boom hey guys what's up its ki are here and I think you guys know what type of a video this is today we are doing my biggest college haul I think ever honestly I am crazy excited to be telling you guys and showing you guys what I got for my college apartment this year this is my first apartment so I need a ton of stuff first of all I'm not done shopping there's still a couple things that my roommate Taylor and I need to get this is like a big majority of it and I'm also not showing you guys any of the furniture that we bought because in last video that I posted it was a furniture shop with me so if you guys want to go check that out be sure to click the I it's gonna be somewhere up here also don't forget to follow me on my social media as my Instagram and Twitter or both Acura Madison I'm super active on those social media sites and if you ever have any questions feel free to hit me up let's do this feel like it's tradition that we start with bedding because I always show the bedding first I got my bedding from urn Outfitters I'll put a picture right here what my bedding looks like it's a duvet cover it's cream it's got some little pom-poms on it it's super cute I also got the matching shams Oh where's my sheets the sheets that I got look like this they're a Ralph Lauren stripe sheet I feel like you guys might be able to not see them so we're gonna come closer they look like this and then I also got this Bay cover from home goods to go inside of my bedding boom yeah this is gonna be really out of order I'm just gonna grab bags let's do this okay I got a little trash bag thing to put under or sink also got us some marine dish towels I got these things at Nordstrom Rack oh I got a wish I got this spoon this spatula someone told me that this is called a spatula but right here it says it's called the turn so I got it Turner from Macy's I got this really cool colander it's really white and aesthetically pleasing I'm honestly probably not even gonna use it as a colander I'm probably gonna put my fruit in it okay this is a lot of like kitchen II gadget stuff I got one of those little Apple slicer thing I got this really cute pig drain snacks let's have a peeler this is actually not for home goods this is from Nordstrom Rack but I got some aesthetically pleasing measuring cups and then I also got this set of measuring cups from home goods because it came with the little tea spoon thing do some target stuff I got some scissors these are kitchen scissors I also got this really beautiful marble thing to hold all of my cooking utensils I also got this little thing of mixing bowls because I liked the size of them I have some other mixing bowls that are packed away but I wanted like smaller size mixing bowls and I like that this has a lid because this is the perfect bowl to toss salads in and then put it in the fridge also from Target I got this thing to put our paper towels on and tomorrow and it matches the utensil holder from The Container Store I got two of these things and these are the super fun things that are like a little pop off I got these for our sugar and flour because I just want it to be all preserved in here and I want our picture to be looking snazzy next from Bath & Body Works I got a bunch of soaps because we're gonna have three sinks so for our kitchen sink we got kitchen lemon the bathroom we got eucalyptus aloe and then or my bedroom sink we have coconut eucalyptus and then also for my bedroom sink I got this little thing and it's a marble pump from Bath & Body Works so you know these are like foaming soaps and you need this special like foam pump thing this is a soap container that does that let's do it this big bag we're just gonna go really fast cuz this is all super basic necessities so can't open our kitchen scrubber brushy thing bathroom tub scrubber brushing thing an ice cream scoop we got an ice cube tray a little sponge holder okay this is low key and necessary but not a little salad dressing maker whoa whoa rings for our bathroom shockers a little mini calendar and thing to put our berries in this thingamabob azules maker who buried a little thing to hold our towels a toilet brush a jewelry organizer for Taylor and a makeup organizer for Taylor I think to hold all of our brooms and stuff in our laundry room and Tupperware that was everything I was in that bag ooh this stuff is also from the Container Store I got a marble cutting board it's not actually marble it's plastic made to look like marble I also got one of these things which will immediately hold all of my San Pellegrino is in the fridge last but not least in this bag we have a shower organizer I got this beautiful calendar this is from rifle Paper Company and I got it at the paper source I received one of these as a gift like many years ago and it's just beautiful piece of decor but also is the great calendar but we got one for 2019 it's gonna hang about my desk I also picked up two more of these cloth storage bins from Target because I have one of those like two cubed units that I put my printer on and I use that for two years and these little bins died on me but are they completely disintegrated every bath mats because like I've said probably a million times we had what do we get 300 I know you got this one for our bathroom saying then this one is from Urban Outfitters and it says hashtag no filter this is for the sink in my room and then we got this huge bath mat that's like giant and gray or in front of our actual bath like our literal bathtub I also got one of these organizer things to put all of our silverware in we also got some silverware another decor piece that we got oh this is from Urban Outfitters it's really hard to see because it's in the package but maybe I'll insert a picture of what it looks like right here it's a gold wire thing that you can hang photos on and we're probably gonna put this in our hallway you also got a trash bin next we got a broom we're trying to keep things clean in our apartment okay we got these cute little magnetic Polaroid frames to put on our bridge weight is actually are the wrong thing shower curtain it's from Tommy Hilfiger I got it at home goods and it is gray and white straight and then we also got the little clear plastic thing that you have to put under it because I think this is a cloth shower curtain you also got this frame and it holds three pictures so you got a whole bunch of pots and pans I got these at Macy's they were on super clearance they're really cute and there's a nice little set of everything in here I don't really know how to show you this next item I got this table for my bedside table next to my bed next a vase that's blue and matches or accent color in our living room I don't feel like unraveling it but feel free to use your imagination I also got this organizer for our two called I guess it's like our living room but like right when you walk in the door it basically has a bunch of hooks on it so Taylor and I can put our keys and then it has like a little holder that you can put mail and other doodads in it I got this nice set from Cuisinart these are my favorite knives I'm honestly not that good with a knife like my chopping skills are quite subpar but these make me feel like I'm literally Chef Boyardee you also want another drawer organizer cuz I just really turned out of that organization line thanks I got this pillow this is like my favorite pillow that I use on my bed I'm gonna be having a full bed this year instead of a twin so I needed another pillow or the other side I also got some more hangers because you can never have too many of these so we're getting down to more of the decor I'm not this beautiful frame and I just ordered a really cute picture of Taylor and I from Hawaii to put in this next thing we got is this nice piece of art I'm really struggling right now I hope you guys can see it maybe I'll like stand up right not to get the glare of my light okay do you see the little texture thing in it this is gonna be our living room and we're gonna do kind of like a gallery wall a little bit around this I think I'm not really quite sure yet we're gonna have our pillows or the living room we needed some accent pillows and actually one of them is not here right now we're gonna accent with blue you got this cute little blue pillow velvet blue pillow it's more of like a blueish sea green type of feel and then we got this is a really cute fun fluffy pillow oh there's two more things out of any one sec don't leave stay with me I got this cute little ceramic egg with a fake play my favorite animal is a pig totally excited about it and I also got this giraffe with a fake plant this one's actually cuter because I think the face is adorable if you guys have any name suggestions for our little pets leave a comment down below from Nordstrom Rack I got this really cool head school thing I really like the details on this and thought this would be really cool to put above my bed I'm also doing some other stuff but it's all gonna be a surprise the final thing that we got is so big and you guys have probably been staring at this the whole video roku teeny was nice enough to send me this giant TV this is a 55 inch 4k TV I really wanted a Roku TV because I don't really want to pay for cable like I don't watch a ton of TV but I do pay for Hulu and Netflix and this literally has my Hulu my Netflix my Pandora and most importantly my youtube what's even cooler about this is that you can get an app on your phone and you literally use your phone as a remote so I'm literally so excited to have a bomb movie nights with Taylor and I and all of our friends in our apartment thank you again to roku TV for sending this this is really cool I'm really excited about it that is gonna be it for today's video there's obviously a lot more stuff that I taylor-ann eyes dishes are on backorder so things like that or kind of not featured in this video and i also have a ton of stuff from the previous two years you guys want to check out my other college hauls I'm gonna leave all of the college hauls that I have down below as well as some shop with Me's that I've been filming this year thank you guys for watching my videos and supporting my channel really means a whole lot to me though I have to say I'm just like really excited to have you guys with me and I'm so excited for my junior year of college at the University of Oregon is go ducks this is my room I literally have no space to walk at all so now it's cleanup time


