Summer Clothing Haul: Nike,Maurices,Old Navy,Catos

hey guys what's up I am I'm perfectly twitter and if you have been here before welcome back if not thank you so so much for clicking my video welcome to my channel and if you do like what you see today don't forget to give this video a thumbs up to let me know don't forget to hit the subscribe button below that way you can be notified any time I upload newer videos so today's video is going to be a clothing haul for my new summer 2016 look I'm just switching up my style and I really really wanted to share my favorite and Newark pieces with you guys today I would have to be told you where I got every single piece of clothing so you can go and do some shopping yourselves you're welcome and without further ado let's go ahead and get into the video alright so the first thing I'm going to be showing you guys is pants because it's kind of what I have the least of I'm I'm more of a top scorer I just prefer buy tops / pants cuz I can alternate tops with the pan and people have no idea so yeah okay so my first pair of bottoms are these like ripped jeans that i bought from k those fashions love you so so so so much i wear them a lot I should probably just like treat them like leggings and go get a bunch so I don't wear just one pair out there just kind of like these ripped jeans I tend to like cuff the bottom of them that's why they're like a little faded if you can even tell I think pretty much all ripped jeans look really really cute cuff so yeah item number two is another pair of jeans that i bought from catos they're just kind of these like capri pant they have this like rip on them it's very faint so it doesn't look like a crazy rip or anything like the other genes i showed you and then towards the bottom they just have the like bleach faded look to them with like tearing at the bottom I'm not sure how I feel about the bottom the bottom isn't really how I like my capris to look but I've won their ones and they're mad comfortable I will give the mat so the next item is like a pair of like joggers that I really really really love I got these fro Cato's as well they're just these really really comfortable joggers they have like the band at the top they're really comfortable they have like a drawstring on them and I just love it my favorite feature about these is that they have the bottoms that just kind of like hug your ankles and I just love that look so so much I just love this look all right next up is going to be tops I have like 12 tops for like one pair of bottoms and I'm not a shame got this shirt from catos as well I just love this top so much it's like a sweater material it's gray and it has these like white specks in it okay next is a shirt that I actually more in my last video if you haven't seen that yet I will include like a little link somewhere around my face right now then you can click definitely make sure that you want to check that out I got this shirt from more recent it kind of gathers at the bottom and it's just really comfy and it's a good summer shirt yeah so this is like my favorite like dressy top I got this chiffon like shirt from catos I'm just pretty much in love with this shirt you can wear it with jeans and like some cute bow shoes or even sandals it can also be a very nice like corporate like shirt I do work in a corporate setting so this is like the perfect top to wear when we have like visitor the thing I love most about this shirt is that it has like two different layers to Larry versatile and you can wear with pretty much anything at any time of day okay so my next top is going to be one of those items that you see in a sword and it just catches your eye and it sticks out amongst everything else and you're like oh my god that is so unique have to have this and it is this shirt right here so I got this shirt from Cadel's as well it was like hanging up I looked up and I was like oh my god I have to have it this would have been a dope like Coachella shirt if you dress it up correctly I've never been a Coachella I could be wrong I love the color I love the fabric it's actually extremely flattering but has the bottom layer and then it has something that just kind of flows over that can kind of help you know hide those flaws that you're not fully comfortable with yet the color is great the structure is great and I got potatoes okay next item is from maurices it's really nice and casual again it's something that you can just kind of throw on when like you're going to the store or your friendship last minute like hey you want to see a movie you can just throw this on those pants on those sneakers on it's really really cute and it makes it look like you try i'll give you a close-up of the details hope it focuses okay the next item that I got is something once again from maurices it's just like a simple cami I'm wearing a white wig on at the same time this is a really flattering tank and I just wanted so so much okay next up is clothing that i really should be utilizing more ridges like lineman of the house and like what it's actually for it's gonna be active where I got these workout pants from kato they're just like simple leggings but they have a really nice pattern on the they have a light control band at the top which is really great for finding your stomach and it's kind of like holding everything in while you're working out and they're very very loose and the fabric is great for working out this time makes me feel so official when I walk into a gym the ultimate workout top this I got this top from more recent it's got the dry fit material which is great for working out because it doesn't allow the coast like stick to you and it keeps you cool kind of while you're working out as well it's so thin that you can literally wear this while we're working out and it zips so you have the option of like zipping it all the way down and having it open or you can zip it up and it's the kind of how it goes around your that yeah man I work out I do this for a living I don't but I look the part this leaves are really really dope um they're the kind that have a cutout where you can like do this tell me in this top is not official like please next up i got these and they have the control band at the top and they just have this like paneling down the side I'm just gonna suck the brand logo on the back last piece of active anything that i have is um this really really cool gym bag i got from the nike outlet in edinburgh of indiana it's not your average gym bag insert beyonce year and you can flip it over i definitely prefer it this way and I just throw my keys my wallet my water bottle in my workout clothes in here it's great at last category is going to be these nike shoes that i got again from the nike outlet in Edinburgh I just got these they're really great running shoes I totally forgot what they're called these are great in the gym in the last thing these shoes which my sister in for me are called row she runs these I got for my local finish line i'm not a huge shoe person as far as like knowing what every thing is called i just know that I like it the issues are really really great I definitely been wearing them these are the shoe that i wear with that that pink top and like some ripped jeans so yeah alright guys so that is it for my clothing haul if you like everything that you saw today definitely do not forget to give this video a thumbs up and also don't forget to follow me on all my social medias definitely go and follow me and let me know that YouTube sent you thanks again for watching don't forget that it is never goodbye it is always see you later you

9 thoughts on “Summer Clothing Haul: Nike,Maurices,Old Navy,Catos

  1. Really a very nice video. The clothes that you selected are beautiful and classy. What I like most is that for voluptuous full figured women this should give them a lot of confidence that they are beautiful and can be more beautiful. It is all in the shopping. Thanks Twitter, I am going to Cato. There clothes are beautiful anyway, have not been in a while. Thanks for the reminder. . Love

  2. Great video! I really like everything you bought:)
    Subscribed! I also have a channel if you'd like to check it out and maybe subscribe back?:)

  3. We definitely need to go shopping! I love what you picked out, and I can never find anything nearly as cute!

  4. ImPerfectlyTwitta talk about awesome goodies for your haul! Super jealous I think I may need to do a little shopping now haha xx

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