Teen Witch Costume – My Halloween Costume 2014!

(peppy 80’s pop music) – Guess who? – All right, I’m gonna
stop pretending to be in the movie Teen Witch now. But, if you didn’t know,
that’s what my costume is. So, I’ve been making so
many costumes this year across this channel and HGTV Handmade, but this is my real
official Halloween costume that I’m going to be wearing on Halloween. And it is Louise from Teen Witch, which is only the best
worst movie ever to exist. If you haven’t seen this movie, you need to fix that immediately. It’s probably best known
for the “Top That” rap, but beyond that one scene, the rest of the movie is just amazing. I mean, the moral of
the movie is basically drop all your friends and become popular and then you’re gonna be happy. Also, the fashion is
clearly the best thing ever. So, I’ve been planning this
outfit since last Halloween. I’m so excited I actually managed to put the whole thing together. Let me show you how I did it. So, I got the shows at Old Navy, and despite how low they are, they’re actually very uncomfortable. But they were pretty cheap. And then, I already
had the fishnet tights. And then the red dress is from Forever 21. And I got the tutu custom-made from an Etsy shop called
Sisters of the Moon. They did such a great job. I basically sent them a YouTube link of the clip of this outfit and I was like, make me that. And then, for the blue shirt, I couldn’t find the exact
color I wanted anywhere, so I bought the shirt that
was the same cut in white from American Apparel, and then I dyed it. And I didn’t quite get the
color right by dyeing it. But I think it’s close enough. And the shirt was a bit overpriced, but since it’s 100% cotton,
it was pretty easy to dye. So, you know, for a Halloween
costume I think it’s fine. So moving on to, arguably,
the most important part of this costume, the necklace, I’m not 100% happy with how it came out. But I don’t know if there are
any other people out there who are as obsessed
with Teen Witch as I am who would know that it’s
not a perfect recreation. So I got the triangle charm from an Etsy shop called Calliope’s Attic. And then to get a little
more texture on there, since it’s supposed to be an antique, I used a hot glue gun to
just draw on some swirls. And then I just spray-painted it silver and used a dry-brush technique
with some black paint to make it look a little bit older. And then finally, I glued
on the magical blue jewel as a finishing touch and then,
to turn it into a necklace, I took this thick chain that
I bought from the craft store and attached the ends
together with a jump ring. And then I used another jump ring to attach the charm on the necklace. And now I have a magic necklace and I can perform magic spells. You know, it totally works. Now for the sunglasses, I had to use my prescription Warby Parker sunglasses because I don’t own contacts. And they’re not exactly the
same as hers were in the movie, but to make them look similar,
I added the purple flower. So to do this, I threaded a
little bit of black thread onto the back of the flower, and then did a combination
of tying on that thread and some double-sided
tape and some packing tape and somehow I managed to get it to stick. And finally, the earring. It was a little hard in the video to tell exactly what
her earring looked like. So, I just used these shiny beads that I got from the craft store. I tied the bottom bead
to a piece of thread, and then threaded on
the whole line of beads, and then tied that to the clip-on earring, since I don’t have pierced ears. So I repeated that a few more times until the earring was finished and I had this beautiful
80’s statement piece. And I only had to make one
because it was the 80’s and she was only wearing only one earring. After that, it was time to get dressed and put the whole thing together. And I tried to tease my
hair to look like the 80’s. I put on a ton of mousse,
a ton of hairspray, and like, you guys, my
hair feels so gross. Like, if you could feel this right now, it is just disgusting. How did people in the 80’s do this? I just, I don’t get it. So that is the whole costume. I hope you guys like it. I just feel so happy that
I got to embody a character from one of my favorite
movies in the entire world. It is actually the movie
I have seen the most times out of any movie in the world, because I make all of my friends watch it. I’m like, we cannot be friends until you understand the
greatness of this movie. I only wish some of them became as obsessed as I am, so
that someone could dress up in that tight blue dress
from the final scene, and then somebody else could
be wearing the purple swimsuit from the “I Like Boys” scene, and then somebody else
could be the teacher who strips in front of the class, and somebody else could be the brother who’s dressed up like a bellhop. This is a really weird movie, you guys. But that’s it, I hope you
guys liked my costume. I hope somebody out there,
at the parties I go to, recognize who I’m supposed to be. Tell me in the comments, what are some of your favorite quotes from Teen Witch. Or if you haven’t seen Teen Witch, tell me how you’re gonna fix that. I just have so many favorite quotes. “Look at how funky he is.” “Nobody wants to date you,
because you’re a dog, a dog!” “With me being your coach, he’s gonna become your love slave.” Also, there are a lot of issues
of consent in this movie. So just take it for what it is. But, all right, I’m gonna spare you guys hearing any more of my
terrible impressions. Just, like, seriously watch it. So if you guys wanna see
another Halloween DIY from me, I showed you how to make
the Sims diamond headpiece. You can watch that one right here. Or if you wanna see
another costume from me, from like years and and years ago, I did a Topanga cosplay
once from Boy Meets World. You can watch that video right here. I actually still have that dress. Maybe I should break it out for a costume party one of these days. But that’s going to be it for me. So just remember, “You
can try until you’re blue. I will make a fool of you. Top that!” (whimsical music)

