Thanksgiving: Expectation vs. Reality – The Office

-Mmm. Mmm. Great turkey leg. [ Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”
playing on car radio ] -♪ Da da doo-doo-mmm,
just dance ♪ -It’s Britney, bitch. -How’s my favorite branch doing? Alright. -Fact — I am older, I am wiser.
Do not mess with me. -[ Hawking ]
-Stop it! No! Come on! Michael! -Open your mouth!
-No, Michael! -That’s so cool
how you have my name. I am downloading some N3P music.
-That’s not it. -This is so great, huh? -It looks like we’re
gonna be here for awhile, so why don’t you make a little
plate of hummus for everyone? Little triangles of pita
toasted on both side, fanned so you can
easily grab them. -I know —
-And napkins — fanned. -I like to bring in some of
my Kevin’s Famous Chili. [ Applause ]
-Thank you. It’s a straight jacket!
[ Clattering ] -It’s gonna take a long time… …and then it’s perfect. -If I don’t have some cake soon,
I might die. -Why don’t you
just have an apple? -Why don’t you
mind your business? [ Whistle blows ]
-Next stop, Cu…camonga.
-[ Giggles ] -You want how many spiral pads?
-Um…well, 50. I over order because — -Confidence —
it’s the food of the wise man but the liquor of the fool. -Hmm. I’m looking forward to getting
to know you better, Vikram. -So, hey, I wanna set you up
with my daughter. -Oh, I’m engaged to Pam. -I thought you were gay. -Then why would you want to
set me up with your daughter? -I don’t know. -[ Indistinct ] -Everybody stay calm.
Everybody stay calm. -What’s the procedure?
-Stay [bleep] calm! Time to carbo load. -Thank you all for coming.
-I would like to toast — -I would also like to toast.
-I also would like to toast. -I’d like to make a toast…
to the troops. -Everyone here
who’s bowled a 280, please raise your hand. -Wow.
-No way. A 280? -Man, I would love
to burn your candles. -You burn it, you buy it. -Oh, good. I’ll be
your first customer! -You’re hardly my first. -That’s what she said! -Amen.
Just keep the ribs coming. [ Chuckles ] -Put it in your mouth
and just eat it. -God, I hate it.
-I don’t care whether you hate it.
You said you’d do it. [ Sniffs ]
This is a white. -Whoo!
-Whoa. Whoa, whoa. -I’m full. -We have sweet glazed,
cinnamon sugar, chocolate, white chocolate, fudge, M&M’s, caramel dip, mint chip, chocolate chip,
marshmallows, nuts, toffee nuts, coconut, peanut butter drizzle, Oreo,
sprinkles, cotton candy bits,
and powdered sugar. -Is there any way that you could
do all — all of them? -The works. You got it.
-Uhn-uhn. No one has seconds
until everyone’s had some. -You’re doing great, Michael.
Look at you go. -She probably won’t be up
for a few hours. -[ Grunts ]
[ Thud ] -Next stop, pies.
Next stop, pies. -Next stop, pies.

72 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: Expectation vs. Reality – The Office

  1. Great work here so much fun.
    Anything that includes poor Kevin and his chili AND pretzel day AND the dinner party is a winner

  2. Creed: “I thought you were gay”

    Jim: “then why did you set me up with your daughter”

    Creed: “ I dunno”

    Im dying ?

  3. Been getting into the office us, watching a whole series through one whole day or mornings, just watched the one where he drops the chilli at work ???‍♂️ imagine the smell ?

  4. This is fantastic. I thought I had watched this show too much to laugh as much as I did with this video. Congrats to the CM!

  5. What's my favourite part of thanksgiving? The part when we realize the smell of flammable gas but it was already too late.

  6. Great video with great clips that actually remind me of thanksgiving. And make me remember great moments. For this I thank you

  7. You watch something and then you start liking a certain actor. This is not the case with the office, every character is perfect funny and smart

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