Shein Plus Size Clothing Try On Haul June 2019

hey lover gonna do another she and hull if you guys are new to my channel I have quite a few Shion hauls on my channel yes I will try and do my best to link my plus-sized playlist down below I hope I over just can't rip it if you guys don't want Shion is it is a super super affordable website I have finally learned some tips and tricks to ordering from the website and ensuring that you get good stuff I'm really hoping that this is a successful hull I tried on a couple things and so far so good so far so good thanks to you guys for pointing out all the information that is available on the website because it is such a hit or miss but yeah we're gonna get into the tips and tricks and all that stuff just in a moment if you guys are new please subscribe if you have not already upload videos every Monday Wednesday Friday I would love to be your friend let's be Prince alright let's do this alright so just a little bit of information about me and about a size 20 and when I order from other websites usually order an 8 year 20 from tour in it for example I usually order a 2 from torrid so normally like a 3x is pretty solid pretty solid bet it's gonna fit for me so I order everything for Shion usually and the biggest size available because it's hard to really know I mean they list the measurements and one of you guys pointed out in the last video I put up that it says at the bottom in the description of each individual item if there's treasure on I was taking into account everyone's reviews some people will post photos like there's so much information on most of the items unless they're brand new items but even with a brand new items it'll let you know the stretch because I only really like wearing stuff that has stretch unless it's a very specific type of top it's very very rare than you don't want stretch so I tried to only get items that had stretch or they were just too cute that I wanted to risk it it is super duper affordable everything is like between like there's my stuff on it for like 5 bucks up to like 30 something dollars I'm sure he's even more expensive my stuff everything I ordered though I think the most expensive thing was like 15 I normally will not go above that point unless I'm like really in love with it one of the dresses was 20 but I always Google for a coupon code that's I find them and just you know every single thing will be linked down below if you use the links below it they are affiliate links of those help me out just so you guys know so use them if you would like to if you don't wander that's cool but it would be amazing if you could because that's how I'm literally take the money that I earned from that and putting it back into these halls for you guys okay first we're gonna talk about these shirt that I am wearing so this is a cure that science got succulents and cacti abs so you love this I posted it on Instagram and Twitter and so many of you guys we're so excited about it and wanted to purchase it I think right now it's like eleven dollars it's crazy crazy so cute the only thing about it is that it is a little bit boxy I believe this guy I got it in three again I will always order the largest size so some stuff on their website goes to 3x and stuff goes to 5x some stuff goes to 4x but so again check the measurements a lot of stuff will be in like us sizes if it says us sizes I usually have a better bet so it'll say like 3 X 18 20 and I'm like cool good it should fit not always does that work I always work so check the reviews but I love this shirt it's actually like the neck is a little bit big I have that problem a lot though except really narrow shoulders it's real t-shirt material Wow I say well because sometimes you think you're gonna get t-shirt material and you don't you don't let it feels just like a regular t-shirt that you would go to Target and purchase so definitely a fan of this one all right the next thing we talked about is this little lemon dress I am obsessed with this print I have a top from taured that I need to include in a haul but I haven't been buying a bunch of clothing from other places besides chien lately so I've just nunchi in malls or like fashionable halls but I need to pick up a couple more things to do like a random haul because they have a top it looks just like this dress from tour it and I absolutely love it after my graduation day at school but this is just a little lemon print dress for X so this guy went to a 4x I think I think we're gonna be good I think we're gonna be good there's no stretch in this but I feel like looking at it that it should at least fit I'm not sure how flattering it's gonna be or anything like that usually I think we'll be okay now she's so cute she's very very thin though but look at this print oh my goodness is print just so cute so cute so I'm hoping this will be a decent length it should fit another's keep saying it should fit but I'm just obsessed with lemons this lemon polka dot print is like everywhere right now I've seen someone torrid obviously like I just mentioned I saw a dress boom wanted to get but I went back to order it and they were out what's nice about this guy is it does have adjustable straps which is great because again I have those narrow shoulders are there there is a side zipper so that's always helpful I love when dresses have side zippers instead of back zippers I didn't see someone in the comments mention that it made the side fit weird because of where the zipper is but what you guys know obviously in the split-screen and the additional info I always leave after I ramble for a minute show you split screen so you guys will know but yeah this looks this looks really nicely sized I don't know I hope it works because this is a really really cute print girl and yes if you are new I say cute too much and I call everything as she or he it's just it is fun alright low so this is super super cute it is way too big in the bus the midsection actually fits pretty much perfectly like around the waist like it's it's fitting good it's not uncomfortable it's not your tie it's not too loose but the top right here like this is just awkward fitting so if you have a much larger busting I do this is gonna work great for you but it does have adjustable straps and honestly I would probably wear this with a jacket or something anyway so once I adjust the straps to being like they're fitting this way it shouldn't bother me too much that there's this extra room on the sides I do see what the person was saying in the review about the kind of wonky side zipper cuz it does weigh it down like that especially if it's too big you're gonna see it being all crazy but the dress is very very cute I really like the link I'm sorry it's really hard to see the link in here but I mean