The BEST Yellow Jacket Wasp Trap and Best Bait to Use in Fall Trap Wasps or Hornets, NOT BEES

okay so today I’m gonna show you
something that I think may be interesting to you this time of year
it’s October 4th and we have wasps going everywhere and they’re in high
competition for the last resources of the summer and autumn so you may be
thinking about trapping them and diverting them from your honeybees
because if you’ll notice in this trap and I’ll leave a link to this trap that
I’ve chosen in the description of the video but in this trap we don’t just
have nectar although there is apple juice in the bottom there is a strip of
bacon hanging down the middle now one thing you’ll notice you don’t see in
this trap and that’s honey bees honey bees don’t care about animal protein all
of their protein comes from pollen from plants so in this trap and this is a
trap design that I’ve been using for several years kinda has its drawbacks
but in my opinion it’s the best trap that’s out there and has worked the best
for me you can wash it out sometimes that seemed it’s in two pieces and it’s
been glued together that seam may leak a little but this one is not leaking yet
but anyway let’s get on with that how the lure works I don’t buy the prepared
lures that the trap companies are selling we just put apple juice in here
and then that strip a bacon satisfies their need for protein so when these
wasps fly by and smell that bacon they go right in there so it’s a dual purpose
trap because that also those that are out seeking nectar will respond to that
apple juice and they’ll come into the trap also I also recommend that you kind
of leave some fluid in the bottom so that you can drown the wasps if you need
to notice that there’s a string going through the top and that was my wife’s
idea she hung that bacon out there and she’s the one that heated it up in the
microwave for like 10 seconds or something just to get the aroma of that
meat in the air but I don’t think that’s necessary because they are very
sensitive and they’re all flying in from downwind so they’re definitely finding
it that way and it’s designed to suspend from an overhang or from a tree or
something near your house you want to keep it away from where people are
because you will be attracting wasps so notice that they’re coming in they’re
going after the bacon I get these you’re conical-shaped entry points that are
four on the bottom and just two on top and we strap this to a it’s the top of a
suet feeder in my backyard but I strap it down instead of hanging it somewhere
because I don’t like them swinging all over the place now you may notice that
I’m holding a pipette here and I’m putting little drips next to it and
there’s a little wasp on the pipette after what I’m dripping there and that
is just the standard 50/50 sugar water that we may often feed to bees if
they’re not producing enough on their own or if they need something during a
dearth period and the wasps are no different they go after that same 50/50
sugar water so why would I feed them I mean if I’m trying to trap them why
would I put out sugar water outside the trap well because these wasps are social
insects and if we’re just trapping them they’re gonna fly in be attracted to the
apple juice or the bacon if they need the protein and they’ll go in the trap
and that’s it they’re there the rest of the wasps back in their nest have no
clue where that wasp went and why it didn’t return so what I do is I add
drips of sugar water provide feed outside let these wasps fill up on it
then they’ll fly back to their nest and communicate to the others that there’s a
resource of nectar which is their carbohydrate and other members of that
nest will come out and they’ll also be attracted to this location then
ultimately I just allow the supplemental feeding to dry up and what’s left at the
location the trap so then they’ll all go in so we want to make sure that some
feed and get away so they can come back and bring others so this is the trap and
this is them drinking sugar water and there’s almost nothing else really to
talk about other than what is a wasp do with the protein that it gets so often
some of the larger wasps especially will kill our honeybees
and they’ll take the thorax from that honeybee and they’ll bundle it up and
make a little protein pellet they take it back to their nest they feed it to
the developing larvae and in return the larvae loses out a carbohydrate nectar
type fluid that the workers also eat so there’s a reward system this encourages
the loss to go out kill small animals tear off bits of protein and fly it back
home and feed the larvae the larvae that are developing this time of year when
they are capped up ultimately will likely become Queens and those are the
ones that will seek hiding places through winter and in the spring each of
those Queens will be starting its own nest so it’s kind of important to go
ahead and knock these out of the ballpark this time of year because the
impact on that colony and how many colonies you’ll have next year is much
more potent so that’s about all I have to say again I’m going to put a link to
this wasp trap in the description of the video and I’m just gonna let you watch
these things drink sugar water and let you marvel at the design of these wasps
thank you for watching as always and I hope you subscribed in an upcoming video
I will be comparing the industrial pheromone lures for these wasp traps and
we’ll just see if they’re better than this I don’t think they are but we’ll
see if they’re better than this and also a comparison of the two top rated ones
thanks for watching

61 thoughts on “The BEST Yellow Jacket Wasp Trap and Best Bait to Use in Fall Trap Wasps or Hornets, NOT BEES

  1. I learn something Every time I watch your videos. The drops of sugar water is genius. Thanks again for an excellent video.

