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  1. The dress was beautiful timeless elegant I was absolutely in awww of it the veil with a flower 🌸 for every commonwealth state on it I think 54 embroidered flowers on it

  2. So disappointing, such a dull, bland & ill-fitting wedding dress, it bunches across her middle & makes her waist look square, just unflattering on so many levels!

  3. The whole wedding was awkward.
    It felt like watching a scene from a comedy movie or a prank show.
    With the royals present and the guests dressed formal, it sure was a Royal event but didn't feel that way for some reason.

  4. omg shallap about the dress, it's the marriage that counts. I don't think she had much of a choice either

  5. I was surprised and disappointed too, but remember she had to have the Queen's approval. At least Harry didn't care, because the way he kept looking at her was priceless.


  7. british always be the first to show no racism to any colour of people. american should learn from them.

  8. Congratulations to both Husband and wife may the Good Lord bless their Wholly matrimony .people remember that the Bride is Half black so when the couple start to have children and may one or two comes out with a dark complexion be nice just remembered the couple new that the wife is half black

  9. The best is the tiara and veil embroidered with Commonwealth flowers which rescue the dress from stiff formality. The dress has ill-fitted sleeves and a baggy bodice because Givenachy staff don't know how to measure the bride. A silver beaded belt and a necklace could lift this dress out of the boring. Her hairdresser let side wisps of hair to drop. Her make-up is too plain. Meghan's prettiness rescues her and she still looks chic. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HAPPY COUPLE.

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  11. The dress is beautiful but I hate to say it but I love Kate's dress better. But I get were Harry and Meghan were going with the wedding it was about them and not everyone else. Harry you were just dashing so handsome and I thought a little taken back and a little shy again I was surprised by how calm he was. Diana was definitely in the church with her son, son's. Diana would be so proud of her boys and the lady's they have chosen and her beautiful grandchildren William and Harry have carried out Diana's wishes to make a difference in the world and they have done just that. Congratulations to you both..

  12. soooo the lights went off and im just now seeing her wedding dress….I have never cried so hard at a royal wedding.

  13. Her dress didn't need to be glitter and diamonds she's the star of the day and she dressed appropriately for her age and the fact that this is her second marriage her beauty comes from within and thru Harry's Eye's so for all those single, miserable, stuck in a bad marriage haters guess what She's a Princess and your just you…

  14. Meghan was beautiful today..she can pull off a simpler dress… Prince Harry said she looked amazing….these two are in love..it's refreshing… Congratulations

  15. Look, l have to be fair! l have and will always support Meghan and Harry….The wedding was beautiful! Meghan looked beautiful, her mom was amazing! Harry was tearing up through out the wedding, which was touching! However, l was very disappointed with her dress, and even more disappointed with her hair….her makeup was disappointing too! for one day, she should have went heavy on the makeup! Fya the hairdresser! but overall the wedding was beautiful! love the song, stand by me…also love the black preacher…but he should have not go on an on…. overall, ground breaking,! Epic!

  16. Ok, I really need to hear some honesty from the fashion police about thus dress. Loved the ceremony and congrats to both of them, but seriously the dress was a mess and everyone is sucking uo and saying it was wonderful just because of the magnitude of the wedding. That dress was so vanilla.

  17. You guys are missing the point. She wanted to be as simple as possible. Little makeup. Little done with the hair. Plus she’s not the future queen so her wedding dress doesn’t need to be as spectacular as Kate’s was.

  18. It's just so strange how she seems to have no family besides her mom and no friends from before she became famous. She had celebs she's known a few years sitting where any family should have been. I don't know.

  19. The AMOUNT OF HATE OVER A WEDDING DRESS by mostly WOMEN is appalling ITS HER WEDDING NOT YOURS !!!! JFC your soo pathetic!!!! Loved it stunning 💥

  20. I'm disappointed to see such a plain dress.She usually dresses so beautifully. She is full of SURPRISES😍

  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7HrpiTou58………………………prince harry and meghan markle wedding first look

  22. White wedding gown! Isn't that supposed to be a sign of getting married for the first time depicting virginity?

  23. Such a beautiful bride. She looks 26 not 36 at all. She's found true love by the tender looks on Harry's face. I wish them nothing but the very best.

  24. Her beauty sparkle in this simple elegant dress…it was exactly what I expected…beautifull…

  25. I watch this wedding this morning without any sound
    ~ I couldn't help myself I laughed so much! It made for great early morning entertainment

  26. Why did they have to cut it off right there? I wanted to see prince Harry’s reaction!!😭😭😭

  27. Congratulations !!! Meghan looks absolutely beautiful and her wedding dress is stunning. The elagance of the dress is amazing. I wish the couple all the best .

