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so in my old job we had this annoying policy where as long as you kept your receipt there is no time limit on how long you can return or exchange a purchased item I know that just from hearing that you can imagine all of the exploits that go along with it and it's not like it's even a difficult requirement right keep a piece of paper stay eligible for returns and exchanges simple hi I'd like to return this pair of pants it's too big on my husband oh no problem could I please see you receipt because that's literally the only article of proof that they can provide to show me that they spend money to purchase this item at our franchise oh I don't have it uh I'm sorry but I can't issue a return or exchange without it but you guys told me there was no time limit we also told you and your selective hearing that you should hang on to your receipt if you ever want to return your items Oh can I talk to your manager hi I want to exchange a shirt about a few weeks ago it ripped oh that's too bad but of course I see you have your receipt there thank you and where's the shirt oh it's at home you're gonna have to bring the shirt in for me to exchange it well I figured you guys we're just gonna throw it out so I didn't bother her well I also see that you left your common sense at home I'm sorry sir I can't do anything about this can I talk to your manager and like I said it's a somewhat flawed system that have brooded several exploits one of which resulted in us limiting the unlimited return policy of our construction boots which were then reduced to 100 a limit we even had signs everywhere to keep our literate customers aware of the changes hi I want to return these boots for my son they already wore off after like two weeks terrible quality oh I'm sorry to hear that no problem could I see your receipt thank you oh I'm sorry ma'am but it says here you bought the boots five months ago why'd you wait so long I just didn't have any time okay well this exceeds our 100-day limit for returns and exchanges what I thought you had a no time limit return policy we do but some issues occurred and we had to change that for our construction boots we're sure to notify all of our customers who buy them now your son should have known when did this change happen about a year ago that's ridiculous how was I supposed to know it's even written here on the receipt that you have a hundred days no unacceptable where does it even say in your store I don't see it anywhere I came all the way here and you can't do anything unbelievable can I speak with your manager oh yes of course I was totally hired as a decoy that deceives customers and misrepresents our store truly functions and only the manager can cater to your incompetence and provides you with undeserving consolation because that sure is an efficient system that's allowed this franchise to survive from nearly 40 years please wait here while I get my managers to repeat the same information I'd missed out upon you because how can my word alone be valid me being a mere employee who had to apply for this job and prove my adequate ability to handle our consumers yeah yeah hey guys do you spend all day on the computer like me and want to earn a little money while you're at it well there's a website called Opinion Outpost where you can basically get paid cash or receive rewards just by sharing your opinions to a few companies to help with their research it's free to sign up and every survey you complete grants you an automatic entry to win a quarterly raffle of $10,000 that's a lot of SH warmers you can buy so if you want to start doing this now and be making the monies for the honeys click on the link in the description below alright peace you

42 thoughts on “ReTales: Return Policy

  1. It's simple logic. I came here for something. You're telling me I can't have this something. Granted you might have a valid reason for me not being entitled to this something. But still, if I could still have this something, I would like to have it.
    I try to convince you to let me have it. You say I can't. Instead of walking out empty handed, I ask to see someone the manager because the manager means an automatic increase in my chances of attaining this something, even if it's a %0.001, it's better than nothing.

    Plus, many times, the manager does offer a resolution that the employee couldn't (wouldn't) provide.

  2. Oh yes, of course, I was totally hired as a decoy that deceives customers and misrepresents how our store truly functions, and only the manager can cater to your incompetence and provide you with undeserving consolation, because that sure is an efficient system that's allowed this franchise to survive for nearly fourth years. Pleas wait here while I get my manager to repeat the same information I've bestowed upon you, because how can my word alone be valid, me being a mere employee, who had to apply for this job, and prove my adequate ability to handle our consumers. Yeah, yeah.

    Yes, I wrote all this down while listening to him say it

  3. The sad thing is that after they speak with the manager and the situation repeats, the business or company's reputation is ruined due to the customer spreading dirt of the company.

  4. Yo guys watch this. Imma get epic r/wooshed.

    You spelled "retail" wrong. You put ReTales instead of retail. You're welcome for the grammar correction

  5. It’s common sense to actually bring in a receipt though. Even though there’s no time limit, how is the store suppose to know whether or not you’ve purchased it from their store or know the actual price for the clothing?

    Also, customers can return clothings that have been ripped? Over here, as soon as they realise there is a stain or a few ripped holes within the shirt they hand you back the receipt and are like “do we look cheap to you”

  6. Customer: can I speak to your manager
    Me: can I speak with your manager?
    Me: can you leave. Can you take your clothes and get out
    Customer: I demand to speak to your manager
    Me: your time is up get out of my store

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