Spending $1,000 on Used & Dirty Clothing

if you lick your own tongue it feels really weird starts to make me like question life like do we have cat ridges on our tongues no when you see those like really sick close-up photographs that like National Geographic and and what such likes to torture us with which is like have you ever seen a cat's tongue under magnifying glass and I'm like oh no thank you I never wanted to see that I was just like licking my own tongue I don't know why and now I'm thinking about how my tongue might have ridges and I'm really freaked out hey everybody it's funny and today I am going to share with you guys a lot of recent fashion finds I did a lot of vintage shopping in Austin I found a lot of cool stuff and it's a little bit different in my mind than thrifting because the prices are definitely up there a lot more I kind of think of vintage shopping as someone else going to the thrift stores for you finding all of the best pieces putting them in one building and then like charging you more money for that privilege has to be expected so let me know if you guys want a new uncommon objects hurl we were just there and I got a lot of really interesting finds this time like this what is this also if you're here and you're new or if you're if you're if you've been here before but for some reason you've never pressed subscribe hit that subscribe button now I do have a goal to hit nine million swamped family members by Halloween October 31st are we gonna do it bring in the vintage I'm my own assistant cute little miniature shopping cart I bought this last year with the intention that I was gonna do like a boyfriend buys my Sephora makeup challenge and I was gonna have us just push around this little baby part it was really funny in my head there's a reason I procrastinated and I've never done that video so there's that first couple things right on boots enough I went to Buffalo exchange for the first time in years this I'm kind of suspicious like is it vintage or does Buffalo exchange have some of their own labels that they carry kind of like across Buffalo exchange stores because I found this shirt and I was like oh my gosh it's perfect it's like a little like crop tank top but I need it for a specific fashion video that's coming out soon stay tuned it's like so soft like the black fabric seems very worn very thin very vintage like and then it's got that black and white racing pattern on the side which you guys may know I'm obsessed with picked it up and I was like gotta have it then I looked around and I saw like four more in different sizes like in the same Buffalo exchange location and I was like well that doesn't seem very vintage now it's kind of like when Urban Outfitters says something is vintage and yet they sell ten thousand of those pieces I'm like that's not vintage sir I loved it and it's really comfy it's $13 it's kind of like a longer crop because you guys know that I hate crops which is one of the reasons why I feel like I am so into wearing vintage clothing because they used to actually sell like a whole shirt or like a whole pair of shorts not like a strip of fabric that like barely covers the boobs and be like yeah it's a sure $30 isn't that great I just feel like a lot of modern clothing does not speak to me even stores that I used to shop in all the time I feel like everything cute is either like completely backless which how does that even work like I would love to be able to wear a bra and not have a thick black bra strap going all across my back I would love to wear a whole shirt that covers my entire body I would love to wear a complete pair of shorts that actually tucks in my little butt cheeks and envelops them with care in some fabric and I don't understand like every store I go into from like forever 21 to like Urban Outfitters to like even like anthropology and stuff like no no shirts no shorts what's going on here I need some answers the only other thing I got there was this crazy old super stained just how I like um return of the jedis shirt so it's like really dingy on the front gotta love it yeah and it has this really big Return of the Jedi motif on the back I guess I'm mostly like a Darth Vader fan I just like the Sith Darth Vader is my favorite I like Darth Maul all the darts my favorites this was 48 bucks but Dogma and I are gonna share it so it's a shirt for two what was I gonna say oh I know the biggest question that I get is like how are you such a germaphobe but you wear a used clothing well I wash it and I don't really like wear it before I wash it obviously like sometimes I try it on I'm kind of okay with things as long as I touch them and then I don't touch like my eyes my nose or my mouth because like that's usually where you pick up germs but also I'm gonna clue you guys in on this magic stuff which is a lifesaver if you're a germaphobe hashtag not spawns I wish I was because I buy so much of this stuff but it is a laundry additive that is bleached free but it's kind of like hand sanitizer for your laundry it works wonders it makes everything smells so nice so if you love third thing and you love vintage shopping but you hate germs and you want to kill them all buy some of that stuff I feel like it really works a half bag from my favorite vintage store in all of Austin they are off of South Congress and they are called feathers and honestly shopping here sometimes for me is a hit or miss sometimes I go in the store and I buy everything and sometimes I'll go like two or three times and not really find anything that tickles my fancy but I got really really lucky this time so we've got a lot to look at the first thing which I realize you guys still haven't seen this video because we have to edit it so why not was kind of like an all over Austin vlog and then the other one we built a fort and uncommon objects but in the one that I did a lot of vlog stuff I almost bought this shirts and so I was like oh you guys are gonna remember it but you're not gonna remember it because you haven't seen that video I wanted this so bad we actually were there in April seems like a long time ago is a whoo vintage shirt the first farewell tour sounds like something I would do well you just have six farewell tours be like no guys I'm really leaving now I promise I promise it's the last one somebody reddit it to bits and since it does have this long like fringe at the bottom it doesn't really seem that cropped it's a bit of a longer crop I wanted this so bad that you guys it was he took all the tags off no they just took that tag off why that was like the coolest price tag you guys they had this shirt I had like two hundred and sixty-five dollars like I was like oh I can't it's not logical I can't do it but then they had it marked down to $65 so I snagged it on the sale rack so proud of myself for having some restraint and I came back and it was a better deal another vintage shirt that I found this trip that I could not live without is the Robert Plant non-stop mom stop go to her I wasn't alive probably for any of these ooh I was barely alive 1988 and I love Robert Plant of course I love Led Zepplin I tried it on I loved it I liked it I didn't want to leave without it I think that this one was a little bit