Riverdale Halloween Costumes: Betty and Veronica Costume (get ready with us!)

Veronica goes like she really goes like this. Oh, yeah. She does. She just like something weird like Hey Lina, I’m here with my friend Maria. And today we’re gonna be turning into Betty and Veronica from Riverdale I figured I had like dark hair and she has blonde hair so it works out well and we’re just gonna be getting ready doing our makeup and our hair and Showing you the outfits and yeah, if you do like this video Make sure to give it a thumbs up hit that subscribe button and turn on your Bell notifications if you want to check out Maria I’ll leave her Instagram and stuff down below. Yeah, let’s just get right into it I’m just gonna do my makeup first and then we can do our hair. Betty is very natural doesn’t Veronica like wear red lipstick sometimes Yeah, that’s true. Okay Veronica is like a little bit more dramatic. I feel like maybe some eyeliner. Yeah Betty I feel like it’s just like natural and like glowy. Yeah, that’s what I would do I don’t know feel like I do you can tell though I’m sick like yeah. Yeah sounds like I’m sick You can tell I’m sick, so Yeah But you’re still going out I am I am oh so should I tell my KJ Apa story? Yeah what the heck! This is like so good for the video. Yeah, it’s like Riverdale related. Aha. So we were like in a film our video so I went to the dollar store and like grab a few things today and um We walk in and my sister, she’s with me and she’s like this boy, She’s like points out that boy She’s like, oh my god, like he looks he looks so much like KJ APA, but like cool costume Yeah, like she though He’s dressed up as him for Halloween cuz everyone is dressed up there Yeah, and um and I’m like wait Helena, That is KJ Apa. Oh my god, and um, there was like he was up the till and he was like buying a ton of stuff for Halloween and He was like talking about how he was like deciding on his like last-minute Halloween costume. Oh my gosh So, um, yeah, that was really cool though But it was weird to see him like in real life like his hair is so red my gosh yes cuz they have to like dye it like pretty bright – I kind of wanted to- so wild Yeah, you didn’t even like go up to him. No, I wanted like a picture obviously Yeah, like that would be cool but I didn’t want to be annoying because There was already like so many girls swarming him and stuff and every I was like being like that I was okay. Like I feel like she doesn’t want that. Yeah We went out last night – yeah, I think we’re both like kind of dead. Yeah, but it’s Halloween Yeah, we honestly are kind of grandmas when we go out Yeah, we literally leave so early just to get food. It was like 12 o’clock and Lina was like there just sleeping on the dance floor I’m gonna insert a clip of me literally falling asleep at the club Oh, yeah, we’re such grandmas. Like we literally left at midnight Oh You know, I love us together too because like all our friends want to leave and Lina and I – I mean they all want to stay and Then Lina and I are just like down to leave we’re like, okay, we did some dancing like like had some fun. We’re good. Yeah, exactly We don’t have Uber yet in Vancouver which sucks. what the heck! what I also like I can maybe you could make a rant video just on that Also, like if you were marketer you could market it so well like VancUber, you know what I mean? like, oh haha I love that’s such a good opportunity and y’all are just not and I really would Like I sometimes just take bronzer and put in my crease and I’ll take highlight put it yeah Under my brow bone. Cuz we’re still going out Well, yeah, cuz you also don’t want to look like 12 Yeah, like 16 which is like what they’re supposed to be there I always forget but they’re supposed to be like 16 year olds in the show Yeah, but but Lina and I we get younger so much. Yeah Yeah, we’ll do it together and people be like, oh, are you in first year or like you’re not legal? Yeah, okay Remember that one time I got turned away from the club because they thought my ID was fake oh my gosh Yeah, and then I had to come out Yeah So like Maria gets in the club like everyone all our friends get in the club and then it’s like my time to like give them ID and this bouncer is like This IDs fake. I’m like, it’s it’s my driver’s license. Like I don’t know what you want me to do Like it’s my real ID. He was like it’s fake its fake blah blah blah He like kicks me out of the line and Maria has to come out and like rescue me Yeah, is he just he was like you’re not like you’re 19 You look like a 16 when I was like no, it’s a real ID Yeah, didn’t even bother to like go in and swipe it. Yeah Didn’t even trust me. you what? I just licked my finger Do you ever eat that? I mean not eat it. Okay, but low key though like you do kinda eat it If you put it on your lips it like tastes good. You’re supposed to like eat it off I think is it because it’s like sugar it’s like sugar scrub I’m gonna see if she like does a winged eyeliner- a very tiny little wing I never really wear blush I like rarely- I don’t ever wear blush actually Should I put highlight too or is that like too much for her? Maybe a little bit Cuz we’re going out. The lipgloss It’s like very and Betty like- Oh I should put under eyes concealer. I love that for you. Okay? Cami has like actually like pretty arched eyebrows. I like I’m definitely not gonna try that I’m just gonna fill in my normal shape because otherwise it will look really terrible It’s like very natural It’s just an annoying cuz it gets like hard sometimes and then it’s all over by the brush gets hard all the time. So that’s what she said This is the finished makeup look Hers is like very like natural Betty like and then and I did my eyebrows a a little harsher than I would and I put on some like Darker lipstick like