  28. The ceremony…beautiful…the dress would have been fine if it had been properly altered..it was ill fitted.

  29. ….Would of been nice to see her Dad walk her down isle if he was well ….otherwise still very lovely wedding 💑

  30. Megan markle is a beautiful lady but whoever helped her with her hair style and her dress FAILED big time. I was very disappointed unfortunately.


  32. This house I'm in is surrounded by two church then when they said right on the time the bells of the church exactly on time

  33. Face it, the dress was just…..a sack! It didn't fit in the shoulders and the top part reminded me of a sweat shirt I once had. Some commentator said Kate's gown was not copied like they had hoped but she felt this bag Megan wore WILL be, uh, sorry but I don't know anyone who would consider this their dream gown! I get the whole less is more /understated elegance and all that but this gown was stone cold dowdy, nothing else to say about that. I personally liked the hair, it framed her beautiful face and the veil WAS understated and elegant. She was a beautiful bride but it was because of her God given stunning beauty, not that gunny sack she must have picked out in a dark room the night before the wedding.

  34. I swear, if I see another one of these wedding videos in my feed, my phone is flying out the window 😒

  35. Omfg, that dress is not regal what so ever. That dress gave us literally NOTHING. It’s not beautiful, it’s not ugly either it’s just NOTHING. Saying the dress is Basic would be an understatement.😒

  36. You’d think she’d go with an extravagant veil or a big fancy tiara to go with the simple dress…. but no.

  37. She should have said "No" to the dress. This looks more like a bridesmaid dress.. too plain. Her hair looked flat and not well styled and her make up too natural. Simplicity can be beautiful but not for a royal wedding. Just watched Kate Middleton's video and she looked so much better.

  38. I must say how impressed I am at her beauty! I notice she didn't wear much makeup. And her dress was very Audrey Hepburn, she didn't try to outshine Katherine who will be the future Queen of England!
    Now are they not twayne then, but one flesh. Let not man therfore put a sunder, yt which God hath coupled together.

  39. I think the simplicity of the dress makes it CHIC and TIMELESS. It reflects her personality. She's not trying to show off or compete with royalty. She's setting her own standard. Good for her. The real JEWEL is her. I loved her simple bracelet. I wear bracelets all the time too.

  40. she should ware this dress to her wedding.Maghan wedding dress didn't look like royal weeding gown.there was nothing on wow factor.this was last royal family Prince wedding n bride dress should be so beautiful n prefect…but too boring. princess Dianna dress was so beautiful like a true princess. people said that Meghan wedding dress was classic hahaha funny…but she looked so simple n boring too…not like a princess at all….May be people don't like my comment but this my point of view.

  41. So beautiful ! So romantic! 😍💗💖💕Congratulation!! 😍🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉👏👏💖💙💚💜💖💗💖💕💘💙💚💖💜 God bless them !

  42. No one stops to analyze this like with everything else going on in the world. She was born in the US not the UK so therefore she is illegal (not for long) she turned her back on her own home country where she couldn't make it as an A list celebrity so she did the next best thing – become a royal in the UK. She's like Melania Trump in that sense. She's not marrying for love but for the opportunity she din't have in the US. That's very sad. She would rather marry into that dysfunctional royal family who killed princess Diana rather than stay in the US and stick to cable TV star status. I feel very sorry for her. Riches and fame is an illusion and a trap. Have fun

  43. I would have been scared if I was her.
    Because they might planned my death before I got married to Harry.

  44. Ok… i know simplicity is nice, but that wedding dress crosses the line. Sorry but, she looks like she wrapped a bed sheet arond her body…c'omon its a royal wedding, is'nt it?

  45. Omg!!! Did she get married on the moon??????? She is no more special than other women we are all our parents prince and princesses so that means that all weddings are "royal" my wed dress from 1994 had more detail , no one paid for it, my personal bank loan did. Don t make such a big thing about this. All forgotten in a week s time!!

  46. everyone has such negative things to say about her like she's trash she's been married before or she after him for his money the tabloids never stop. but I bet if she was a white (different race none of this would matter because she married a prince.,…..love sees no color you fall in love with who u love and if loves her then that's all that really matters

  47. I was positively surprised by the dress. I expected it to be a bit over the top, but it was very classic, modest and beautiful. I especially liked the long delicate veil.

  48. I love a simple, elegant gown that is timeless. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  49. Alo saludos fue cuatro de julio yo lo dedique ay. Otros y as ok a esto mundial mente se da grc como mínimo me kedo ay donde un dia. Se lo dedique a otros y as grc grc grc es julio por año ses por vida siguiente. Mañana. Esto lo vivo yo me. Da me dio. Grc. Grc grc. V uelvo. V uelvo colores de vida saludos imagen grc grc grc.

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