Sewing a Coat, A Sew Along. Part 6, Cutting Out the Lining and the Interfacing

Making The Classic Roll Collar Coat Part 6 Cutting Out the lining and Interfacing So we are using most of the pieces used
for our main fabric plus of course our pocket bag This is standard quality lining and is 56″ or 140cm wide We need to make a couple of changes to our pattern Here we need to cut off the back neck interfacing We also need to remove an inch from the lining hemline We can tape it back on afterwards of course
or we can download a fresh pattern We can put the back neck interfacing pattern
on one side Nor do we need the pocket extensions So the lining is pinned
and we can go ahead and cut it out So that’s all our lining pieces Now for the interfacing This is our facing that we cut from our garment fabric It’s cut in two sections to allow the top half
to be placed at an angle so that the centre back neck is on the fold The join comes at waist level This is the piece we cut away from the coat front
in order to cut the lining So these two are exactly the same
and you can use either for the interfacing Although we have the join in our garment facing
at the waist we want the join in our interfacing at the point of the roll so that the parts of the garments that face out
are supported by the interfacing So the bottom half of the interfacing
is fused to the coat front and the top half is fused to the coat front facing so forming the top collar So we can put these on one side We’ll use this piece for front interfacing separating the top half from the bottom
half at the roll line These two are the same also The back neck facing and the interfacing This was cut from the garment back
to create the lining pattern So we need to cut that from our interfacing And lastly we need to interface the cuff
for a nice crisp finish when the cuff is turned back So we just want to cut this piece off
for our cuff interfacing So that’s three patterns to cut out of interfacing This is placed on a fold So all interfacing is now cut out You will notice that the interfacing is cut
without the seam allowance The next step is to reinforce the corners
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