  2. Hi Fredrick, thank you for sharing your videos. I didn't see where I could purchase the traps, did I miss something?
    Thank you Shirley

  3. Somebody laid an egg while watching your video! 😉 Absolutely amazing footage. So crystal clear. You could teach entire biology classes with just your skilled videos. 👍

  4. I think it's probably a good bait and switch if you have bee hives, but I read that traps don't reduce the wasp population, as the queen can birth an almost inexhaustible supply. If you really want to reduce wasp population, you need to kill the queens.

  5. Wow, they are ornery little farts. I had a yellow jacket zero in on me when I was about 30 feet away from her. She made a bee line (lol) for my forehead. Hurt for 2 days. …loved the chickens!

  6. Hello Mr Dunn, first of all we LOVE your videos!!! We are new bee keepers and relish all of the wisdom you have to share. Our hive has been a delight to have and we love our little bee's…. and then, terror struck. Wasps attacked out hive and decimated the population while we were away. Now, We have been battling wasps and our hive is now down to a few hundred bee's. :'( I literally checked the hive minutes ago..We have narrowed down the entry to ONE little hole.
    For a while we thought the queen was dead, but today I found her. (maybe still hope?). But…The wasps are occasionally entering or attacking the honey bees on the landing board.. We are going to try your apple-juice/bacon medley, with the sprinkled sugar water… but in proximity to the hive, where do you place the trap?

  7. Fred, we have nest in the eves, under the porch, along the fence line etc.  They are constantly attacking my two hives located on a suburban lot only .2 ac in size.    I have watch them reach in the entrance and pull out bees and fly off with them.  I have closed down the entrance but there is only so much I can do.  I watched your video a few hours after you posted and sent off to purchase the trap.  I had been using the chemical ones and had Ok success.  Put the new ones up this morning and already caught over 30 wasps.  Thanks for the videos, like many others I learn something new each time I view one.

  8. Why are no bees drinking the syrup? Are they afraid of the wasps?
    I'm in Austin, and the wasps and bees seem to leave each other alone. Although, when I was a kid, I'd see wasps attack and kill caterpillars, so….perhaps they also go for my poor honey bees?

  9. I'm always amazed in your videos how you do what you can to protect your honeybees, but also marvels at their natural predators – wasps and the mice videos are incredible.

    Also, these yellow jackets sure can suck some sugar water pretty fast!

  10. have you tried Pepsi, you don't need the meat factor which reduces any bad odour and the bees don't care for it. It also is loved by those bald faced hornets. That is what I use in my apiary and I am quite impressed with the results. It is also less expensive and does not need to be changed unless you caught so many the bottle is full. Tried coke but not as effective , in this challenge Pepsi wins. (never drink the stuff myself though). You have great informative and well photographic vids, thanks for making them.

  11. very interesting..because there were so much food available, natural enemies did not fight. we as humans could learn alot from this LOL…abundance of resources for everyone will bring peace to the world!

  12. In the video there are 4 kinds of wasps. At 4.29 a wasp has an intense black striped back, at 8.48 the wasp has triangles on its back and at 9.41 the black on the back is shaped like a crown. (both visible at 8.08 together).Are these three different hives or the same hive from the same queen? Or even three different breeds of wasps. Also some are larger then others. Oh, and at 7.52 the wasp in the front has almost no black.

  13. To help drown them, a couple drops of dishwashing liquid might do the job without messing up the smell of the apple juice.

  14. Ever tried growing Sarracenia around your yard? I don’t know if bees would get caught but they catch lots of hornets and wasps for sure. Especially the red specimen.

  15. I've started using a trap I saw from the barnyard bees channel. Just took a cheap tote from the store, cut a hole big enough to fit a 2L bottle top into it but kept it small enough so that it was a tight fit, and then duct taped around the seal just to ensure it remains tight and no wasp can get back out once they've fallen in. The bottom of the tote is filled with sugar water about 2-3 inches high, and I'll put a couple pieces of chicken breast or bacon inside of it and then place these totes at key areas around the house in direct sun-light to really get that fermenting process going, and get them smelling ripe. Within a few days, the entire bottom of the tote is jam packed with dead wasps and it's just a matter of dumping it, and replacing the contents to put it back out for round 2. I usually only do this starting at the beginning of august, when the yellow jackets really start to become a nuisance around my house. Usually by mid October, the temps have come down to the point where wasp activity starts slowing down to an acceptable level again. I live in upstate New York so it gets cold relatively quick up here.

  16. When choosing a type of meat is it best to use bacon in particular or does pieces of pork or ham work as well and also does the meat have to be cooked?

