Skill 8 2018 – Donning and Removing PPE (Gown and Gloves)

Today I will be donning and removing PPE. My supplies are a gown, a pair of gloves, and designated container. First you will start off with unfolding you’re gown making sure it does not touch the ground, putting your arms. through the sleeves. You’ll start off with fastening the neck. Criss-cross your back, to make sure that its completely covered. And, fastening your waist. You will grab a pair of gloves. Making sure your cuffs are Underneath the glove. You will then pull up the sleeve out of your gloves. You’ll than pinch at the palm. Pull forward. Grab two fingers, making sure not contaminate yourself into designated container. Unfasten the neck. Unfasten your back. Making sure not to contaminate yourself. You will then shimmy out of your gown. Making sure to roll it within itself as tight as you can. Making sure not to contaminate yourself. Into the designated dirty. And then I will wash my hands.

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