you guys can see the bottom of it the cute dress for the price point I think it was $13 not bad at all the prints adorable and again this is something that I can make work doesn't work straight out beg but I can definitely make it work next I have tried on the trick so I can tell you this guy is one yeah I don't know what they're called because the bags never say their actual names they just put an item number on there but I can tell you this guy is a 3 X so this is one of those try colored shirts it's inside out pardon me it's a really long shirt I'm five nine so I am tall for a girl but this is what the shirt looks like it's really nicely sized it might even be a little bit too big but again I don't mind that I like clothes are actually have some extra give I like being comfortable what's interesting is like the top feels like to use your material and in this middle part feels like ribbed material because it is through feel like it might end up being a little wonky like I don't feel like it's going to you know different materials wear differently and they stretch differently I feel like that may be an issue with this t-shirt after a while but I have to say the construction on this looks really really nice all of the edges are finished super impressed by this t-shirt my only worry would be that and like it might shrink differently on the different areas but it's really cute and they had super colors so if you aren't into the pink and grey you can get something different the way this t-shirt feels I'm liking it I'm liking it I love so as I mentioned before I really like this that's my only concern is the different material in the middle but as you can see it fits really loose and nice it covers my bum I'm a fan I would definitely I would order more colors and I feel like I'm gonna be able to wear just this around summer I mean it does kind of go out weird but I mean I know it's cute it's cute it's comfy that's all you need really right I bought pants okay guys I try to step outside my comfort zone cuz I like to order tops for this haul I tried to get a little bit outside of my comfort zone I wanted to try different items for you guys cuz I love wearing tops because I'm a creature of habit and I love wearing my Ford leggings so I never really strayed from that but I saw these pants and I thought they were so cute and their views look decent so let me see Oh No there really isn't much stretch to them oh okay okay there's a ton of stretch everywhere but the top really girl everywhere about the top Maya not stretchy all over like it's extra thick at the top I don't know if these are gonna fit I feel like the bottoms of them are again very very stretchy but I don't know if the rest will work these are in a size 3x they're high-waisted they look a lot cheaper in person when I thought they were going to on the website like it just looks like cheap cheap material but we will try them on we will see how it goes maybe if I can pull them up high enough they'll fit but I just don't know with this band not being stretchy at all how it's gonna work but the rest of the pants feel super stretchy there's no pockets though but it just has this cute sailor kind of feel to it with the buttons on the front I thought I'd give it go I'm worried cuz pants are like they're just so hard to get a good fit from anywhere it's just most adored leggings you know so I know it's a very thick material so I don't know how about these I'm not my hopes are not high for these all right love's these are so close so close to fitting honestly if I had someone down here and should like help me I might be able to get them on all the way cuz they are stretchy everywhere but the very top band and I can get so close you guys but I mean they're not bad it's not the most flattering cuz there's so much stretch below the band that it shows every lump and bump at least they are black though so I would feel okay wearing them high um they're a little bit weird of material but it's not bad very very close if you're a little bit smaller than me how was Lily the meze and these might be a success for you um the length is good again in fact 9 and it goes up to where I would want my high waisted pants to be it's like I'm just shiny short just tiny bit short but not bad not bad at all so I also got a skirt this isn't a 4x the pictures look really cute this oh yeah she gonna fish yeah this is a very cute little circle skirt super affordable I think it was under ten bucks and he was like nine dollars it looks like is gonna be an okay length Wow so this is really cute this is nicely nicely sized lots of stretch a lot of fabric which is nice it's cute very basic but I think it's gonna be a good one I love so this is the skirt it has so much room in it I cannot even believe like how much extra extra my has but it's still it's elastic so I mean it might slide down a little bit but for the most point in a good would stay in place I'd like to wear it with like a waist belt just over it to hold it because it is actually a little bit loose like I wish that it was a little tiny bit snugger just I wouldn't worry about it falling down and moving I want it to kind of stay in place but it's not bad at all I'd much rather have it be a little too big little to take if it's too tight it's gonna like dig in ah but if it's really nicely and I really like it's so cute ah guys what is this way to go she in so cute this one lives a 3x okay I really liked the color contrast on this it doesn't feel like your regular t-shirt material it is a little bit different it looks like it's gonna fit though it does have that kind of material that looks like it's going to be clinging it is pretty thin and see-through but again all of this clothes are all of this did all of the clothing from Shion is so affordable and so cheap that I don't really expect much when I order if it fits and it's cute like if I can make it work I'm usually like that's a good that works but I really wanted to get some t-shirts just because it's summertime that's what I normally wear in the summer time so I just thought this was cute I liked the yellow and the navy stripe it was just a little bit different for me not something I would normally go for so again the material so weird Sahn is like breathable as I would like it to be but it doesn't feel terrible and I think that the arms are gonna fit so alright love's I really like this t-shirt I think if it's really good it's like not way too big all and like it fits perfectly this is how I want a t-shirt to fit I want her to be a little bit of looseness but still be somewhat fitted you know like it's not tiny in any way which is nice because I feel like if this t-shirt were a little bit snug it might show every lump and bump but I feel like this is being decently forgiving