Spider-Man Zentai Costume For Adults Review

Hi everyone! Welcome to “OVR Fashion” I’m the OVR Guy, and as you can see
we have here a new package As always, we’re going to find out TOGETHER What’s inside and what I think about it! So let’s not waste any time, Let me grab the Swiss knife… Here is the Swiss knife… And we’re going to un-package it! Well boys and girls Especially the girls You just witnessed me auditioning
for the next Spider-Man movie While trying to fit into this
Zentai Spider-Man costume for adults Spider-Man has always been
my favorite super hero But I never got the chance to dress
as Spider-Man until now Which is why
I purchased this costume This type of skin-tight
full body costume is called Zentai And you should wear nothing but you’re underwear
if you want to fit easily inside of it I’m 6’1 so I ordered the costume in XXXL
which is the largest available size for adults But unfortunately I still didn’t manage
to close the zipper at the back of the costume… Also I had some issues slipping my fingers
into the costume At first they were a bit loose
but finally I managed to do that Another issue with full body costumes is what you gonna do if you need to take a leak while wearing it!? And you also can’t eat anything
with the mask covering your face But maybe it’s a good thing
if you consider going on a diet The bottom line is that
the costume itself has a great potential But the specific one I measured in this video
will not fit people who are more than 6” So if you order online a costume
such as this one, without first trying it on Make sure that it will fit you You can do that by checking
the measurements on the website Consult with the seller in advance And if you have a dilemma
between two different sizes Maybe it’s a good idea
to get them both Other than that, I realized today that
being a superhero is not an easy task at all Or as the saying goes:
“With great powers comes great responsibility”… Well boys and girls Especially the girls… This was my video review about this
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