Veronica would wear and I have like the pearl necklace – looking beautiful Gotta put that heat protectant on Yes. Okay, I gotta take this down, it’s probably a mess. Okay, she’s she’s gonna do that like high like ponytail that Betty does This curler in us like my Holy Grail like I love this curler so much Oh my god, that looks like fun bad timing. Okay I think that’s good for my ponytail Yeah, it’s good All right so I placed an order with forever 21 for the t-shirt for the costume and As you can see this is in my order saying and let me just click on it so you can see the color Okay. So like this is the color that I should have gotten. It’s basically yellow But look this is the color that I actually ended up getting. This is like I don’t even know like yellow poo or something it’s like really dark mustardy color and you know, it’s Definitely not what I ordered Okay, so we already have the shirts on but I have I bought these shorts from Garage They’re really like $10 and they’re the actual color. But then when we decided we’re gonna do this together, these were sold out Yeah, so like I had to borrow these ones- they look enough like it Yeah, so they like look pretty similar and these were just mine. They’re kind of like Oldish, but they’re gonna work- I especially love the quote – realist. Oh, yeah so cheesy, so cringy And then yeah, I like DIY the socks. So instead of thing about the socks. I Wasn’t able to order the socks in a way that they would get to me on time so I just bought some plain white socks and Some fabric paints for Michael’s which was only like three or four dollars something like that and we’re just gonna DIY the socks All right I got tape and I’m actually gonna run a little test trial before I do the real thing Just because I’m I want to see like what the consistency of the paint is instead of the cup We’re gonna be using this like Glade Lysol Cleaning thing cuz I don’t really care if this gets stained. You know, I Don’t have a paintbrush I just realized I don’t have a paintbrush and I didn’t think this would be an issue because I hope we have paintbrushes but I Forgot that I live on my own now, and I don’t own paintbrushes What the heck am I gonna use for this? my fingers like I Guess I can use like q-tips. Okay, we’re gonna use q-tips maybe if I just like I think I’m just gonna Get to work on the real sock Okay? Okay, I feel happy about this Okay Picasso, who am I right? Okay, so I have the three pieces of tape. This is the one that I’m gonna be taking off It was just being used for a reference for like how wide I want the stripe to be So now I take this middle piece off and I fill in between the two pieces of tape right here if you’ve been watching Riverdale season three. Let me know in the comments down below. What was the most like shocking moment that you found in the seasons? So far, I just I really don’t know what’s going on with this whole gng game I mean, who is this Gargoyle person? The black hood was like so much more straightforward You know, you know, I mean the black hood was just a serial killer with this gargoyle person like I don’t really know if it’s supposed to be like kind of supernatural or not because they also just brought in Sabrina and that’s Supernatural and they live in the same universe. I I don’t know. I don’t really know what’s happening So let me know in the comments down below what you think of Riverdale season three this kind of therapeutic. It really is I feel like I should put on some like instrumental music and just Be an artist with a q-tip. I have a freaking I’m doing this with a q-tip Why didn’t I I like still can’t get over the fact that I didn’t buy a freaking paintbrush I Feel like I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve actually additional Riverdale before I’ve auditioned for Veronica, Toni and One of the cheerleaders Oh Midge and Midge Little fun fact to put out there. I think that the girls that they casted are like really great though. So Low-key glad I didn’t go to me. Well not like glad but like they clearly deserve the parts they got And ultimately it’s about what best serves the story, right? Okay, so I finished the first sock. This is what it looks like I hope when I take the tape off it’s all gonna look okay Okay, let’s do three more of those socks Here we go. Oh, okay. Just Mommy I got paint on my finger Thank goodness I have this tiny little piece of paper towel leftover a Little Van Gogh over here a little Van Gogh over there. On another note Can someone please let me know why Jughead picked his name to be Jughead we all know his real name is like Forsythe Pendleton, which is FPS name of P Forsyte Pendleton and like Jughead pick his own name because he didn’t want to be called Forsythe but Why would you pick Jughead? Why not? Just pick like Jake or Ben or I don’t know like a more Common name or I don’t know what name is not Jughead, you know that’s Thanks for coming to my TED talk letting them hang there with the tape and then I’m gonna take the tape off I actually already took the tape off of this one and it turned out pretty good. It’s looking You know pretty straight pretty good, and I guess I’ll give you like I only have one song on the but We’re just gonna get changed and show you the final- the final look I have this Pearl necklace for Veronica’s, she liked always wears one. Is it real pearls? Hell no, I can’t afford that It’s like five dollars from forever 21 Okay, this is like what the necklace looks like. I don’t even know why she Oh, okay, you can’t even see her. Oh, okay do it. Yeah. Yeah. She’s straight up doing the splits

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  1. They call him jughead bc it's based off of Archie comics and one of them is jughead who is dating betty look it up

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