not the most flattering thing in the world considering its horizontal straights but not the worst not the worst I like that the pocket is functional um and I get again this one came in other colors to my leggings are falling down uh so if you like it you have options I like it coffee I'll definitely definitely hundred percent will wear this it's a perfect length I like it a lot oh we got them floral I love you from floor oh she cute though this definitely feels like one of those all-over print materials one you know when material has an all-over print it kind of feels different it goes a little bit it's like thing but coated cuz it's an all-over print the inside is white the outside has a print on it this looks beautiful again it looks a little boxy I feel like they haven't really gotten like they're getting better they're getting so much better Sheena's proved so much so much over the years and I feel like they're getting better at plus-size clothing but they're not taking a lot of things are kind of boxy the length looks okay on this though if she does looks a little boxy but I think it's gonna be okay I really think this print is gorgeous I cannot wait to try this guy I think I'm gonna love it again it doesn't feel like super breathable material but I think I'm gonna like it alright love's I really do like this shirt I like the length it is really loose which is not a bad thing because I feel like you can see this material if I pull it tight it shows every lump and bump so I'm actually thankful that it is pretty loose it hangs down straight over my belly so it's not gripping anything up here look at all that extra room so again I really like this shirt their t-shirts are this is a win for these every single one so far has been good so this dress I have a feeling it's gonna be very boobie so I apologize ahead of time if my boots are out because the models loop is worth stepping out but it look super cute so this was definitely the most expensive item I have purchased from chien it retailed for $20 but I did have 20% off so I paid like what 16 16 dollars for it so they were stretched so I'm hoping yeah we should be good I don't know how the tops gonna fit though so it's pretty thin of material there is stretch there's a zipper up the back it's got like a circle skirt at the bottom I love dresses that are fit-and-flare I want it to fit at the highest point of my waist of my natural waist or like something small is pointing and flare out to cover my belly and I think I'm gonna like this I do think it's gonna be a little too low for my personal comfort and I'm wearing a grey tank top on underneath this t-shirt so when I tried on you're gonna see my tank top but I think if I work with a lace bra let or a lace tank top underneath I'm gonna feel totally fine and I love the scalloped edges they are so cute only man ceases there's not a scalloped edge at the bottom for some reason I was thinking there is going to be but there is a scalloped edge on the bus I hope it's gonna sit okay the only problem could be is like a lot of plus-size clothing doesn't put my bust very well because I am about a B or C a lot of you guys have told me I need to get fitted for bra I need to go do that the bra that I'm wearing right now is from torrid and I ordered it up but the only problem is it slides about time cuz everyone's like well maybe your bra is too small around where do you guys go on Ziggy maybe link Brian to get measured I want a bra that fits good and doesn't bunch up and doesn't slide up like I feel like I can't win I don't I don't I'm not a Bradford I'm rambling anyway I hope this dress is cute if it's really nicely it does go down just as low you can see my bra and I pulled down my tank top just as low as I thought it would it goes down as low as that one top from fashion oh but it is a little loose up here but not so loose that it's you know I wouldn't be able to wear it like you can just see the little bit of bunching but it's not bad at all I think with again if I wore like a lace tank top or like just a black tank top at least it would be really cute it's actually pretty flattering it hits me a good point right here the length is really nice it's longer than I thought it was gonna be I feel like a look much shorter in the picture so the model must have been really tall cuz I'm 5 9 and this is like more than it goes honestly to my knees so not bad at all this is actually super cute so they did good this is a good this is a win I would definitely I would wear this out all those sleeves are scalloped to at least the sleeves or scallops that's something but she cute very poofy okay we have one more item this I'm a little nervous about because it definitely does not have stretch but there were people that said that the arms fit a little bit big and there were people that said that the bigger arms I went off the reviews and I thought maybe just maybe probably gonna be wrong um but it was just so cute that I wanted to try it it's got this all like bib neck it has buttons up the front it's got a little bow tie collar I really don't know yeah I don't think I'm gonna get that in my armpit my arms are still too chunky dang it if I can get it on though at least I will show you that if not then that sucks cuz this was a more chance of item two but it was just so cute and I really was convinced items will fit the rest of my body and not fit my arms is a very common thing for me alright love so this actually fit I mean it's still kind of tight on the arms but my arms wiggled into it so Logan is attacking my leggings right now why are you doing this I thought really cute I was planning to wear it with like a high-waisted skirt or like high-waisted pants anyway oh so anyway it definitely fits now I mean I wish it was a little bit bigger in the arms but like I still have most of my range of motion it's kind of how a judge of something if it's my arms or not so it's super cool it's super cute it's got like a little collar so cute Wow I feel like I wish it was just a tiny bit bigger but it's not so small that I can't wear it Wow guys wow we're doing good all right love so that is everything I'm happy to say there are quite a few good things out of this hall I think I'm gonna love quite a few of these but anyway if you guys want to see more of these halls please let me know down below and be sure to use those affiliate links if you make any purchases so I can afford to do another hall with Cheyenne let me know what your favorite items Russia and are I would love to know and again I have more Kienholz hi my dogs guys sure sure sure sure I do have more chien holes here on my channel be sure to check those out alright lists I think that is everything I love you guys so much thank you so much for watching and I'll talk to you soon

