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my name's sucked a bad man because I'm a bad man I'm gonna win and I'm gonna draw something was so fabulous and it's gonna have some deep do-rag black that's it yeah man damn about that yeah yeah yeah Cassidy traffic good good what about gaq presents t is for please so in this episode we're designing for different t-shirts we're gonna have a pop-up store and basically whoever sells the most wins the rules are have to print them at the same place it has to be Gilligan every street a brand uses Gildan killers straight ghillie dealer club they remove the tags so you don't even notice Gooden they charge like a dumb price we're gonna do a set price was 25 pounds black or white no customization for like that was a plot against me if these t-shirts go well you can take this much name anywhere like prisoners mouth nuts bubble head hi laughs oh um light bulb CD cases do ramps non-stick pans viq conditioner so we attended summer pop-up so we need to design we to finalize need to execute let's go I'm on my way to go see my friend Butler he's an amazing artist he's collaborated with adidas on an exhibition he's collaborated with Doc Martens and he's also the creative director called Tinie Tempah's brand what we were but I was speaking about my initial ideas you know get some inspiration from him I thought like there might be things that he probably wouldn't someone like him always has a lot more experience in industry than I do work like your creative creating art and not exactly what a painted girl look like before I paint it's all about creating something that someone can experience like I'll do packaging well you're gonna put it inside it's good boy like a customer is kind of bad it's more than designer to teacher I really don't think about it's actually harm present in it yeah look you have to be like a little like kinda like installation there were so many things that you said yeah that I've overlooked and I know it took consideration to even think about so I'm all the way to Oxford to go see shirt work so the guys are gonna be printing my tea I already know what I wanted for my tea he came up with the design the concept straight to my boy jr. he drew it up for me knew exactly what I wanted so I'm going directly to them guys there are some questions I'm not leaving it to chance I need to see my design nothing can go wrong affection inspiration for my design is kind of I don't know if you've ever played GTA neon like the old GTA style the spider when it initially from the top of the t-shirt to the bottom and I wanted to have like the men climbing up with their guns but on this heist and aim of the highest is to blow up the heart while we blowing up a shout-out to Shaq he loves getting his heartbreaker and so this one's for him if you sell a million at least give me a call how long is this gonna take to print immediately to get it done in time boy skin of our teeth we're gonna be okay candy things about the best is I I like this one the other guys are a little bit more conventional so you could win this – thank you very much thank you very much my pal challenge I needed a hand so I hit Maria from cop soon because cops in is a brand that I love we almost have similar interests and so far where it is all about this kind of like good vibes she invite me to a studio spirits about to go in have a chat tell me what how did it start like how did you kick off the round one year I was living in Barcelona over the summer and I decided a blogspot which was like things that was interested in which style electronic music and skateboarding kind of site to get following through that I found this there's called masculine and balan this calendar it just have like loads of Mel torsos and pastel colors and some reason I was like I need that on a t-shirt so I got fast t-shirt so I with the creative process like how would you start off I know I need to do a t-shirt if you have a place where you just save so yeah print it all are put it on the wall and then it will just like become clear and then if there's anyone that you've ever wanted to work with it's kind of like bring it all together does pack have an Instagram here Q dot official so I've already finished off my design I've decided I'm gonna go and look for whoever actually gonna hold the pop-up I'm going to me a guy called Russ from a pier here he's gonna take me to a few spots he did say that he's got somewhere in mind for us to do our pop-up what is up here here we make it possible for anyone anyone with a night where we got t-shirt brand or whether you're a luxury fashion group to go online and book a shop like you with a hotel where would you see is the best area for Astro Airport box so if we start to think about like where please people like supreme and palace and stuff like that place it's often Soho you know you've got to make the experience interesting when people are there the reason why people go to stores is you want that experience you want so it's good disappeared tomorrow you want to meet the people behind the idea I started off our business doing my own t-shirt so I actually started off with a pop-up for a week the place I've got on my mind is right next to where I launched that original store so when I was speaking I rewrote cops and she was saying stare true and just kind of stick to what you know my friend is he's a phenomenal artist she doesn't get the recognition that she deserves if I could bring her to design the t-shirt I get the lads in big to be the design that I've incorporate my friends are and the button that I like kind of go around with when it comes to design ideas a strong concept this wonderful movie gjs the highest I help my boy jr. he literally took the visuals from my brain and made it a reality my idea for my teacher is small now why they are people we go through things in our life such as depression anxiety a lot of the time they might have to force their emotions or act happy kind of mask how they fought because they don't want to show that I want to show that yeah it's okay to cry – no I'm saying I mean I feel like it's really relevant to myself because I've had