TDF’s Costume Collection: Turning Designers’ Visions into Reality

♪ (narrator)
Costumes are essential to any production, transforming everyday actors
into unforgettable characters. But for many productions,
professional-level costumes are too expensive to be feasible. That’s why Theatre Development Fund
created the Costume Collection. For over 35 years, the TDF Costume
Collection has rented costumes and accessories to performing arts companies,
television and film productions, educational institutions,
and other charitable organizations around the country. With more than 75,000 pieces
donated from Broadway, off-Broadway, opera, and touring productions, TDF’s Costume Collection helps
designers turn their visions into reality. I wouldn’t have a career without
them, I have to say. (chuckles) People come and say, where can I
get costumes, I’m doing a show… And then I say, if you’re a non-profit,
you can absolutely come here. And it’s cheap, and it’s a lot of choices. That’s the best thing, is,
they have a lot, a lot of choices. I did a show that needed all distressed,
dirty clothing, took place in a prison. And I found so much of it here, and that’s
why I think a lot of people continue to use the collection, because it’s so
affordable, and the fact that, you know, you can get everything
for a certain price. And what I mean by everything is like,
underwear, and accessories, and outerwear, and all of that included, and you know,
equaling one costume, for a certain price. (narrator) Once they’ve experienced the collection,
designers almost always come back. I started about six years ago. I was at NYU grad school,
for costume design, and they introduced us all
to the Costume Collection. (narrator) Now in a breathtaking new space at the
historic Kaufman-Astoria Studios in Queens the Costume Collection continues TDF’s
mission to support the performing arts. It provides the clothes to make
the shows, that make the art possible. ♪

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