  17. This is the absolute worst use of #bacon I have ever witnessed! Very disappointed 🙂 Cheers from PEI Canada, Bryan

  18. I understand your reason for using sugar water outside the trap, but after the first drops I would not feed them any more encouraging more in in the trap.

  19. The Girls love the sweet things & the boys love meat things So you know I'm going to try the bacon strip! Don't forget get to use Yales wasp killing powder on the board that way the returning wasps kill the nest, I normally use Marmalade to trap the females and cat food for the males, but I'm definitely going to give bacon a go! Cos everything loves bacon!!

  20. At Home here in Wiscon? I put out 4-5 Homemade Wasp Traps stasrting Mid Sept thru Frost( Late Octover) to help in Killing them and reducing their Populations and the # of Wasps avaialbe to kill Our Pets ( Dogs, Cats, and Little Children( over 13 children got attacked last yr and 3 died.. I target the Queens.. I kill ave of 14 queens a Yr.. and thus stop from breeding upto 100,000 wasps a Week from them for this time of the Year ( Fall) I ask all of you to do the same thing.. Make up your Homemade Traps and Kill as many as you can for these next 4-6 wks.. Thank you.. ps. we lost our Fav. Dog and Her 2 Pups to wasp killers.. and I got stung 42 times trying to save her… and ended up in the hosptial for 2 days .

  21. Thank you for making this video!

    As far as attracting yellow jackets, I have found that apple cider and apple juice work most effectively (with local, homemade apple cider being most effective due to the high concentration of organic sugars). But, I also insert chopped red apples and smoked turkey lunch meat with the apple cider or apple juice, allowing the meat to remain above the liquid as the apples float on the surface of the liquid.

    I also use the Rescue Why Trap. The trap you use works well for what you are doing. But, the Rescue Why trap does not swing as often in the wind when hanging due to its slimmer and taller stature. This taller stature allows a greater volume of liquid inside the trap, increasing both the weight of the trap (making it more difficult for the trap to swing) and the amount of time it takes for the greater volume of liquid to evaporate. And also . . . larger, European hornets can enter the trap.

    With the Rescue Why Trap, there are two segments divided into top and bottom—(1) [the top] for liquid bait, solid bait, or both and (2) [the bottom] for solid bait (i.e. apples, bacon, lunch meat, etc.) exclusively.

    I love this video. Your idea of leaving a portion of liquid outside of the trap to attract more wasps is brilliant. I will be applying this to my hornet and wasp trapping.

  22. is it possible make a solution that ONLY ATTRACTS WASPS..a solution that they will bring back to their hive and kill the queen bee and all the babies?

    maybe something like..sugar water with baking soda and vinegar (but im afraid that it won't last long enough for them to fly back to their nest to kill everyone else there…)

  23. Best time to thwart wasps is catching the queen early in the early stages of nest building and kill it before any workers arrive then once the queen is dead then kill the eggs and get rid of the cells

  24. you need to put a drop of dish soap in the sugar water so that the surface tension of the water is broken so that the wasps drop below the surface of the water and drown thereby not escape back out of the holes.

  25. Mr. Dunn, why are your videography skills so advanced that you can even make yellow jackets look adorable? haha

  26. Your voice is very soothing to listen to- you should be an audio book reader. I would love to hear you read the Bible.

  27. Are wasps and bees attracted to the same ratios with sugar water? Or another way of saying this, is can you adjust the sugar water ratios differently to only get wasps, or only get bees but not both?


    Very cool idea.

  28. Are you sure that leaving sugar water outside the trap helps at all?
    As far as I know the only wasp that's capable of marking a food source with pheromones is the Asian giant hornet.
    (But I got this information from Wikipedia or a TV documentary or the internet so it may well be inaccurate.)

  29. Thanks so much. I bought a pair of these right after watching your video. Used pineapple juice and turkey bacon, and immediately saw results.

  30. I have 2 of these hive traps. Been using them for several years. They do work great. I use sugar water but after watching this fun video I decided to use apple cider. Didn't have any bacon on hand but some deli ham that I microwaved and hung in the traps with string. We will see how it works. I'm sure good.

  31. Hello, I realize that this video is not recent, I am wondering where these traps should be placed in proximity to my hives. I am dealing with hornets. I don't want them being lured near the hive. Thanks in advance, I have found your videos very helpful

  32. Another bait idea I tried, is find the crappiest, highest in sugar, HFCS syrup for pancakes. This stuff added in with juice and sugar has been attracting them far greater than anything else so far.

  33. You're missing ONE thing for a QUICK death: a few drops of dishwashing detergent on that liquid to break up the surface tension and !drown! them in ONE second

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