Strap Yourself In! | The Style Pile Episode #2

There is a box, in the corner of my sewing
room. It is a box whose contents have not seen the
light of day for many a month. Many crafters will be familiar with this box,
in all of its forms: There’s the ever-growing amorphous lump
that lies underneath your desk… The monster underneath your bed…
The stuff you vacuum-packed in a fit of organization and stuffed into your garage in the hopes
that you’d never have to deal with it again… This, my friends, is the UNFINISHED SEWING PILE. So, this is the item that I pulled out of
the box and that I’m going to work on for this episode.
This is a really lovely strapless blue gingham dress. The problem, however, is the strapless
part. When I attempt to wear it, it falls down!
So, I want to add straps – more specifically, tie-up halter-neck straps! The first thing that I do is to measure roughly
how wide I want the straps to be at the top of the sweetheart neckline. I want them to
be about 3 inches wide, and then taper off and get thinner as the straps reach my shoulder.
I want most of the strap to only be 1.5 inches wide. And I also need excess length at the
back so that the straps can be tied up, and the straps should also curve a little bit
so that they will sit flat around my neck. Awesome. So, I put all that down onto a piece
of newspaper and here’s my pattern! The fabric that I’m using for the straps
is stretchy white jersey. I fold it over so that there is two layers,
so that I can cut out 2 matching pieces at once. I place my pattern onto the fabric, pin it
on, and cut around the paper. Then, I flip the pattern over and I repeat this. So, I’ve ended up with 4 pieces of fabric,
each pair sandwiched together like this. And, I’m going to then sew them together just
like this. I’m making sure that I leave a gap in my stitching at both the top and
the bottom. To sew them together, I’m using a zig-zag
stitch because I’m working with stretchy fabric. I’m also using a walking foot attachment
to help the seam lay flat. After I’ve sewn the two pieces together,
it gives me this tube thing. So I stick a safety pin in one end of the tube to help
me turn it inside out, and I turn the tube all the way around, so that the seams are
now on the inside of the tube. Then, I simply sew the gaps closed by sewing
over the top of them. For this smaller end,that I left completely open, I fold the excessfabric inside it about half an inch and then sew over the top. Once I’ve done that, I attach the straps
to the dress where I want them to sit, pin them on, and sew carefully over the top here,
using a really small straight stitch. Then, I also decide that I want to replace
the buttons with something a little bit cuter. Now, I have a LOT of cute buttons, and it’s
honestly really hard making a choice, but in the end I go for something a bit more subtle
than cat or heart buttons – I got these white buttons are from my grandma, and I think that they’ll give the dress a more vintage, pin-up feel. I carefully cut off the old buttons, and,
using a needle and a thread in matching colour to the buttons, I sew the buttons on, using
the small holes left in the fabric from the buttons I just removed to know where to place these new ones. To sew these buttons on, I sew up through
the back of the dress through one hole of the button and back down through the other hole. I repeat this a couple of times, then, with the thread at the back of the dress I
tie a knot, and cut off the excess thread. And here is my new and improved dress!
I think that the new halter straps go really well with the dress and it also has the added
bonus of not falling off when I try to wear it! So, that’s good!
Here’s the tie-up straps in action – 10 inches extra seemed to be about the perfect
length to allow me to tie a messy bow at the back. And – yeah! There we have it! Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you all next time!

100 thoughts on “Strap Yourself In! | The Style Pile Episode #2

  1. Ah yes, the big boobs+strapless dress conundrum… This definitely gave me ideas for all the dresses I have that refuse to stay on

  2. Love this series, makes me work on the thing in my box, hihi <3
    And that walking foot is amazing, i actually bought one, can't wait for it to arrive. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You probably get asked this alot, but what kind of sewing machine do you use? and roughly how much did it cost you?
    I love DIYing as much as I can! But I always have to borrow a friends or my Mother in Law's maschine. And that really limits how often I can make things.. :/

  4. Please please please make a video on how to turn jeans that become baggy at the end more skinny! I have a few jeans that below my knees, turn baggy and I HATE how it looks. It is a LITTLE stretchy, unlike regular jeans so please help!

