30 thoughts on “Shein Plus Size Clothing Try On Haul June 2019

  1. For bras go to lane Bryant and get fitted. Request to try one of their tback bras. I’m plus size but have a smaller bust. Those styles work great on me

  2. Vanity fair are some of my favorite bras! The best fitting so far, however my bralete from Walmart are the best! I wear hoodies allot, so I don’t mind with they don’t support like a push up!

  3. When your bra rides up in the back it is
    Too big
    When trying on bras you want to choose s bra that hooks comfortably on the first set of hooks. That will give you those extra hooks to play with when your bra is too stretched out.

  4. I love Lane Bryant’s bras. But I definitely wouldn’t recommend getting a bra fitting there. I got measured one time and she insisted I was a 48 band. Like no girl I’m here because my 42’s aren’t snug enough anymore.

  5. I just subscribed to your channel. I'm 5'9" and wear a size 20 just like you. I saw you and had to watch. If it's cute and cheap, I'm in. I just loved watching you. You're so cute.

  6. Im super picky with bras i recommend thick bra strap around get a measuring strip n measure yourself. The reason why i get thick bra strap is to help hide the back fat..my problem my is QT bra wit wired but i take the wire out

  7. Heyyyyyy so…. this is probably not going to help all that much, but as someone who is very particular about bras, (I work blue collar so I need to be), I have had my best luck shopping local. I am around a B or a C cup. I walked into a chain plus size clothing store, (won't mention the name because I don't know what other stores are like), and was told I am an F cup. I have never, nor will I ever be, an F cup. Do some research and look for boutique lingerie places. Ideally places that have been around for a long time. Never compromise on bra measurements. It makes your life so much more uncomfortable than it needs to be.


  8. I love your fashion hauls! I'm a sz 20 and 5'8" so I feel like you represent me perfectly, and our style is similar too. I'm a legging wearer solely so I'm trying to go outside my comfort zone too. Btw Victoria's Secret will size you for a bra, they trained the associates there at least back when I worked there!

  9. Have you ever tried Walmart.com? I literally get ALL my clothes from there, and they have an amazing return policy (if they are the retailer for the item).

  10. Can you share your measurements? that would really help with knowing fit. If I think we are the exact same size, which will help me with shein sizing, but without that info idk. I’m also 5’9’

  11. Pleeease dont go to VS or any of those kind of places. There is no such thing as a sister size!!!Just Google bra fit specialists and you should find a professional place. This would be a fun video idea!!!

  12. Lane Bryant is the place to go for bras. Torrid is cheaper but their bras always break on me in a year. Smh I wish there were more places that sell plus size bras. It's a struggle to find a nice bra. I love the black dress and cheetah top!

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