Style Lessons I Wish I Knew In My 20s (10 Style Mistakes To Avoid!)

Style Lessons I Wish I Knew In My 20s
[0:00:00] Now, gentlemen, you may find this hard to
believe, but there was a time when I wasn’t this good looking. Yeah. There was a whole
lot decade when Antonio didn’t know [bleeping sound] about style.
Here’s a picture from my sister’s wedding. Look at that shirt, a short-sleeved shirt
with a necktie. Oh, and what a necktie that is?
And here is me with my beautiful Triumph motorcycle. What is up with that ugly oversized orange
vest? And, look at this outfit I put together. I
can tell you Lady Liberty is not pleased to be in this photo with me.
In today’s video, gents, style lessons I wish I would have known sooner.
Lesson number one, oversized clothing does not make you look good. Look at this picture
here. I look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, yet I’m 5’9” and weigh 160 lbs.
And, the funniest part is I genuinely thought I wore size extra large for my build. For
my body though, I wear a size medium. Why do so many guys gravitate towards these
extra large, extra extra large sizes? Because they mistakenly believe that a loose cut that
all these excess fabric is going to give them a more comfortable fit is going to give them
more freedom of movement. That’s not the case. It’s actually going
to be the style, the cut, and the brand that’s making that garment and how it fits on your
body. Because when you look at a shirt, it’s not about having a bunch of excess material
around the waist, it’s actually having maybe a higher armhole.
Why? Because when you have a higher armhole on a shirt or a jacket, when you raise your
arms up, that jacket isn’t going to bunch up, it’s also not going to raise as much,
so your shirt won’t come untucked. When you look at jeans, if you go for something
that’s a really loose fit jean, what you’re going to notice is the inseam is oftentimes
going to be cut lower. This basically shortens the leg line. Just think about with your inseam,
if you got a short leg line, you’re not going to be able to move much. But, if you
want jeans that are functional, you want to have higher on the inseam, therefore a higher
crotch area. You find something that fits you well. And,
I’m not talking about tight, I’m talking about something that just fits you well. And
all of a sudden, you’re going to have more freedom of movement because you’re going
to have a longer leg line. The next mistake that I like to turn back
the clock and change, I went cheap on my foundational pieces. So, I had to put together suit, I’m
doing some interviews and I remember it, I’m going to talk about this suit, I went really
cheap there. But, I went incredibly cheap with the shoes. I’ve talked about this before.
Your shoes are the foundation of your outfit. I do think it is something that you should
save up and go for shoes that are stitched together either a Blake stitch or Goodyear
welt. I bought glued shoes, and sure enough within six months they started falling apart,
they had fake leather on the top. They just never looked good to begin with.
Now, I know what you’re thinking, Antonio, I don’t have a wallet full of hundreds,
I have a wallet full of 5s. How do I build a wardrobe? How do I grab these foundational
pieces when I don’t have much money? The answer is you leverage the power of technology.
One of my favorite examples, ShopTagr. I’ve talked about this app before, they’re the
sponsor of today’s video. And, what I love about this, guys, it’s a free app that you
go download. You first create your wish list, then you
go through and you start to tag items. And by the way, this works with over four thousand
stores. We’re talking Amazon, Nordstrom, Target, JCrew, Neiman Marcus, Adidas, Levi’s,
Dr. Martens, JCPenney, Ralph Lauren, American Apparel, Thursday Boots, L.L. Bean, Tommy
Hilfiger, and more. So, you’re going through all these stores
creating a wish list tagging all these items. The best part is whenever it’s in your size,
whenever it’s back in stock, whenever they’ve got the item that you want at the price you’re
willing to pay because you actually can put on there a notification. When it goes on sale,
boom! You’re notified, you can go grab the item and when you go to check out, they also
make sure to apply the best discount code out there.
Guys, if you’re not shopping with ShopTagr, you’re just wasting money. Gents, this one’s
a no-brainer, save money shop smart, use ShopTagr. I’m linking to them down in the description,
absolutely free app, amazing app, highly recommended. Use the link down in the description. Go grab
it. Next up, we’ve got graphic tees. This one
right here, I wore it during a presentation in college and to this day, a friend of mine’s
wife who was in that class still remembers it and brings it up. And, I get it graphic
tees are funny, they’re entertaining, they can bring up interesting questions.