four operations before in the past I'm a heart patients Kimura is the pop up I am so excited if we have a P Q and a man's brain waves powerful vehicle a days to write your poems on part that I'm putting about most of all ten of these canvases somebody little terms associations on this lap full ones for I could paint ten pictures in one night couldn't do it I only did four because I fell asleep the theme of this t-shirt it plays on like life and death but not in like a dark way more like a now you're questioning it kind of way yeah I cut I dig it I dig it so we'll see we'll see what happens sir at the top football ready is 10:25 we've arrived here about 10 some of these guys been to it since 8 we've all arrived now I guess it's time to do the grand unveiling see it will stop let's go that's good I wish I could belly hey ready yeah Oh bring all the sleep again there's a guy outside we basically go every do whole store we have 15 minutes so I'll see how I'm saying mascara just go right I was first in queue I got here on like 755 or something crazy that people opposed really been the I'm a big kind of icky came all the way from Malaysia to see pack efficient she's something different now there was anyone like that before he's got a train from Burma do it's rushed on the tube to here look I want to meet them apart so we're about to open we got frontier when the tills she's making sure that everything goes smoothly so there's no cheating look at me okay I say that day that there's no teachers when they haven't got some classes but I didn't want to put anything I've already done before so I thought let me just do something this specifically for this challenge I came up with this summer t-shirt was cool we want onion chef I know you're not gonna like I don't even I don't even blame them I like my black color so obviously got me oh and neon everywhere is first person I was the first person to install the shirt I got Danny shirt obviously it's very early still shacks made the temperature change the times let's see current sort of back this is what a party's at everyone coming in from the stores obviously going straight to the front of the store with other guys muscle alive then we've been making their way down here before they can see artists because these guys are chirps and them from the start we need to switch it off switch the rails make it fair and get some get some people seeing me and exes too you know it's a hard decision I like to design I like the console our boot shacks one I'm not gonna lie I bought it and I boy it with black passion I swiped a hard time on sharks t-shirt I love the print on the front Naga the Danny really nice design I'm gonna say okay guys come by my tisha this is like GTA by sea inspired tear just told me that since I don't like a little speech my sauce I've grown up I'm Dex I'm from PAQ I'm a man with many names bill mystery if it's relatable to you then invest in it there's a concept behind it if you generally have the condition with some of this but because you listen to what I say before what they're saying if you have a four- can remember you met Dexter kiyah kiyah yeah you can only choose one ass instead he loved the colors the colors pop that's exactly why we're here but I just saw our medium it actually since I'm poppy up sword a lot more listen guys just coming it's Comic Con where you don't want to come okay small small cutting a small last one left and you I never done this before a problem apparently so you've got the steam for their good explosions concept but this is as you said so what t-shirt you now I'm thinking about buying is it okay coming close you know on the connect I'm going I'm going home I'm going home innit there's only a few money now it's fine like hotcakes like and we picked up and picked up the pace still sailing I'm selling first of all I'm gonna say a big thank you to everyone that came down and showed you a support like the love was unreal we had commentary Birmingham the Philippines Singapore yeah Malaysia Malaysia so sick about how all the girls Ellis was playing with where she ended up becoming friends flashed his teeth a little bit you know drawed him in at the beginning of the day me and Dexter position at the back with you guys Danny and Shaq at the front where where are the people you were hugging them all Danny what a Salesman I'm not gonna lie you got the northern charm any better shock with the emotive you know really drawing people in with a poem the mean in Dexter's was kind of like guilt trip and everybody to buy the t-shirt how patients are there anyone who goes through things let's just make a campaign saying yes let's get this up now we might disqualify him and kick him out now so I'm there's gonna be an open space for anyone who wants to be involved yeah so man you got it girl good to have you see I came through earlier she got us some t-shirts that have numbers on it that's how many t-shirts we all sword so we're gonna open the packages see the numbers and see who won what do you guys think we've got I'm hoping at least way plus I'm gonna say like 2635 that's my favorite number decent okay 36 yeah that's a lot and you know it that's actually my favorite number funny enough no I'm actually very happy about that you know I didn't think I'll even solve that many feelings 46 Wow Wow 46 is my favorite number you know cause it's 10 wood in Dexter's I sold 46 out of 50 t-shirts amazing I'm so happy about that 39 it's too much like the numbers are higher everyone's so high in the Shockers were like in the lead is a strong lead as well so shucks congratulations my guy if my teacher wasn't there and I'd to pick between them free walk out the store go to a rival girl like to somewhere else in it you're lyin are you guessing dude yeah she's we are PAQ this has been t slippies shock is your crown winner thank you for watching big love to everyone that came down supported peace if he wasn't able to get down we've got some good news for you me and the boys have created an online exclusive for you guys at home releasing today link here Kyra webshop limited release go get it

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