what's good everybody i'm Guagua and today I thought I'd talk about Tecla I've recently just heard about sat Claire and personally I think it looks fucking sick like have you ever wanted to look like a ninja in the future well if so this style is 100% for you check quite draws inspiration of several decades of what we think future fashion should look like this can be a good thing and a bad thing because it crosses between fashion and cosplaying this just means there's a fine line between looking really cool or looking like well I don't want to be mean or looking like a nerd and because tag we're only really exists in this vortex we call the Internet and doesn't branch out as much into the real world as we'd like to believe this amplifies the fact that it can be perceived as dirty I know I've never seen anyone sport full track wear and my local test goes I think in a way it's a style made purely for still portals I could imagine just doing anything other than taking photos in chocolate would look incredibly goofy don't get me wrong tackler could definitely be pulled off by the right people like if you know what you were doing when it comes to fashion this look is more slightly for you but if you've just decided you're sick of your mum buying your clothes and you're just getting into the fashion scene this look isn't for you this can be narrowed down to a few reasons you're still evolving your style and in a month you might decide you're like wearing ripped jeans sleeveless hoodies and sucking Jerry's dick I don't know you do you thumb and I can guarantee the confidence isn't there to pull this look off that leads me onto confidence remember Tech Clare is due to anyone who doesn't follow the fashion scene you're pretty much buzz lightyear in a call machine I don't know does a shy analogy pretty much you're going to stick out a lot more than your average Joe so if you have anxiety and don't like people looking at you this look isn't for you but if you like the attention go for it fam so you still want to look like a ninja but you don't know where to buy tech wire well don't worry because I've narrowed down a few places you can buy Tecla axiom is definitely the most progressive brand when it comes to tech wear and if you're serious about this style this is the go-to brand CP company is an Italian brand and gets a lot of influence of vintage military gear but if you style it right you can definitely pull off the tech we're setting y3 is Joe G and motors personal brand pretty much anything that he releases looks fucking sick at Nike ASG it was originally focused on hiking gear but they brought the founder of acronym to steer the brand into a different direction aka tech wear support as you were looking on these sites right now you've probably come across a pretty common occurrence this shit is expensive follow ball far is pretty justifiable I mean that many zippers and all the materials that are being used definitely isn't cheap but don't get me wrong these brands are making a bare profit and for alternatives they are pretty non-existent I mean sure you could get some cargo pants and pay for them but yeah check where isn't easy but if done right it can look really good and for the most part it's pretty interesting to look at but unfortunately that's the most people are willing to get out of it I don't see this style getting much further it's expensive and a lot more fashion II than a lobbyist internet advocates would like to admit and unlike brands like supreme the only way to pull off tech glare is to go all out that said I'm a pretty open-minded person and I would personally like to see more people wearing it before I finish this video I know it's to create this job to think of video ideas but if there's a particular style or brand you'd like me to talk about feel free to leave a comment if you'd like to the chat I've got Twitter so you can follow me on there thank you for watching if this video gets 15 likes I'll collab with mr. Miyagi while the garlic garlic garlic I'm living like it's no tomorrow the llama style won't let you fall if thirsty has

20 thoughts on “TECHWEAR 101

  1. Being a rivet head … used to wearing military type of clothes in public… Switching to techwear would only be a change in quality of material

  2. If you want to wear techwear but not stand out just tone it down. Don’t shell out hundreds of $$$ for expensive brands, but just buy a nice pair of tapered functional cargo from H&M or Cotton On, and pair it with a good tee and a pair of nice running sneakers. That’s the future of techwear, not dressing like a ninja.

  3. now that its almost 2019 any updates on this for you? The video really humbled me, I live day to day in this stuff. People don't really notice to be honest. Then again I'm in IT.

  4. Bro, I'm 15 and one day, I just decided to start wearing tech wear, because I'v had my eye on in for about 8 months! I bought my self some nice already tapered cargos customized them by adding pocket straps etc… I already had a pair of the Nike Kmtr 08s, bought a side bag that I also customized by changing the strap and adding a keychaing carabine thingy, bought an exo mask that i also customized to have a clipper thingy across the mouth and added clothing that I already owned for example a plain oversized black tee, a black Stussy hoodie and soms Nike socks, I switch up my outfits by changing my shirt and sock colors wearing different hoodies and softshell jackets (Depending on the weather…) I wear it everyday and I'v been getting a lot of compliments on my look, mostly by adults and it's honestly not even impractical, as I said I wear it everyday and it honestly doesn't really negativly effect me at all…


    Use Grailed and go thrifting and finesse. Taper those jeans. Make that grailed offer. Buy from that Chinese brand in a size up. You can make affordable techwear happen. I wish I was a YouTuber I would make a video about it…

  6. China. It's cheap and easily accessible in China. China, China, Chinaaaanananannanananannananananannanannaanana11111!!!

  7. i dont know i would rly wanna start using techwear but i dont rly know enything about it should i just go for it and see what happens.

  8. Give us some examples of Tech wear without the tapered pants. I don't agree with all tech wear making tapered pants a must.

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