Sewing a Coat, A Sew Along. Part 14, Trim Sleeves Seams & Position Shoulder Pads

Making the Classic Roll Collar Coat This is Part 14 Trim and Press Sleeve Seams
and Position Shoulder Pads The sleeve seam is now stitched and finished
with a second row of stitching I’m trimming back to the second row t’s not always necessary to trim You may want the seam allowance
to add a little bit of bulk to the sleeve head Just trim all the way round That’s looking nice and it’s not pressed yet I’m using my tailors ham
to get a good finish during pressing Don’t over press here So a light press with steam and the pressing cloth We don’t press the underarm part of the sleeve
just the crown So press the other sleeve in the same way That’s coming along Next, we are going to attach the shoulder pads We only need to stitch in a few places
just enough to hold them in position Here towards the neck and here to the sleeve seam At this stage you can try the garment on
to check the placement This is where the shoulder pads will sit Pin through from the outside So the shoulder pads are ready for stitching Stitch on the sleeve seam at the shoulder point the back and front corners and on the shoulder seam towards the neck Just a few stitches at each point will do If your garment is going to be washed you will want to be able to
remove your shoulder pads easily The coat is ready for the lining Sewing Tutorials supported by Membership Sewing Pattern Sales and Fan Funding For news of up and coming videos
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