The costume shop

[Patricia Wesp] This is primarily
sewing. On this floor we also have a classroom and a dining room which is overflowing with stuff we’ve
accumulated for classes this year. The kitchen has become laundry and
the coffee shop. Beyond that is the garage room which is the Costume Study Collection. The room that’s on the end is mostly
manikin storage and patterns. And on the other side we have a
fitting room in one of the bedrooms,
and fabric storage. So, it’s carved up reasonably
conveniently. [Mary Jo O’Shaughnessy] Everything that
you can imagine that has anything to do
with theater, we have it. Wigs, costumes, underclothing, shoes, hats, lots of hats, and anything that it takes to make
those things. Fabric, we have lots of fabric. Lots of fabric stores have gone out
of business. We clutch our fabrics because they
cannot be gotten anymore. So, if you want to do a Shakespeare play
and you need some nice silks or heavy
upholstery-kind-of fabrics, you can’t get those anymore,
unless you take a trip to New York, and then you still may or may not
be able to get it. [Patricia Wesp] In the time that I’ve
been here, I’m going to say
conservatively that we have at least 25 former students who earn their living
doing something that they began to
explore in costume shop, and I don’t mean squeaking by, I mean
earning a decent living, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

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