  1. Is no one in the comments going to talk about how much money this all cost. I would fall out if I bought everything she did.

  2. why do you need new bedding every year? did you replace your bedding every year when you lived at home? I dont mean it as a criticism I am actually wondering if there is a reason…

  3. Just now finding your channel but all these college videos are so helpful! I start at Southern Connecticut in August and your videos are getting me so excited!💫💕

  4. why do you need new bedding every year? did you replace your bedding every fall when you lived at home?

  5. Means my friends plan on getting an apartment we were going to split the rent and got to Dollar Tree,Thrift Store,Dollar General,and Walmart to get our supplies

  6. Yes Kiara!!! I’m so excited to start my freshman year at UO and your videos have helped so much. If you see an albino with a cane on campus shout at me!! I’m so grateful to all of your videos for inspiring me to not slack off on my applications and everything college. I really appreciate everything you do.

  7. i just wanna quickly say i have that green salad dressing thing and it is SO GREAT because it has measurements on the side so you can make a big batch of salad dressing and be able to use it for like two weeks!!

  8. Can you make eum maybe apartment tour? Until all this whole things done? 😊 but i love ur videos!! All of them😊 💙keep up the good work

  9. “This thingy mcbob “ I enjoy this lol ! Also have a dorm haul on my channel in case anyone wants more inspiration! Love u kiara!!

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