Summer Spring justice Haul 2019 Girls With Heart Ambassadors March Gifts Justice Clothing Haul 2019

we are in the all right you are so I said Utah and every single day you put on the makeup you'll say I'm so magical okay guys now it's my turn rain jacket that is mine is mine is all pink in there like this black editing outlining inside yeah so it's all pink of Supervisors nobody it also comes with the bad smells of the Ranger yeah why are we listening jacket and I wanted I'd love the color you guys come to me laughs you love the color the color and heads also water it's too much wine and it has a pocket here yeah it says pumpkin this is so thank you so much to justice and sending us this here like is out yeah yeah if you want these jackets go back go yes miss sorrel um go on Google Justice calm yeah Jessica calm but ask your parents permission first okay my turn so you got this like bag that is a nine piece stationery set my girls are the revolution right here yep let's see was it stop who so I first came with stickers sticker sheet there is this thick as you guys so we gave you a close-up so you guys can see the sticker sheet so pretty okay yeah so this is the second thing sorry cuz if I got so these are supposed to be upside down so when yours is grow are the revolution so you go girl follow your dreams and do whatever makes you happy you guys okay with the colored pencils rainbow colored pencils of course it's perfect public the pineapple is looking at the as the island that's on the jacket oh my gosh you guys that is so let's go for is black in the back and look at the exact same thing oh you guys look at this kind of oatmeal white you can also kick it off and you won't break it you can take it off and then put it back on you put on your belt it's this black inside and this kind of feel like walking into service the color the guys are like water musician you guys some of you guys have this little pouch and the beach bag yes they stop humming OH watermelon and it also says wow I mean we get away you take the beach and up cool narration Airy book and kinda like hunters like nutty this is it's the same thing what Navi has inside I haven't opened it yet guys what do you think about the stationery it looks cute right comment down below let me know you guys I got one last thing it is the exact same palette as new Nagas is magic and your measurable you guys you are just magical foil guys this is a close-up of our many cups it also comes with a brush glittery a small side for the brush is for the lip gloss and the big side of the brush is for the eyeshadows oh yes yeah I'm gonna be like one wrong didn't all right okay guys thanks so much you guys so much for watching our spring and summer haul that justice sent us and if you like this thing make sure to give us a big thumbs up hey there's a skywriter name ring that much which was your favorite aren't all of it like the whole store I just oh my god I would have lived in there you know the beds in the little background with my yeah I know you guys thank you so much for justice for sending us this any guys

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