30 thoughts on “Shein Plus Size Clothing Try On Haul June 2019

  1. When your bra rides up in the back it is
    Too big
    When trying on bras you want to choose s bra that hooks comfortably on the first set of hooks. That will give you those extra hooks to play with when your bra is too stretched out.

  2. I love Lane Bryant’s bras. But I definitely wouldn’t recommend getting a bra fitting there. I got measured one time and she insisted I was a 48 band. Like no girl I’m here because my 42’s aren’t snug enough anymore.

  3. Im super picky with bras i recommend thick bra strap around get a measuring strip n measure yourself. The reason why i get thick bra strap is to help hide the back problem my is QT bra wit wired but i take the wire out

  4. Heyyyyyy so…. this is probably not going to help all that much, but as someone who is very particular about bras, (I work blue collar so I need to be), I have had my best luck shopping local. I am around a B or a C cup. I walked into a chain plus size clothing store, (won't mention the name because I don't know what other stores are like), and was told I am an F cup. I have never, nor will I ever be, an F cup. Do some research and look for boutique lingerie places. Ideally places that have been around for a long time. Never compromise on bra measurements. It makes your life so much more uncomfortable than it needs to be.


  5. I love your fashion hauls! I'm a sz 20 and 5'8" so I feel like you represent me perfectly, and our style is similar too. I'm a legging wearer solely so I'm trying to go outside my comfort zone too. Btw Victoria's Secret will size you for a bra, they trained the associates there at least back when I worked there!

  6. Can you share your measurements? that would really help with knowing fit. If I think we are the exact same size, which will help me with shein sizing, but without that info idk. I’m also 5’9’

  7. Pleeease dont go to VS or any of those kind of places. There is no such thing as a sister size!!!Just Google bra fit specialists and you should find a professional place. This would be a fun video idea!!!

  8. Lane Bryant is the place to go for bras. Torrid is cheaper but their bras always break on me in a year. Smh I wish there were more places that sell plus size bras. It's a struggle to find a nice bra. I love the black dress and cheetah top!

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