59 thoughts on “Teen Witch Costume – My Halloween Costume 2014!

  1. I love this costume and you pull it off so well! I think the only thing that might make it perfect is if you Crimp your hair!! That makes it super crazy lol

  2. Ah, Sisters of the Moon! I got a yellow tutu from them and it's so great. I've had it for at least two years but it's still in perfect condition and it looks exactly the way it did the day I got it.

  3. Best worst movie! The brother grosses me out so much. I am obsessed with it. I even made a revisionist soundtrack two years ago for it.

  4. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS COSTUME OH MY GOD (also YO good for you for addressing that there are consent issues w/ that movie thank you for that) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  5. Love!! Bout to make my daughter watch that movie! I almost forgot hiw much I loved it! I think you might find a good one to do if you watch Girls just wanna have fun, lol! Also awesome

  6. I loved this movie as a kid. I couldn't wait to grow up and be a teenager because this movie made puberty seem so cool!

  7. I'm going to be the most popular girl…

    So I saw this movie a ton of times growing up but never all the way through.  I would always catch it  on a movie channel and watching the credits I thought the name was Cast, because I didn't know what a cast for a movie was.

  8. I haven't got a favourite quote in particular but I generally like the scene where she uses the truth spell on the cheerleaders and the I Like Boys part.

  9. Seriously, I was just thinking about this movie yesterday! I thought about it because Hocus Pocus is always on TV during this time of year but not Teen Witch. And, even though I love both movies, that's just wrong! 

  10. Cute costume!  I have not seen the movie, but I have seen the Nostalgia Chick's review of the movie.  I think that is as close to that movie as I am going to get until I am possibly forced to watch it by a girlfriend, at some point in time.

  11. Just because of your thumbnail Karen I went and watched Teen Witch on netflix straight away!! It was frankly terrible but I kinda loved it haha! 

  12. This is so awesome. It was such an awful/amazing movie. I really want to find the blue dress. Not even for a costume, it's just a bitchin dress.

  13. Hey Karen! I am currently a junior in high school and I am really interested in going to RISD. Can you tell me more about your application? And what SAT score and GPA I need if I want to apply?

  14. Teen Witch is literally everything that I love about 80s movies. I'm so glad to see someone else as obsessed! I remember how excited I was to see Nostalgia Chick review the movie years ago. I used to watch that movie almost everyday. I still know all the words to every song. =D

  15. I wanna know, how many recognized this costume? ..or did you have to describe it to people? ps-I love the costume idea! I would recognize you immediately but im a TW nerd! 😀

  16. Finally found a video where you take your glasses off. That face is too pretty to hide behind thick framed glasses like that

  17. Just watched this movie again after a few years, and I remembered you talked about it here. The ending left me feeling a mix of emotions/somewhat unsatisfied, do you think she'd ever be able to hang out with her real friend again? 'Cause even though she left her in the dust, she felt bad about it, and she eventually learns that she doesn't need help from the magic anymore. Dang, this movie rolls eyes

  18. This is so dope! I’m having an 80s party and this is the outfit I have been thinking about going with! You did an awesome job! Love this movie!

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