Rihanna's FENTY Clothing Line… | $3,000 try-on haul

okay hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Tia Walker if you were new hello how you doing subscribe why not subscribe alright and if you are returning supported thank you so much for tuning in yet again to another video I love you so much I just wanted I love y'all so much because I'm in here asking hello Fuji my makeup is probably sweating off my AC is not working and I won't be here buying $3,000 or at the 15 and my agency not working know somebody's going on with my building right now and yeah this AC is I'm struggling in here y'all it is so hot but I'm excited today we're doing a spin see how I got three boxes in the back I didn't open them for them like I'm waiting to film and I want to get a first impression so let's just get into the Pez Oh so before I get into hurry up yeah I gotta go change I was trying to be bougie for the video I can't do it no more I need something more lightweight so I'll be right back I'll be right back next Brooklyn FB I don't know I'm originally from Brooklyn very gay for a green area so got from the VK let me know when it comes up and lo R up with it and I feel so much better about life it is high spec 78 degrees in here but let's get with my order okay so I wouldn't like $3,000 worth since it was with like 2800 but I had a problem with tried to pay I ended up making two orders so they were like 2,800 each and I try to do it through PayPal so like almost six thousand dollars came out of count because when I was trying to purchase it it was looking I got to invite it so I had to do it again and I actually already did and so six thousand dollars came on my account and they couldn't find out to ordered and go through but it still came on my account because their PayPal system was down so I had to order it again and that's why my stuff came a little late you know this little salty so I ended up having to pay with another card this quality is in saying like it's so thick and I did not expect that but I mean obviously you pay for you pay for the quality but this it's so thick and heavy and so cute so I'm very simple sometimes when it comes to my outfit stuff up this button-down white t-shirt I can just throw one with some hills and yeah I think it's so cute because I always wear stuff like this but this is good point like this is the best quality of all of my big white t-shirts and this is cute like the detailing is just so cute I leave it this is the first outfit y'all I love this because I will honestly wear this every day so this is the oversize denim shirt I got in my thighs so I got this in a size 42 and this was how much was it and I'll put the price on the screen this is how it looks it's so like I really love it in the quality I just love oversized clothes despite long the back short on the front as I live on the side is really really cute and you can just wear this fight so you can't get a dirty but I always wear white clothes and the most that I do is get like makeup right here but this is so cute yeah the quality and the details are the same this detail on the back see that it's so I love this I'm gonna pile over tomorrow who gonna check me boo boo don't check me close but now I just sometimes you get addicted to the quality and probably makes a big difference to me like when I'm going stores and I just get something and this poverty isn't as great I usually only wear it once you know but if the quality is good I will wear everything today I don't care I paid for it I'm aware period so I got this fancy hat the white cap girl why did I do that because all of my white hat it's so dirty I can't actually try it on cuz I have a ponytail right now but this kill simple like it's a simple white cap just just regular yes minty on the side you can't really see it because it's white but Oh cute oh my goodness I'm really sweating this detailing right here is oh yeah how cute is that I see that on the side that is such a cute touch I mean everything makes a difference when it when it comes to my quality and luxury is everything they literally put so much time into all of their different pieces so this would be so cute if you know I could wear it right and how much it cost I'll put it on the screen but it's cute as simple it's not necessary but I just have to support me on that cuz I love you girl I love you girl I'm gonna be posting all the pictures in my fancy so if yeah I don't already follow me on a cram sto Walker will be in the description box alone I am next outfit I got this really cute with sizes it this in a size small this is a corset Jersey dress so it's not oh this quality is really it's like a t-shirt but okay so I don't know if y'all can really get the quality I mean yeah I can't get the quality but the details on the back of head like this fin t logo type of sign this is actually so cute oh my goodness this is so cute it's so simple though y'all know how I am though my clothes I'm so simple and I think I wear white clothes because I feel like white looks good on my skin tones honestly white looks good on any skin tone but look at the detailing come on come one look at that I love how it just goes in on the tips it's called a corset t-shirt dress I got it in a small Coco white and I'll put the price on the screen see guys honestly if you think you often don t makeup on this shirt or this dress you better think again because it was just so hard the neck it's kind of small so kind of hugs right here but it's so cute I think it's so