pricey actually not is only 78 bucks which isn't that bad for like a really worn in a vintage tee you guys know that I like live in these things so I'm okay with paying a little bit more because I know that I'm gonna like dress them up dress them down wear them while I'm editing live and sleep in them so I'm okay with it this next thing you guys are gonna yell at me for because I'm like being the quintessential I don't know who this band is but I bought the t-shirt so please don't hit me with a brick I'm gonna try and educate myself I just really loved the feel of it and the pattern so I bought it it's a band called zebra who's that it was from the year I was born so I couldn't pass it up 1985 they were out there doing stuff what is this the bread the breakout tour were they new in 1985 honestly this whole like hallway motif it reminded me of that scene in Beetlejuice you know where they're like walking down you're in that like Center and there's like that hallway with all those doors and they open it off and there's like that like the ghost things like like just like floating the souls of those that have been exorcised have you seen the movie if not you've got to watch it and if you have you know what I'm talking about I feel like this shirt was um more expensive than I should have paid for it I think it was like a hundred bucks for some reason they took the tag off of this one I don't know why they like took some tags and left some tags what's up with that this one is another shirt for dog man and I to share I bet he's gonna wear it most of the time though because dog man loves a Snoopy and it is a very soft they're well worn in heather gray Snoopy shirt it's really thin it's like that nice like paper-thin vintage feeling oh I can still see you can you see me and I know this might sound silly but I have been looking for pants like this everywhere they are just really old paint splattered jeans they've got a nice little cuff to them these are actually like a size or two too big for me but they looked so cool I felt like they were one of a kind I really loved the way the paint splattered on this particular pair so I went for it they were only like 58 bucks so I thought that that was a pretty good deal I don't know who C Schmidt workwear is I kind of thought that these were like Levi's or something but they're not they're cease Schmidt Schmidt couple more pieces what are these little fingers that I'm doing I got these which are silk pants and they are really really high waisted and I just felt like this was a good basic staple to have in my wardrobe they pretty much go with anything and once again I feel like it's a really great piece to either dress up or make really casual and they're so like kind of blough see that they're pretty cool even when it's like super hot outside like it has been this weekend next is a very cute pair of denim short oh these are Levi's Levi's I don't know you don't have a tag either I feel like these were like 60 bucks but they are cut-offs and somebody added this really cute like cuff and lace to the bottom of them and I could probably really easily do a DIY for this but do you guys ever feel like you just find something in a store that's so cute and it fits so well and you kind of fall in love with it and so you're like okay I'll just spring for it I don't know you guys I have been swelteringly it's a good kind of busy I'm so happy to be this busy but at the same time I don't have any time to be making DIY eyelet lace pants last piece from feathers was this gorgeous perfect for summer super Wow I didn't purposefully do that so I can't talk today super thin kind of like summer dress it's like a tank dress it is very thin very very breezy very comfortable I'm guessing that this is cotton this might actually be homemade there's no tag or label inside of it I don't know how old this is but I literally just fell in love with it when I saw it on the rack and then I felt even more in love with it when I put it on this was really cheap it was well I don't know is it really cheap I don't know what's really cheap anymore well I went to Urban Outfitters it's the last thing I have to show you guys and I swear it's like Urban Outfitters forever21 like everybody like that has like raised their prices so much that now I do feel like this kind of stuff is like at least comparable maybe I shouldn't say like super cheap because like you know if you go to the actual thrift store like I do all the time and then you like buy everything for two dollars then this seems really expensive but then when you like go to other like normal clothing stores you're like oh this is actually not bad at all 58 dollars and for some reason it says as is I have no idea why like I buy as is clothing all the time and I'm like what's wrong with it though I don't I don't see anything wrong ooh oh I found something wrong oh my gosh this makes me love it more you guys it is holy it's like falling apart like the whole last him here is like ripping up that's not as is that's a bonus some places you got to pay more for your holes in your clothing all right last little bag is from Urban Outfitters and I really only shop there when I'm in Austin now I don't know why maybe it's because like you pay $18 to park somewhere in Austin and then you're like okay where is everywhere that I can possibly go and look and enjoy myself for this $18 parking fee and so I we just popped into urban and there was actually a pair of jeans that I saw online that I was looking for there and I finally found them in my size it's their own in-house Jean brand which is bdg about some pants some pants with holes in it they fit a little bit more like relaxed a little bit more boyfriend style I feel like I need some new jeans I feel like I never wear pants and I never wear jeans and it's kind of partially because I always find them a little bit uncomfortable but I feel like if I find ones that I really like I don't know maybe I'll be more prone to wear them I kind of hate to have my legs covered with fabric does that sound crazy the last piece that I bought I had never seen before but I fell in love with it and it is this really oversized fix like a very baggy fit leopard shirts I don't know what this fabric is honestly I can't tell if it's like cotton or some other kind of like material but it's very soft it's got like a long short aspect to it like the front you can like optionally tie up two different links like if you wanted more cropped or if you want more like a normal face but then the back is like a much longer strip of fabric which I was like oh my gosh like all the throw back feels you guys remember like 20 was it 2011 or 2012 even maybe some into 2013 when like the high/low was the trend for everything like high-low skirts high-low shirts high-low dresses it was like hi little everything and now like nobody wears it anymore but I was like oh my gosh I love it I hopped all good and then I just love like leopard everything and I feel like I tried it on with those black pants and it looks like such a posh little outfit that I was like gotta buy them together yeah why is it that's my whole thing and I will see you guys later I love y'all so so much and I will see y'all hopefully very soon