  5. Hi Annika! I would like some help. If you've posted a video of it, I must have missed it. I have a beautiful vintage dress that fits me comfortably. The only thing is, it's a halter top dress and the neck "collar" is too tight. There are two buttons and you put them through these hoops on the opposite end. How do I extend the collar without taking the dress in to the seamstress? Is there a way to make a fabric piece to extend the neck? Thank you so much! Hope to hear your response! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. can you recreate this please <3

  7. hey annika! huge fan. I was just wondering if you would be able to make a reversible duffle bag out of vinyl or something easy to clean. I swim so I'd love to use something easy to clean that doesn't need a lot is washing. thanks

  8. Could you make a tutorial for a pair of easy gloves? Maybe something like this??
    I know they're costume gloves, but they're super cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Amazing new series !! I have the same problems with un finished/never started sewing projects. Youve given me a new faith in getting those things done and starting to get worn :!!!! Thanks for all the tips and ideas !!!!

  10. possible make thrift buy…

  11. you should for sure make these ;o;

  12. Hey Annika, I'm trying to find a good dress makers dummy but don't really know where to start. What brand is yours and do you recommend it?

  13. i have an idea for make thrift buy.

  14. maybe you could try this for make thrift buy?
    Choies Women's Limited Edition Eyes Print Sleeveless Dress L Blue

  15. OOH I have this light up ugly Christmas sweater from Macy's (you can probably find on Macy's website) I was wondering if you could make one? The battery operated lights are only $5 on Amazon but I wind want to buy all the materials just to find out that it doesn't work.

  16. love the idea, but I'd probably go with a matching or coordinating gingham for more durability and a polished look.

  17. THANK YOU for this! i bought a really pretty butterfly printed jumpsuit last summer… but itยดs strapless and it slide… and if i sit it pulls on it and goes down. if i lift my arm i risk flashing my boobs to all the poor people around…
    and letยดs not talk about the fact that being a busty women i have to wear a bra (and not a strapless one those dont work on me) so seeing the straps is ugly…
    you just saved that poor suit that i only wore once last summer^^ยด

  18. I like you addition to the dress very much. I'm just asking, (not implying anything) is there a reason you didn't use the twin stitch to finish the edges of your halter straps?

  19. I am American and you use British slang a lot. I can figure out everything but "jersey" material because in America jersey is what football players wear. Please explain what jersey is. Thank you.

  20. I found the EXACT same dress in baby pink at a salvos near my house in Croydon, Sydney last year for a Halloween costume. I wonder where they were originally sold!

  21. This gives me a good idea on how to change the straps on a dress I made that aren't quite right. Thanks for sharing!!

  22. I actually got a very cheap, very nice strapless dress recently, was afraid I'd never really wear it, then I found this video! Thank you!

  23. I'm a big fan of pin-up style clothes, so I'm soooo jealous that you managed to find such a gorgeous dress. It looks amazing!

  24. Oh my gosh so adorable! The pin-up look of this dress is lovely on you. The top straps and color remind me of a vintage bathing suit sort of.

  25. People who wear strapless dresses or tops without them falling off and exposing their boobs is beyond me.
    I have one strapless top I can actually wear, but not without a regular bra (with straps) underneath.
    And it's funny how I thought at the end "hey the shape of the dress would be perfect to add pockets, I wonder how to make that" aaaand then I saw what the next episode is about ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Yeah, I love this series, but I dunno how to say this…the art at the beginning makes me want to stop watching the video. I'm sure whoever did it is a lovely person and worked hard on it, but the work shows a very inexperienced artist. The colors clash, the shading is flat and unappealing, and the linework isn't very good. This is ontop of the wonky hair, stiff poses, and questionable anatomy. I know this isn't an art channel so maybe you don't care, but I think maybe you should commision a more experienced artist to redo the opening. I know maybe your considering the original artist's feelings though…

    That said, I LOVE YOUR CHANNEl! You've inspired me to want to start sewing and making my own clothes.

  27. I don't really have a style pile from sewing more like a UFO invasion of knitting projects that I have finished but need the final touches done

  28. If you can't make straps, add a line of hot glue around the hemline. It should give enough grip on your skin to hold it up, and won't add bulk. But the straps look cute too, so really it's just personal preference.

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