100 thoughts on “The 25 Best Halloween Costumes – The Office (Mashup)

  1. i'm being dwight for halloween. and also my costume was only $4 because i bought a blazer from goodwill and glasses from the dollar tree and then i stole my dad's clothes.

  2. I like how Creed doesn't have a creepy manner, but his actions say "creepy". Reminds me of Carl from llamas with hats

  3. It’s October 31( Halloween) I’m watching the office on Netflix for the 15,100 time that’s not even a lie while watching the office on you tube

  4. I am so surprised that no one is mentioning Gabe's Lady Gaga costume. The actor who plays Gabe looks okay but as a woman he is something else altogether. I never thought much about the looks of transexual/hermaphrodite people. I also found it easy to tell them apart from people who are male or female. But after seeing Gabe in that costume and his dance I feel a transexual being who has a unique blend if female and male characteristics can be so beautiful and imposing; so much more than a beautiful man or woman. In comparison being a man or woman is not really a work of (God's) art. Gabe in that costume is extraordinarily beautiful.

  5. Its dark when you rewatch the show knowing the fact that creed bratton is a criminal. I think he was an arms dealer. He must have been the real Scranton strangler. Its cool to make these theories

  6. Some say Creed had the best joker costume.
    Some say Kevin’s was best.
    Others will say Dwight.
    But we all know…

    Toby is the Scranton Strangler.

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