Salus Bijoux Baby Life Jacket : ultimate water safety for your baby

Hi, this is Judy the owner of Mountain Baby today want talk to you about the Salus Bijoux Baby personal flotation device, as it’s
officially called, or life jacket as we tend to call it. This is one of the
most brilliant products ever invented it’s Canadian invented and Canadian made It’s been very very hard to find a
life jacket for a baby and so many parents are boaters or canoeists and kayakers and they
really want to share the adventure with their little babies and they really
haven’t been able to until this was invented by this
wonderful company. So the problem with life jackets for babies in the in the past was that they were
made with a lot of padding in the front as well as padding in the
back, a little bit behind the head and when you actually put a baby in the water
with that kind of life jacket, they flipped over onto their front which
obviously is a useless life jacket. so what Salus did was, said okay; the
problem is that babies… most to the weight in baby is in their head.
They have these enormous heads and his little bodies. So they created this, which is
basically all head. The baby’s head sits on this
huge huge huge thing here. In the back there’s no padding
whatsoever. So what happens when you put a a baby in
this and put them in the water, if you put them in face down even,
they immediately flip over, and they’re on their back. So essentially
it’s impossible to drown baby in this in this life jacket. It’s quite amazing actually. It works
beautifully and aside from the fact that it keeps your baby really safe, It fits beautifully on the baby so there’s no
scratchy seems anywhere. It fits beautifully on the baby’s body
so they’re super super comfortable. It’s just a a fabulous quality product
and could save your baby’s life. In fact, a couple years ago, I was talking to
the people at Salus and they said that they had gotten a call from a family that was boating on the
Saint Lawrence River. They got sideswiped and their baby actually got
thrown out of the boat, landed in the water, flipped on his back
and he just floted there and they just picked him up. That was one of the most amazing
stories… because you cannot drown a baby in this
life jacket. we think it’s the best thing in the world and recommend it to anybody’s going to be
either in a boat or even taking your baby swimming or going to the pool… or even in the
bathtub! So you know your baby’s going to be safe.
I’m and I just want to mention they come in a variety of colours. They come
in a bright green and in a blue and even in a pink. All the Salus life
jackets have the same fabulous well-thought-out
quality and they go all the way up to a 90-pound child. …anyway that’s it about the Salus
Bijoux Baby Life Jacket and so thank you for
watching the video. Please join our (YouTube) channel and share this video with your friends and your family so
they can get the same great information that you just got and learn about our products as well.
Thanks again… Judy from Mountain Baby

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  1. Can you comment on the Bijoux vs the Naya? I'm trying to decide which is the right one for our little ones. 🙂 TIA

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