14 thoughts on “Suit Jacket, Skinny Tie, Tie Bar, and Belt – Men’s Outfit Feedback

  1. Everything you said may be expected or is the rule, or whatever, but isn't most of your criticism subjective? He obviously wanted the critique and I think that is a far greater problem. It just breaks my heart to see someone with creativity be lectured on superficial reasons.I'm not saying any of this is bad. I'm just disappointing.

  2. I'm very surprised a female (yes I said it a female) gives such professional feedback of men's dressing. That is rare, very rare. Respect 🙂

  3. don't think his tie bar position is too far off to be highlighted.
    what you should also highlight is that he is wearing a casual belt, and a more dressy one would fit this look better

  4. I thought Ashley's points were spot on. I do like the outfit though, didn't notice the lapel/collar until Ashley mentioned it so I think it actually works. Also personally I like the size of the tie bar, it highlights the skinny tie. Also like the belt colour, but not sure how it matches the shoes, and whether the shoes would match the outfit if they matched the belt…
    Enjoyed the video immensely though.

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