Sierra Designs Men’s DriDown Stratus Jacket

I am wearing Sierra Designs men’s DriDown
Stratus jacket. The jacket is insulated with 800 fill water repellant dry down insulation,
certainly warm enough to be worn as an out-erwear piece, but also low profile enough that it
can be worn as a mid layer. Again, the jacket is filled with dry down
insulation. It has got 100 grams of that insula-tion, so certainly warm enough for cool weather,
maybe not the coldest of temperatures, but, again, a great layering piece underneath some
heavier layers. That dry down insulation really makes this
a standout. Traditionally down insulation, as warm and as compressible as it is, is susceptible
to poor performance if it should become wet or damp, humid conditions. And the treatment
that is given to each fiber of the down in dry down insulation makes it stay dry longer,
helps it retain its loft. And if it should become wet, it dries that much faster. So
you have got a confidence here in this jacket that you may not have in a more traditional
offering. We have already talked about that fairly streamlined
fit, again, with the idea that you may be layering over top of it. There are some points of adjustability on
the jacket. If I flip this up you can see that there are dual hem adjustments to pull
the jacket in, cinch that in and get fit dialed in the way you want it to be. Elastic cuffs
and also some adjustability on the hood. I certainly should point out that it is a hooded
jacket. You have got adjustability here in the front and also the ability to cinch in
that fit. This is a fairly large helmet compatible hood,
so you have got that room if you are wear-ing a helmet for skiing or snowboarding, but when
you are not, you want to be able to snug in that hood and make sure that you are staying
warm. Nice height internally on the collar beneath
the hood. So if you have got that hood thrown back, you have still got really nice warmth
around the neck beneath the chin. A nice full length zipper on the jacket, easy
open, easy close. As far as pocketing is con-cerned you have got two hand warmer pockets here
in the front, both zippered. On the inside of the jacket you have got some other pocketing
as well. Two pretty sizable dump pockets on either side of the jacket, so all kinds of
room, depth all the way to the bottom of the jacket itself. Back here on the left side
there is an additional zippered pocket and it does have a pass through for head phones
should you be using an mp3 player, iPod, something along those lines. Another nice feature here on the Stratus jacket,
I am used to seeing this on lower profile definite base layer pieces, but don’t see
it all that often on jackets that have outerwear po-tential like the Stratus jacket does. It
is the thumb holes here beneath the cuffs. So you can see the pass though there. Some
really nice soft fabric where the thumbs come through, so nice next to skin feel there. What this feature does is it eliminates that
gapping that you will often see between gloves and the start of your sleeves on a jacket.
Also, you know, the riding up that sleeves can do which broadens or widens that gap.
It is all done away with here with these thumb loops. And, again, I find that a definite
stand out feature here on the Stratus jacket. Adding some extra versatility, Sierra Designs
includes a stuff sack, draw string closure with each of its DriDown Stratus jackets.
You can see how nice and small that packs down. It doesn’t weigh much at all for a jacket
as warm as this one is. And whether you are wearing it as a mid layer piece or outerwear
in cool temperatures, got to love the Sierra Designs men’s DriDown Stratus jacket.

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