But, as you start to dress better as you start to dress as a professional, you go out there
and you get a job, you need to realize that the statement on your shirt actually people
could take the wrong way and it makes you look immature.
I’m not saying you got to throw them all out, but I am saying be careful when you wear
them. And understand that the clothing you wear everything you put on your body, it’s
a reflection of you and your goals and where you’re going in life.
The next style lesson I wish I would have learned earlier, spending more money going
for a name brand does not guarantee high quality. In fact, it could be something where that
brand is resting on its laurels, that brand maybe you buy a counterfeit.
The point is, buyer, beware. You need to understand quality. So, how do you understand quality?
Going to be best menswear store in your area inspect a $2,000 suit. Look at an $800 sports
jacket. Go try on a pair of $500 shoes. You may not be able to afford it, you may not
even right now be in the market for this. The thing is, once you start to spot quality,
once you start to understand it, once you build up your reference to what is out there,
all of a sudden you’re going to be able to better see it. You’re going to be able
to look at the stitching, you’re going to be able to look at the construction, you’re
going to be able to look at the fabric, and you felt it, you know what great shoes feel
like what they look like. [0:05:07]
And so, when you talk to a salesman who doesn’t know his head from his backside, you’re
able to look at this and say, you know what? I’ll skip on this or, wow, this is a great
deal, I’m going to jump on it. The next lesson, the most expensive clothing
you’ll ever own is the clothing you don’t wear. So, let’s go back to that orange vest.
Now, this one I remember. This was the only time I ever wore that orange vest, but you
know what? I got it at 80% off. It was I think a brand Nautica.
And here is the thing is I was drawn to the brand. I really liked – I didn’t like
the color, I didn’t like the fit, but you know what? I wanted to buy it because it was
on sale. That was the most expensive vest because I wore it, I didn’t even feel comfortable.
I think I took it off and put in one of the side pouches on my motorcycle.
The point is, items that you don’t wear really aren’t worth anything and you might
as well – I mean you wasted your money. So, it’s better to spend $1000 on a suit
and wear it two hundred times and absolutely love that suit, you feel like a million bucks
than to spend $200 on a suit that you wear once and you felt like it was a box and you
never wore it again because you were embarrassed by that suit.
Now, a lot of people, oh, that’s a $200 cheap suit, you got a better deal. No, you
didn’t. You spent $200 per wear versus the other suit that you wore two hundred times,
it was $5 per wear. And every time you wore it, you felt like – they felt like a million
bucks. That’s what you want to do. Save up for those foundational pieces. And, when
you get them when you know that this is actually the right choice, then you go ahead and you
wear it and you wear it until it falls apart and, to me, that’s a great deal.
Now, the next mistake that I made is the mistaken belief that fashion is only for snubs. And
if you care about style and image, you are a shallow person. Guess what? We are all shallow
human beings. We’re human beings, we make snap second decisions based off of what we
see. And, I know that we strive to be good people.
If you’re watching my channel, I know that you’ve got big ambitions. You want to start
that company, you want to get that nonprofit off the ground. You want to get there and
change the world. But, when you understand that most people’s brains are incredibly
lazy, the lizard brain. We get back to the fight or flight, we make a snap judgment.
We see somebody and if they meet our vision of success, we give them a little bit of extra
time ‘til they disprove they’re not that person.
If someone looks like they’re going to rob us, someone looks like they’re going to
attack us, we react. And, when you understand that we are very visual and that we fall into
these shortcuts, our brain does this to save energy and to protect us. There’s a long
history behind this. All of a sudden you realize, wow, actually fashion and image and style,
this is all about simply using presentation to my advantage, so that I can go out there
and be successful. It’s not about that fashion is for snubs,
it’s about smart men who want to achieve greatness realize that you could leverage
it to get what you want out of life. The next style lesson I wish I would have
learned earlier is that your style will evolve, your taste will change, and you don’t have
to dress the way other people expect you to unless you are regulated. Because when I was
an officer of the marines, whenever we would go out whenever you had to actually wear a
certain types of clothing, there were regulations for even when you’re in your off time that
you had to represent the United States Marine Corps.
