Rita Ora’s Post Malone Costume Was So Good Press Keeps Confusing Them

-Dude, last time you were here
we talked about — you dressed up for Halloween
as Post Malone. -Yeah. I know. -No, you got to see it.
It’s unbelievable. -After we spoke about it,
it kind of went everywhere, more than I thought it would. -Yeah.
-After we spoke about it. -Well, here’s —
Well, this is funny because the “Hollywood Reporter”
tweeted out something. -Dude.
-Did you see this? -Did I see this? It really made me laugh. -It was — It says #Grammys. Camila Cabello, @iamcardib
and Post Malone to perform at the Grammy Awards, and here’s a photo
of all of them. But that is not Post Malone.
That is you. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Dude, that is you dressed up
as Post Malone. [ Laughter ] I mean, how funny is that?
-Hey. -You have to frame this. -I’m like, “Oh, my gosh.” When I looked at that, I was
like, “Someone’s getting fired.” [ Laughter ] -How great is that?
-That was so funny. Everyone kept tweeting me
and I was like, “Hey, am I performing at
the Gram– oh, it’s not me.” -Yeah, I know.
[ Laughter ] You’re doing this cool thing. You’re having
your own line of tequila. -Oh, my goodness. Yes. Oh, I have some for you,
by the way. -Prospero.
-Oh, yes. Yes. -Prospero.
-Prospero. -Pros– Prospero.
-Yeah, I know. I love the hand gesture
at the same time. -Yeah, I do it at the same time. Yeah, I was like,
“Just — Grab a shot.” -It’s really cool, actually.
It’s a cool story. I’ll give you a quick lowdown. Basically, I’ve been asked
a few times. I see so many influential people
kind of do deals with alcohol brands and things
like that, and I just kind of thought,
“You know what?” I met this incredible woman. Her name is Stella,
and she’s from Mexico, and she’s only one of
a few women distillers in the whole world, and the alcohol industry is so
male-dominated, I just was like, “You know what? It’d be really
cool to create a drink that I can drink
and I like tequila, and it be made by a woman.” -Hey, good for you.
-And the backstory behind it was I really wanted
to bring feminine power into the industry like alcohol. So that was the position
behind Prospero. -Prospero.
-Yeah. -Congrats on that. Good for you.
[ Cheers and applause ] -And it’s out.
You guys can go get it. Get wasted.
-It’s available now. -Have a good time with it. -Yeah, before you go
see “Pikachu.” -Yes.
-No, don’t do that. -Oh, yeah.
Also, we’re doing this. -Well, dude, this is — this is
how fun you are, though. -I want to do everything, guys.
-You really do. But you’re great at everything.
-Thank you. -Not only are you in this movie,
who do you play in this movie? -Dr. Laurent. I play the head of the lab. -Aha.
-Yeah. -And you’re helping out
little Pikachu? -And it’s actually a really
pivotal scene in the movie. Well, I mean, it’s out
this week, by the way. You guys should go check it out,
and I’m helping all the Pokémon. -I mean, how cute? -It’s really fun, actually, and I did a song with Kygo, which we’re gonna sing
for you guys. -I love that you do that too
’cause you go like, “Yeah, I’ll do this movie. Hey, by the way,
should I do the soundtrack?” [ Laughter ] I mean, dude,
two for the price of one when you got Rita Ora
in your movie. -Aww.
-This is the credits. -Yeah, I wanted to do
something really different. I’ve never done a movie
like this before. I did it with “Fifty Shades”
too. I was in “Fifty Shades,” and I was kind of was like, “Hey, dudes, do you want to
just, like, use my songs?” So I did the same thing.
Same approach for this. And they loved it and it’s
the only song on the whole score and — yeah, it’s just
gonna be fun because — -It’s you and Kygo. -Me and Kygo, and he is
an amazing producer and writer. -Have you worked with Kygo
before? -No. I wanted to and I kind of
re-brought this song back to life ’cause I was trying
to make this song with him a long time ago,
and he was kind of like, not over it but forgot about it because he has
so many amazing songs. And I was like, “Dude, this song will be perfect
for the soundtrack.” So we kind of brought it
back to life. So it all kind of
worked out in the end. -Well, I can’t even tell you how
much we love you here. I want to you come on our show
every single night. -Please, ’cause I have
so much fun. I can just sit in the corner
and drink alcohol. [ Laughter ] -Rita Ora, everybody.

71 thoughts on “Rita Ora’s Post Malone Costume Was So Good Press Keeps Confusing Them

  1. I love how she manages to direct the conversation even when Jimmy is still goofing around 😁👍

    the Post Malone thing is totally hilarious!! 😂😂
    I was at the Halloween show and I did not recognize her either at first, hahahaha (sorry Rita, I did not have my glasses on!) 🙏

  3. I'm very influential should I invest in cheap clean water and recyclable containers and promote it
    Nahh guess I'll just make booze

  4. She’s so so so so sweet! And so down to earth… and she makes lovely music!❤️
    What more to ask for!
    She’s perfect ❤️

  5. I'm glad she has other business ventures because to this day I do not know even one Rita Ora song. The only thing I know her for is being Rob Kardashian's ex-girlfriend.

  6. Oh dear God. Can we have a conversation for once that does NOT include female empowerment…
    Do you not realize Dear that there are FEMALE dominated sectors of society? Do you see men go on rants about it?
    Ladies night at the bar…where you get to drink for free…and men are still expected to pick up the tab on the date…I would love those privileges.

    Oh right..and I would also love to take you for everything in divorce settlements and get full custody of the children.
    This ranting stuff is fun.,

  7. Theres female influence in the industry… Pink has a alcohol line and of course Bethenny Frankels skinnygirl is big…Etc!!!

  8. My goooosh Riiitaaaaa
    Giiiiiirl you are sooo talented
    Trully in love with you
    I could marry youuu Ritaaa
    Please be the women of my life 😘😘😘😘

  9. ppc Ora)) need Jimmy treat old stile bush jokes) shoe TRUMP say FAKE)) ahahaah to many female influence… for me this to work but im Green) on > ez win

  10. Not going to lie, getting her on "Ew!" would be a coup. Because it would be soooooooooooo unlike her.

  11. Rita ORA from KOSOVO🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  12. Jesus Christ who cares who makes the alcohol. Yes less Empower women power women by serving them alcohol lol. Only a celebrity with some feminist brainwashing would say something as stupid as what she just said.

  13. Every time I see Rita I think about her secret relationship with Rob Kardashian and that the break up sent him into a depression and the weight gain. I cannot seem to separate her from it.

  14. It`s all cute and all, but why is it that smoking for apparent reason are unhealthy but alcohol is still accepted even though it accounts for more decease and death related issues and still is considered social acceptable ? and before one defends its position in society and argues that alcohol only affects on a personal level please remember that alcohol abuse affects childreen on a much larger scale given that childreen of alcohol depended parents are a huge social and economic problem in western society leaving childreen traumatized for life and at risk of developing alcohol related problems themselves

  15. Aaaannnnnnnnnddddddddd I can't see anything past those plastic cheeks.
    Why did she ruin herself she used to be beautiful

  16. How the fuck do you manage to bring feminism into this Jesus Christ. It’s male dominated because females aren’t interested in it. No one is stopping them from being a distiller.

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