cute yo I love it it's not too short but honestly I always have that problem with buying t-shirt dresses they're always too short I don't like that I don't like too Oh Chico out here and that's this whole collection is simple for quality I'm giving you Snapple quality my next piece is not white I know the odds I have seen white but I love white I feel like it's such a classic color so this is the shoe box this is not a cute you know you know it comes with a dust bag that's been fire y'all look at this the bottom detailing this is bomb yeah this is cute just see this I mean look at that that is luxury okay I got this in a size 38 so let's see if it's it it looks like it is gonna fit I don't want to show y'all my feet because it's crusty but I love y'all that I love the pointy toe I love those like that I mean this is cute I just want to say I'm so proud of Rihanna like I mean she really has built an empire I love to see women of color do their thing and I love seeing women everybody in general but like I feel like it's so hard for women and women of color it's harder for us to really get put on or really for us to grow and succeed because of so many things that gets us as people look it's just obviously I know it's just harder and I'm so proud of her she built an empire like she really different Deena whatever she does she does it she does it half-ass anything like her makeup all her stint Ecolab's like her finchy collapse fancy product her since he designer now that she really just she's really just doing it and I I'm just so proud we are not done yet we have one more piece and let's do it y'all are gonna be so annoyed cause it's white but that is actually if you I don't know a fun fact about me that is my favorite color right it's white and black and my new I love nudes how am I gonna take this off without getting makeup all over it I just want to say I have to take out my earring my ponytail to get that whole laugh outfit out and I still got makeup on it I really do have to have a fun job which I know it's like I still got a little bit of makeup on like the collar of my last outfit but you gotta know so this gotta be my favorite piece because she is poppin this is the oh yeah okay so this is a denim corset dress and I got it in a size 36 myself on the back and I'm pretty good at choosing my sizes even if I'm never boarded from the site before so I've always been like a really good at I mean my size and what works if it's oversized or whatever but this is so cute i'ma show y'all this is a corset dress this camera done a little bit it's a white denim and the quality is amazing the detailing is everything it is so longer than it's a little skirt and it's also not too short on me like you know sometimes everything is just too short and I just want to say everything fits me perfectly Rihanna if you need a model for your next collection hit me up sis I got you hit me up I'm serious okay but this is so cute head split on the side two pockets it's really cute everything is oversized I love it the arms are super long because I'm just a tall girl and I love for the arms to look oversized and big and I do survive oversize is definitely alive I am really happy with everything that I got yeah I cannot wait to wear my outfits yeah they are so cute shoes cap the cat was the cat was very simple like you can literally do without the cash you can get a white cat from anywhere but I mean I'm gonna support bravery and honestly anything that she do she's a dope person okay so let me know what you guys think about the collection in the comments down below which was your favorite piece let me know which see your opinions I want to know this collection is a and I'm not just trying to be biased I'm dead-ass like I really do love everything that I got there was thought put into this the quality is insane and I'm really satisfied with everything that I got and I'm happy and I can't wait to wear items cuz I loved everything and everything that's good of me I got the right sizes I'm to return anything I hate with anything anyway but do not enter this video y'all without subscribing to my channel and follow me on Instagram to see how I rock these outfits cuz I'm gonna slay them I miss playing um that's one thing I love I love fashion and I will tell you I'm a simple Slayer like everything will look good but it's gonna be simple so yeah don't think it's probably gonna grab subscribe to my channel and yeah just go watch another video after this why not I love you guys so much I'll see you guys in my next video alright guys

24 thoughts on “Rihanna's FENTY Clothing Line… | $3,000 try-on haul

  1. Rock it for me to girl ??. Until I’m done with school and get my kids out my house I can online window shop online within this clothing line???.

  2. See Shalom should see this…she just gotta get some sizes that fit and she will look bomb in erythang too??

  3. Honestly nice and simple. But it haute couture prices, the clothing needs more structure.. and different shapes for different body types

  4. Can we count how many times you clapped your hands in this video? I love it! Lmao.. everything looked great on you!

  5. 10:51 I live for this and the other denim shirt dress. I love the slit detailing. It adds character.

  6. Tip Tie a scarf around face to cover when putting on/ taking off clothes so makeup doesn't transfer Love Rihanna, can't wait to be able to purchase FeNty fashion & lingerie. I adore my FeNty beauty!!?✨

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