Should You Wear A Jacket Without A Tie?

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video we discuss the question,
can you wear a jacket without a tie or not? It’s a popular question that we could ask
all the time and it’s probably because you see a lot of men wearing it yet it goes against
traditional style rules. And so in today’s video we’ll answer the question
once and for all, definitively. Can you wear a jacket without a tie? Hell, yes! In this day and age you can wear whatever
you want and no one can hinder you. Of course you know us, and the answer is,
it depends. Why? Because historically men would not wear a
jacket without a tie and we’ll discuss when it’s appropriate to do so when you need a
jacket and all the in-between situations that you might encounter in your everyday life. Also keep in mind just because you can whatever
you want doesn’t mean that it’s always advantageous to wear it and so it’s always good to have
the right purpose for when you dress. For example just look at previous presidents
Barack Obama or George Bush. They would often be seen wearing a suit with a dress shirt
but without a tie. Now they did that purposefully because they
wanted to seem more approachable to the common man and at the same time be presidential. For most other people this is a no-go because
the business suit is simply too formal to be worn without a tie. That being said, if you dress on purpose and
you know what you’re doing, it’s good. Personally I break the rules from time to
time wearing a jacket without a tie is not one of them at least not very often. But I’ll explain to you when I wear a jacket
without a tie and why I usually always have a tie. Here’s some guidelines when you should or
should not wear a tie with a jacket according to traditional style rules. An ideal jacket to be worn without a tie is
one that is very casual and heavily patterned. It could be also made out of a different material
such as linen or cotton or a blend. And they’re just predestined because they’re
by definition more casual and relaxed. Wearing a jacket without a tie is relaxed
too and because of that they go well together. I see a lot of men wearing orphaned suit jackets
that are basically part of a dark business suit but then paired without a tie, it simply
looks odd. A tie or a bow tie or maybe even an ascot
adds a visual interest in your triangle below your face. If you wear a casual combination such as this
sport coat with a pattern as well as a dark blue denim shirt, it also creates some visual
contrast and it still highlights my face. So these are combinations where you can really
forego the tie. In terms of patterns include houndstooth or
Pepita patterns, may be a larger Prince of Wales check and even a smaller one, if you
have bolder colors in your jacket that’s all a good indicator that it can be worn without
a tie. At the same time if you have a jacket that
has stripes in it be it rope stripes, pinstripes or chalk stripes, that always requires some
form of neck wear. That being said never wear a striped jacket
without a matching pair of pants because it will immediately look
like an orphaned suit jacket which is not very flattering. Also a pinstripe suit for example is quite
formal so pairing it with denim or chinos makes it look quite weird. Of course, if you have a coarser linen jacket
in a solid color, that can also be worn without a tie because
the material makes it casual. So you always have to take everything into
consideration. As a general rule, if you have peak lapels
on your jacket you should always wear it with a tie because peak lapels are always more
formal than notch lapels. The second instance when you should wear a
jacket without a tie is when it’s rather casual. Let’s say you’re wearing worn-out boat shoes
maybe with some chinos in a color and a jacket in that case it would look odd to have a tie
because a tie is more formal and the other end is quite informal and you want to avoid
those clashes. At the same time if you for example have loafers,
a pair of chinos, a dress shirt and a blazer you can definitely wear a tie with that because
it’s a little dressier. One combination that I see men wear a lot
is a blazer with denim. In that case, denim is quite informal and
so I suggest you skip the tie. That being said don’t wear black shoes with
your outfit because black shoes are more formal, denim is informal, blazer somewhat in between. If you then wear a white shirt without a tie,
everything looks off in terms of formality and it’s just not a pleasing look. The third time that I don’t wear a tie with
the jacket is when you’re at a moment’s notice. Let’s say you’re at the office and you just
quickly learn that a customer came in and you have a jacket hanging there. Yes, put on
a jacket. It’s more formal than if you had no jacket at all and it’s okay to skip the
tie in that particular situation. But ideally you just have a tie somewhere
that you can put on when you’re required to. The fourth occasion to wear a jacket without
a tie is when you go to a party and you don’t know the dress code. In that case it might make sense to have a
little bow tie tucked away or a regular tie, maybe in the car so you can quickly put it
on. Alternatively though you can maybe even forgo
the jacket because if you’re the only person there in a jacket and everyone else is in
a Hawaii shirt it makes you look really weird. Always keep in mind that piece of neck wear
such as a tie formalizes your outfit and so taking off your jacket but keeping it on your
tie makes you look like a little flower boy at a wedding and it’s not a look you want
to go for. That being said it takes five seconds to take
off a tie and you can learn more about how to do it properly without damaging a tie in
this video here. The fifth occasion when you can forgo a tie
is when you actually stain it. It happened to me before, I stained my tie
during lunch. Now it just looks odd so I just took it off and it creates an overall better
look than having a tie that is stained. The sixth time you can wear a jacket but not
a tie is when your shirt is quite casual. By that I mean you have a summer shirt and
of a linen blend maybe in a pink, orange or yellow tone. Alternatively it could be a shirt with checks
in multiple colors. Also the style of collar has an impact on
it. For example a button-down collar is more casual
and can be worn open very easily without a tie. Also there are shirt collars that are tailored
to be worn without a tie and open and obviously you should not put a tie on those either. As a general rule the more casual your shirt
