Super Dad Max Greenfield Saves The Day With Daughter’s Missing Halloween Costume

(audience clapping) – Now that you’re in your second season, have the Schmidt fans from New Girl, have they accepted the new role? The Neighborhood? – I hope so (chuckles) – I’m a fan of Schmidt,
so I love you in both. I think it’s awesome.
– No yeah, it’s been really cool you know there’s still a lot of New Girl and Schmidt fans and you’ll
be walking down the street and somebody will go, “Schmidt!” and you’re like, oh my God, what happened. – It’s the greatest cast. – Yeah It was such a wonderful experience and I love when I get recognized for it. I mean, I’m so grateful for it. But now we have all these
people who are coming up to us for The Neighborhood and they’ll be like, “I love your show”, and I’ll be like, “Which one?” – And then you sound like that guy. Which one I have so many shows. – Well I know, but I’m
actually curious about it, because it’s usually New Girl and I’m like, I’m really
proud of this other one. – Yeah, yeah. I know, but it’s funny cause now that Netflix takes over everything so everybody that hasn’t seen, like
New Girl was on for years, and they’re just now starting. – Well you can kind of guess who’s coming up to you for what show because you’ll have some pinned out teen who’s like “I love your show” and you’re like did you
just watch all seven seasons of New Girl in a weekend?
(audience laughs) – Like one weekend. (laughs) – Yeah and they’re like, “yes and it was amazing,
when you and Winston…” and you’re like all right man let’s just let’s sit down, let’s get a coffee, everything–
– [Kelly] Hash this out. – Everything’s gonna be fine, you just need to breathe. – Yes, and have you heard
of The Neighborhood. – That’s right. But then you’ll have people who will come and it’s like, “man I love
the show, you and Cedric”, and it’s been a really, this show is, it’s on CBS, it’s really more of a
family oriented show, and so you’re having
conversations with people who are like “yeah you
know we get the whole family together, we watch the show, it’s got such a positive message”, and we love doing the show. – That’s a great outlook.
– Thanks. – So what kind of real
life neighbor are you, are you one that like, you
make friends or you hide? – I feel like I’m a nice neighbor because I’m anticipating my kids throwing something through– – [Kelly] (laughs) breaking. – A window of a neighbor of mine or like, being like “we should
totally prank the neighbors”. My kids saying this, like
that’s an idea they would have. – I did this weird thing, I’m owning this on national television but whenever I was a
kid, me and my friend, I don’t know why we did it
but we would make phone calls and we’d be like, “yeah we wanna go to,
have a flight to Jamaica, (fake laughs) yeah we need
to leave Tuesday the 16th”, we’re like laughing and it’s not funny, it’s not funny, like it’s not even funny, we were so stupid we weren’t
even funny at our joke but we did it and we
thought we were hilarious. – No I was like well what was the prank– – They’re gonna think we’re
coming to go to Jamaica. – Yeah, what was the
prank and they’d be like, “we ordered a pizza” (Kelly laughs) and you’re like… – You rebel. – Yeah I’m like this is, at least nail the bit. – That’s what I’m saying it
wasn’t even funny (laughs). All right well are you the dad who gets over involved, are you a helicopter dad? Do you get overly involved?
– Uh. – That means yes, you hesitated. – Yeah. (audience laughs)
– Yeah yeah. Um, how do I answer this. You are, you’re afraid
they’re gonna fall or, you’re always kind of hovering? – I’m very like, I’ve gotten over that to some extent, I’m very please-y though, meaning, so you know
it’s Halloween coming up. – Yeah. – And so last year there was an incident in which my daughter went to school and her costume was Hermione
Granger from Harry Potter, she was really excited, we
were excited, that’s right. (audience laughs) – [Kelly] That’s right she’s cute. – So she was really excited
and she went to school she did like the school parade and she came home and we had, we live in a good neighborhood
for trick-or-treating and right before people
were gonna come over cause we were having some people over we were all gonna go out together, I just hear a commotion in the other room, and I can hear the tone is upset, and I walk in I go, what’s going on, she’s like I don’t have my cape, and I go why don’t you just
throw on like a T-shirt or something and she was like, “no, Hermione Granger is
nothing without her cape” (audience laughs) and I go, well where is it, she goes, “I think I left it at school”, I go (sighs), I’ll go to the school. So I like get in the car,
I run over to the school, there’s no cape, and I call the house from the school phone and I’m like, where is it? And she’s like “I don’t know”. So I finally am like, I don’t know what to do I’ve
been here for 45 minutes, I’m like leaving, I see in the corner of the schoolyard this bundled up black piece of cloth and I go, that can’t be it, and I run over and I pull
it up and I go, this idiot. (audience laughs) And so I run to my car at
this point I’m sweating I’m like barreling through traffic, they’re about to start to
go out to trick-or-treat, I get home, I run through the door, Lily and all her friends
are running around I’m like, here’s your cape, and she’s like “thanks Dad”, and then runs off. (audience laughs) – And that’s why I would have
just given her the sheet. They don’t appreciate it. – And now I’m like hyperventilating, I’m literally on the floor, my wife walks by and goes
“where have you been?” (audience laughs) – Uh, just saving the day, you’re welcome. Kids are like that though
you go above and beyond that’s why I’ve learned just don’t, just don’t go above and beyond. – Yeah no, I know. You know what you gotta set them up life will have disappointments
this is the first one, it’s fine.
– I know, I know. – It’s fine. You’re such a good person. – I’m making up for a lot
of mistakes (Kelly laughs). – Okay do you help with
homework like all of that, are you that kind of dad? – Big time.
– Yeah? God you’re so good. – There is a part of me that’s like, we’re getting into some
more stuff and I’m like, I wonder how I’m gonna do in fourth grade. – Dude.
– Do you know what I mean? – Yeah. – Like she’ll get tests
back and she’s like, “I got an 84” and I’m like, we got an 84. (audience laughs) – This is why, I like
doing homework with them, but I feel like the older they get they just get lazy about it if
I’m sitting there with them. They’ll be like, “oh I don’t know”, I start getting the I don’t know answer and I’m like I’m out, nope,
you’re just being lazy. – I try to read where they’re at mentally, I shouldn’t say they’re, our son’s four he doesn’t get homework. – [Kelly] (laughs) from Montessori. – If she’s like wiped out, you know she does a lot
of after school stuff she’s on the basketball team and I can see that
we’re barely holding on, let’s sit down and do this together and I’ll walk you through it. – Yeah, I have my moments, but sometimes I’m like,
you’re on your own dude. – There’s a lot of that. – I’m like you’re just being lazy and want me to do the problem
and I’m not gonna do it cause I don’t know how to do fifth grade, like I don’t know how. (audience laughs) So you’re like whatever. Hope you nail it! (laughs)

24 thoughts on “Super Dad Max Greenfield Saves The Day With Daughter’s Missing Halloween Costume

  1. It's like the 10th time I've watched new girl on Netflix. Great cast. So funny. The neighborhood is also funny. So glad they are getting other main characters on shows.

  2. Kelly is so pretty , young and greatest personality but why she dresses like an old lady…She has young pretty skin, show some skin Kelly!!

  3. So weird listening to him talking as Max, because believe me I never watch him(or anyone from New Girl cast except for Zooey) talking as themselves. (Even Jake in Let’s Be Cop practically Nick Miller)

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