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And on this week’s Good Start. Hey guys, and welcome to Good Start. I’m Sally Turner. Beer and dogs are the two things that almost everyone can find joy in. And two organizations in North Dakota teamed up to bring them together for a great cause. 4 Love of Dogs has partnered with Fargo Brewing Company in the most ingenious way. The beer company has begun The brewery wants to I think we should all give a toast to both companies for such a heartwarming collaboration. And now for our next story, one Oklahoma community came together in a surprising way to help their beloved library transport some of their most loved books. More than 650 Old Norman Public Library Central to their new center. They even What a great way to get the whole community to share their love of books. And now for our main story this week, this Monday marks the 100th anniversary of Veteran’s Day. One sibling-owned business has found an inventive and inspiring way to give back and honor our nation’s service members. Emily but co-founders of their own business, Sword & Plough. Sword & Plough is a social impact fashion company. We work with veteran-owned American manufacturers. We incorporate repurposed military surplus into our designs and we donate 10 percent of our profits or 2 percent of revenue, whichever is greater to 10 really impactful veteran nonprofit organizations. The desire to help and honor veterans is nothing new to the sisters. The business has been in the making since we were kids, growing up on military bases all over the country. We really wanted to try to find a way to strengthen civil military understanding, to empower veteran employment, and reduce waste through fashionable bags and accessories. Sword & Plough makes and sells necklaces, purses, backpacks, bags, and more One that I really treasure is we upcycle the army woodland camo fabric that our dad wore when he was in the army. So that’s the camo tote from the Sword & Plough line that I carry 365 days out of the year. Emily and Betsy launched the company through Kickstarter in the spring of 2013. It was amazing to see the interest for it. We hit our goal of $20,000 in just the first two hours. We ended the campaign with over 1,500 supporters and over $300,000 raised. And then two weeks after Kickstarter ended, I deployed to Afghanistan for seven months. And while getting any new business off the ground has its own set of challenges, We have a lot of memories of different Skype calls from when I was in Afghanistan. Once in a while they were interrupted by mortar rounds, and so not your usual startup environment, but, you know, it definitely taught us that if we could make it through that, you know,
Sword & Plough could really face any challenge. But Since launching Sword & Plough has and And to have companies like Sword & Plough which is supporting veteran-owned businesses, it’s really rewarding. And it’s nice that they give back to the veteran community. We wanted to incorporate veterans into every single stage of our business model. They are incredibly hardworking. They want to be part of something that’s much bigger than themselves. They’re amazing leaders who have proven themselves under stressful combat situations. I served eight years in the military and I was a truck driver and 50 cal gunner in Afghanistan. Partnering with Sword & Plough has been really amazing. You know, their mission struck a chord with me and it just kind of made sense for us to link up. Emily and Betsy both agree that despite its challenges, Working with Emily on Sword & Plough over the last seven years has been probably one of the greatest gifts that I’ve ever experienced in my life. We get to experience so many amazing moments together and really watch ourselves grow and learn as we’re leading a team and growing a business. So there’s no one else that I would trust more than her. To be able to experience all of these incredible moments together is something that I am so incredibly grateful for and it truly is the best gift. If you want to learn more about Sword & Plough, or check out their products, we’ll be leaving a link to their website in the comments below. Thanks to Nivea for partnering with us this month on Good Start to bring you inspiring stories that prove soft can be powerful. Rethink soft with Nivea. And for some bonus good news for the week, we here at Good Start have just gotten a very exciting addition to our team. Our audio engineer, Pedro, and his wife, Valentina, welcomed their first this week, Gustavo Juan. We all can’t wait to meet little Gustavo in person soon, and Pedro, we miss you so much. So that is it for this week’s show. Be sure to like our page and follow us for more positive stories to make your day. Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you back here next week for another Good Start.

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