24 thoughts on “Spending $1,000 on Used & Dirty Clothing

  1. I think your going to the wrong thrift stores. I got a romper, dress, cardigan, and shorts for 5 bucks the other day lol

  2. I got a quest that has nothing to do with wht ur tlkin bout but do you like Betty boop clothes or doll or cartoon or all of it

  3. Love love LOVE your style and the clothes are so cute… but every time you said "they were ONLY (insert absurdly high price here)!" I cringed XD

  4. The leapard shirt at the end of the video is killer. You look so sensational in it – wow ?♥️???

  5. 11:26 – 11:28 such a nice figure Please model more body suits and ? bikinis – love your body ????♥️?

  6. Soo am I the only weirdo who's always licked their own tongue? ??? Idk as an only child you kinda have the time to really experiment with random things ?

  7. This video is one of the many reasons subscribers are leaving en masse.
    I cringed reading the title, and pure interest had me watch the video, and the comment section reiterates a message that's being ignored again and again. ?

  8. I always love tshirts. I like the trend of old t-shirts but I consider very obscene the prices they have for them. $50 for 3 to 5 new t-shirts? Yes. $50 for an old tshirt? No, thank you.

  9. I feel like youll pay a higher price when the things are already “pre picked through” for you! If it makes you happy, I say go for it!!! ??

  10. I think the problem your having with finding clothes suitable for you is that all the stores you listed are generally targeted for juniors. I finally have started shopping at age appropriate stores for me (I'm 25) and I love shopping again.

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