is the better it is to be worn without a tie. Of course other factors such as accessories
in your jacket come into play as well but just looking at the shirt that’s the rule. So if you decided to wear a jacket without
a tie, here are a few things to keep in mind. One, always wear either a pocket square or
a boutonniere and you can even pull off both. But you need something in your chest pocket
that creates a visual element of interest at the same time it makes your overall appearance
look a lot more polished. If you want to wear a boutonniere as well
as a pocket square without a tie they have to really work well together and balance each
other out. By that I mean, choose a flower that’s very
small and unassuming such as this small blue boutonniere which you can find in our shop
here. You want to avoid bright boutonniere and pockets
square colors because otherwise it’s too flashy. Also consider the size of your lapel, if you
have a very skinny lapel, I’d probably skip the boutonniere. If it’s medium to wide you can add one but
always avoid a large boutonniere in bright colors with a pocket square because it looks
just odd without a tie. Alright now that you know when you can skip
the tie, let’s talk about the occasions when your jacket always requires one. You need a tie whenever you wear a suit which
means you wear a matching pair of pants and a jacket. It’s made out of the same fabric And to learn more about suits, how they should
fit, suit lingo and all the details that you need to look dapper, please check out these
videos here. A suit is generally quite formal especially
when it’s a darker business suit. There may be exceptions to that for example
if you have a tobacco Brown linen suit and in that case you might forgo the tie but as
a general rule if you wear a suit a tie is always the best choice. The reason is that the tie is a visual focal
point that ties the outfit together. Frankly I made this mistake once when I applied
for law school. I wore a dark navy single-breasted business
suit with a red silk pocket square, a white shirt and without a tie. I thought I didn’t want to be too formal and
skip the tie but looking back I should have just chosen a different outfit altogether. At the end of the day if you wear a suit,
you show that you respect traditional clothes rules and because of that you should wear
it properly with some neckwear. The second occasion where you need a tie with
your jacket is if you incorporate a lot of traditional business colors. Let’s say you have a dark navy blazer with
a pair of gray flannel pants, overall that is a
combination which is generally less formal in a suit but it’s a very business appropriate
combination and because of that should always have a necktie. If you’re not a friend of neckties or you
want to be different you can also try to wear an ascot or maybe a bow tie. And to learn more about how to tie a bow tie,
what to choose, please check out the video here. And also for ascots we have tying instructions
so they look neat and stay in place all day. Of course if you want a great selection of
quality men’s neckties in different sizes as well as bowties and ascots, please check
out our shop here. The third event where you should wear a jacket
with a tie are very formal and dignified events such as funerals. At those events you never want to look half
dressed and at the wedding some people might forego the tie but at a funeral you certainly
can never forgo the tie because it’s a solemn event that you attend because you want to
show respect to the deceased as well as the family. To learn more about funeral etiquette please
check out this video here. Of course, you guessed it! We also have an entire series about wedding
attire, do’s and don’ts and you can check that out here. The fourth time you should always wear a tie
with your shirt and jacket is if your shirt collar is not conducive to being worn without
a tie. That’s the case if your collar is too big
and would collapse on itself without the stability of the tie or if the shirt collar tips would
make their way out on top of the lapel because that’s a very 70s
look that makes it look pretty dated. Likewise if you have formal collars with a
larger spread I suggest you go with a tie. At the same time if you have a button-down
collar for example they’re more conducive to be worn without a tie. Definitely always wear a tie with your jacket
if otherwise your undershirt would peek out from underneath your collar. Some men love undershirts and that’s fantastic
and we even did an entire guide about undershirts, the do’s and don’ts but if your undershirt
is really a t-shirt and it peeks out underneath your shirt collar when it’s unbuttoned it’s
simply a no-go and a fashion faux pas. So you have two options, either you wear a
tie or necktie or ascot or you get an undershirt that has a deep cut out so it doesn’t show
and that way you can forego the tie. The sixth time to wear a tie is when you have
formal dress shirts. What makes dress shirts formal? We have an entire guides about that but in
a nutshell if your dress shirt features French cuffs for cufflinks, then it’s formal and
should be worn with a tie. If your dress shirt is solid white and has
French cuffs, the same is true. Last but not least if you have a Winchester
shirt which means you have either a contrasting color which is usually white or a contrasting
color and shirt cuffs then that makes it more formal and you should always wear it with
a tie. In today’s outfit I am wearing my jacket without
a tie because I chose a casual blue and white checked summer jacket from Gagliardi. I opted for a dark blue denim shirt which
is not ironed and therefore quite casual. My slacks are baby blue and provide a visual
contrast to my jacket as well as my olive green suede tassel loafers. The belt obviously matches the shoes and my
pocket square really stands out because it has this sunflower orange yellow yet it has
a little paisley pattern that is larger than my check but it picks up the color of blue
from my shirt and from my jacket as well as the green from my shoes and therefore it ties
it all well together. For socks, I usually wear over the calf styles
from Fort Belvedere in this case I went with a prototype for no-show socks which
only works during this summer and I just want to see how it feels and whether they stay
up because it’s a big issue with no-show socks. If you enjoyed this video definitely check
out our guide on cuff styles as well as our shirt series and our suit series I’m sure
you’ll love it.

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