And, that really programmed me to have a certain type of haircut, to have a certain type of
style, to always look a certain way. And it took me a while to get out of that even after
I left the Marine Corps and I went off, you know, started my first company and started
traveling around the world and lived abroad, it was something that I thought I will set
as to who I was going to be. And, the first time and this actually takes
me to the next point is only buy your clothing piece by piece because I remember going out
there and buying my first set of suits when I thought I was going go to business school,
and I did go to business school. But, I bought like three or four of them at the same time
and they were all similar style, similar cut. And, what’s funny is I don’t have any
of those, I gave them all away because the suit cut was so wide, it was so big, I thought
that that’s what I wanted to go with and that’s who I was. And then, a couple of
years in all of a sudden I realized, you know I want something that fits a little bit closer
to the body. I want to actually maybe grow my hair out a bit. I want to change up my
style. And, understand, guys that style can evolve
over time. Your taste can change as you age as you learn more. All of this is perfectly
fine. And, make sure when you’re buying clothing, you buy it piece by piece.
Now, understand some people when they need to go and they need to build a wardrobe they
need to build it fast. And, maybe you spent a lot of time researching, you’ve been studying
style maybe on or off for ten years, so you kind of know what you’re doing. But, for
most men, you only want to buy piece by piece by piece.
So, I know a lot of custom clothiers like sell these package deals. If you’re just
getting started, don’t buy one of those package deals. You want to just buy and build
it up piecemeal if you have the time. Now, these next three I’m going to lump
them together because they play off each other and that is spend cash, be careful of store
credit cards, and never walk into a sale. [0:09:58]
So, let’s talk about spending cash. When you spend cash or maybe a debit card, the
point is is that you’re seeing that money come out immediately. I highly recommend though
you spend cash when you’re just starting off. I know not possible on the web all the
time. But, the point is when you spend that hard-earned cash, you feel it. It hurts. And,
I want you to be careful when you’re just getting started.
I would rather you spend more time thinking, looking, doing research than you know just
go blindly out there and spending money because when you use a credit card, you don’t feel
the pain as much. And studies have shown that you’re more likely, oh, it’s $900, but
I can get this for an extra hundred. Yeah, let’s just go for an even thousand. Guys,
that’s a lot of money, so be careful when you’re out there spending money and try
to spend cash. Now, let’s talk about the store credit cards.
These look like a great deal sometimes, oh, wow, I spend a lot of money and I can save
20% if I grab the store credit card today. First up, do you have a good credit score?
If you don’t know your credit score, then don’t grab one of these cards because this
is going to ping your credit score. They can negatively affect it.
But more importantly, look at the terms and conditions. Are they charging you 20% interest?
Guys, that’s a rip-off. You know go with a – there are many better credit cards out
there. And I know, okay, if you’re going to do it because let’s say you’re going
to spend $2000 and that’s 20% off less, $400 I can save today.
I get that, but make sure that you pay that credit card off immediately. And, be very
careful about the terms. Make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of getting too
much credit. So many Americans, so many people out there in the world have credit issues.
And, let’s talk about falling into a sale. This is when you buy something that’s unplanned.
Gentlemen, if you’re building your core wardrobe, if you’re building your interchangeable
wardrobe, you want to go out shopping with a list.
You don’t want to go in and just say, hey, I’m going to look around and see if I find
anything. That means you’re going to fall into the trap of, oh, wow, normally $300,
it’s on sale for $200. I will save $100. No, you’re still going to spend $200. Be
careful, gentlemen of just falling into sales and buying things you don’t need.
So, I’ve been talking about foundational pieces, but what do I mean? Gentlemen, find
out in this video right here where I break out the foundational pieces that every man
should consider buying. I go into a lot of detail and I think if you’re out there looking
to build your interchangeable wardrobe, you’re going to want to check out this video. I will
also link to it down in the description. [0:12:11] End of audio

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