are free. I several other costumes, I have some awesome capes there that you’ll
love. Check them out. And a lot of them come with a video tutorial just like this one.
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