The 3 Best Fitting T-Shirts For Men

hey guys this team of style I'm Jose Zuniga and for this week's video we're going to be talking all about t-shirts so like you guys have been pointing out in the comment section I've been wearing a lot of t-shirts lately and that's for a specific reason I've been test driving a lot of brands lately trying to find the perfect t-shirt for you guys then for myself as well now I already know where you're going to say but Jose you told us not to wear t-shirts like three years ago and you're right however my feelings towards t-shirts have drastically changed I feel that a good t-shirt that fits really well can be a suitable casual option for men especially in hot humid summer heat one of the biggest reasons why I didn't like t-shirts was the fact that they shrunk so easily here's a prime example this is an H&M t-shirt that I bought literally less than six months ago honestly after three washes the t-shirt was already two sizes too small and this is what I did it light I have a drawer full of about five to ten hmmm t-shirts that I just don't use because they're two sizes too small and why I love their six dollar price point I don't love that I have to be buying new ones every four wears or whatever it may be so the reason why you've been seeing t-shirts so much lately is because I've been test driving t-shirts trying to find the perfect t-shirt under two categories one quality I wanted a t-shirt that's so well-made that it's not going to shrink after one or two washes but instead fit great always and then the second one was that fit a t-shirt that actually fit well and stayed with that proper fit for multiple wear so I wasn't looking for disposability I was looking for quality t-shirts that look good and feel good and I've never in my search to three brand recommendations for you guys and some of the best t-shirts out there for men and there are multiple price points and I did that purposely my three recommendations are going to be Tanny trim menswear and black socks also in that order of price point so let's start with tani tani is going to be my high-end recommendation of the three I'm going to be talking about the reason why tani is that the high-end one is because their t-shirts can retail anything from 65 to 145 yes I said $145 for a single t-shirt so this is definitely for the guy that's comfortable paying that amount and why it is the high-end option you also must understand those that you're getting the best of the best there is when you invest into tanning the owner was nice enough to send over a discount Konan if you use TMF 25 you'll get 25% off your order which is a hefty discount considering the price point of these t-shirts the t-shirts you're seeing right now are they're lower priced t-shirts at $65 the great thing about tanning t-shirts is that they feature a moisture wicking fabric called micro motor air fabric all their shirts are made in Europe with natural materials the fabric itself is super lining cool it's actually softer and thinner than silk giving the user a remarkably comfortable and soft feel these two models you're seeing have been washed twice already and as you can see their Fit is still excellent and I really didn't experience any shrinkage with these two t-shirts most in part because these t-shirts features 6% elastane and their shirts that really helps for the shirt to return back to its original shape and that shrink or stretch out which are two things you don't want in a t-shirt next up we have trim menswear trim menswear as a handcrafted brand that's tratar 'get it for the athletic man so if you have an athletic build this brand might suit you best it's also it also Falls second on my list because it's it falls right in the middle price point wise at around $45 at t-shirt given that I usually recommend this shirt more to the Henri crowds a high earner not rich yet and of course we snag the discount code for this brand as well and if you use TMF trim 20 you'll get 20% off what I love about these t-shirts is their design and fit for around $45 you're getting a luxurious model supima cotton fabric that is natural and breathable the deep crewneck design is a refreshing twist from the various deep v-necks I already own as for the fit the t-shirt fits perfectly in all the right places I mean look at it it has a nice and snug fit around the chest and region area however it doesn't pull or constrict that it looks like I'm wearing a t-shirt that's a size too small it also has a relaxed fit through the midsection so this really adds to the breathability and the coolness of the t-shirt which makes it perfect for summer I washed both of these t-shirts you saw the both the black and the white one before this video and as you can see they're fit and quality is still on point which is the reason why they made the cut for this video and finally we have black socks black socks for Falls last on our list because it is the lowest priced model of those three we're going to be talking about this is for the guy that still wants that quality t-shirt but doesn't want to break the bank especially on a college budget black socks produces two shirts I really like their deep V Claudette model which retails around 125 dollars and their regular v-neck Suzette model which retails for around $23 and of course the good news is since you're a viewer you can use code TMF ten off and you'll get 10% off oh and then I mentioned they also have free worldwide shipping so it's really a great price point and great value the great thing with black socks is that the t-shirts even at this unbelievable low price point you're getting amazing high quality pima cotton that is naturally breathable in a fit that is perfection what I really like about the shirt though is that it also has that 5% elastane and I usually like this in shirts for two reasons it really helps make the shirt more resilient so this helps it keep its original shape even after several wear so it doesn't matter how many times you wash it the shirt always bounces back to its original shape I also like it because it hugs the arm area a little bit closer this helps gives the illusion I'm having fuller arms than you really do which almost all of us need a little help in that area when we can get it so that's it for this week's video guys I hope you enjoyed it I'll have the link down below all the t-shirts I spoke about in the order that I did with their corresponding discount code if you're interested in any of the t-shirts I spoke about so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did remember to hit up the like up I'm also let me know what you think down below which tee shirt was your favorite that's it for me for this week's video guys see you guys next time

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  1. Apt 9 stretch v necks are by far the best I've ever owned great fit and good quality surprisingly only 15$

  2. I just checked on blacksocks site and they’re smoking crack!! 2 shirts are $59 for a plain v neck shirt😂. Gtfoh

  3. Nice Video and t-shirts are amazing. You can also check out the collection of t-shirts for men at

  4. uniqlo for $5:90

  5. Very Nice Video For MOre Brand New Collection of Plain t-shirts online you can visit

  6. I tried ordering from Trim and they sent me the wrong size. Multiple emails, messages sent via their web site, calls left for their voice mail and not a single response. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card to get my money back. I'm still waiting to return these t-shirts back to them. This is a horrible company with zero customer response. Highly recommend you check to see if this company is worth the endorsement deal given how bad they make you look.

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