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hey guys welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is Hannah I post weekly videos of all things fashion and beauty related data are also vegan and cruelty free so if you like what you see and you like this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel it would mean so much to me and I would love to have you be a part of my family also I have a recently learned that YouTube is going to be changing the way your subscription feed looks so if you want to make sure that you don't miss a video you can click the little bell next to the subscribe button and that will notify you every time I post something new but I'm gonna try to keep things on a pretty consistent schedule anyways so up to you just letting you know if you do want to so today I wanted to do a little bit of a fashion haul I have some key pieces that I purchased for my wardrobe for the spring and summer months and I've been kind of wearing them over and over again and mixing and matching them with stuff so I thought that I would show you in case you're interested I've been getting lots of questions on Instagram and just so you guys know if you ever like any of my Instagram photo outfits then you can find it all on my blog its hello Hanna comm and you can just click on the shop tab and pretty much everything will be linked there for those of you who don't know I started out as a fashion blogger that is how I got into the blogging youtubing world was through fashion and my philosophy on fashion has changed quite a bit over the years and especially with becoming vegan it has changed a lot because I no longer purchased anything made from an animal so no leather suede silk anything like that while I love drifting and I do do thrifting and I'm going to have some thrifting videos coming out for you if you like that kind of stuff I also know that it doesn't always fit my life and it doesn't fit other people's lives as well and it does take time to thrift personally as I've gotten older I find that I like to have less things and higher quality of things so that has kind of like gone hand-in-hand with the fact that I don't shop at fast fashion places quite as often there are a few places that I absolutely won't shop at anymore and then there's some places that I'll shop at occasionally and I think it's just up to you to like do your due diligence and look at the company and look at what they stand for and decide if that's something that you're comfortable with I do happen to really really love Reformation because they are a sustainable and ethical company they make beautiful high-quality clothing and I know that it's going to be good for the environment and that the workers are treated fairly so when I am able to make a purchase like that and I am able to splurge on something from them I will because I really just love the quality of the clothes and I love that they stand for something good that said I know that their stuff is expensive it's definitely on the more pricey side especially some of their dresses can run up to 250 dollars and that is a lot of money to spend on one clothing piece my personal philosophy on this has been to buy things that I know I'm gonna wear more than once and that way the cost per wear is it evens itself out to make it worth it if that makes sense I have found these purchases to be worth it even though they're pricier I wear them over and over again the quality is insane so good the fact that I can buy this stuff and it is going to last me a long time it makes me so happy okay I've been gabbing on so much so I will get into showing you guys the clothes and I hope that you will find the fashion videos helpful whether they are out of your budget or in your budget yeah that's it the first case is this top it is the lidya top this retails for $58 and you may have seen this in a video of mine so I actually got quite a few of these products for 25% off because reformation had this like random pop-up sale so make sure you follow them on Instagram and like subscribe to their newsletter because they rarely rarely rarely ever do sales so if they do you want to get on that because it will save you a bunch of money so I did actually get this cheaper than what it was priced at as well as many of the items I'm gonna show you guys I love this top for so many reasons it's very girly for me and I typically shy away from things that are pink but lately I've been kind of loving pink a little bit more especially this very dusty rose mauve color is a lot more up my alley than like a bubblegum pink or anything like that and I love the sleeve detailing it's super feminine and then the neckline is square and then it has this little bow right here it is just super flattering it fits so well it hugs you in all the right places I love this top so much so I got this because I knew it was something that I could wear over and over and over again it looks good with high-waisted jeans shorts you can wear them with more tailored shorts you can wear it with a skirt you could even layer it underneath a dress if you wanted to add some cute little sleeves so I just knew that this was going to be a shirt that I were over and over again and I already have worn it quite a bit so it was well worth the money okay next this is the Como dress and of course it has dog hair on it because that's just the life I live in this house and this retails for 98 dollars and it is made of a very soft material I believe this is tensile I mean double check oh so it's 89% tensile 7% linen 4% spandex so tensile is made from trees and it's a very soft but apparently very durable fabric a lot of their stuff is made of tinsel and I am a very big fan of the feel of it so the reason I loved this dress was because I just feel like everybody needs that kind of like potato sack dress in the summer that they can throw on and look cute and look put together but you know maybe you're feeling frumpy and you don't want to put a lot of effort into this so I love this it has these little tortoise shell buttons which I think just give it such a classy look and this has already been a favorite of mine I love to wear it with like a scarf in my hair and it just dresses the whole look up and yes I am very happy about this one okay so next up this is the Atlas top this is $78 and I got this with a matching skirt so I'll show you guys the skirt this skirt is also $78 and the reason why I got these even though they're a little bit more expensive is because there was a dress that was a very similar style and obviously it just wouldn't show your stomach but very straight line straight across and to me I was like well if I like the dress I should just get the two-piece because I can wear the top separate and then I can wear the skirt separate so I feel like you're getting a ton of outfits with these because I will definitely wear this with the matching skirt but then I can also wear it with a printed skirt I can wear it with some high-waisted trousers I can wear it with shorts there's there's really just endless ways to style this like a cute yellow crop top I mean I'll wear this all summer so I am glad I went with the two-piece version because now I can wear the skirt same thing with different tops and just get a bunch of different uses out of them okay next this is the flora top this was also $58 and it's a basically just like a wrap top so it wraps around and you can tie it I love these tops they're super trendy right now and they just look good with everything like high-waisted jeans I love the mom Jean look right now and these look so cute with mom jeans they just kind of like since it's tight it adds like a more feminine look and gives you some shape and the little like bow tie is kind of distracting so it's not like to tighten in your face if that makes sense but I love this I think it's gonna be really cute paired with skirts as well and again just another thing that I can wear a ton okay next up is the Elana top I love this so much because it's the perfect like white bustier style top that goes with everything you can wear with maxi skirts with shorter skirts you can wear it with jeans shorts I mean honestly anything it looks good with anything and it makes any outfit look super girly and put together and I love the straps because you can wear them on the shoulder like this and a little like ruffles sleeve or you can actually put them off the shoulder for more of like a Sandra Dee off-the-shoulder vibe I have worn this so much I wear it during the day I wear it out at night it goes with everything this is definitely probably my favorite purchase of everything I just think it's the perfect top and that one is 128 dollars okay and last we have this dress it is the ava dress and this is a hundred and seventy eight dollars it is made of the thickest material it's so luxurious and structured and it's just so flattering if you're petite and you have a short torso this will be your dream dress because it hugs you right at the waist where it's super slenderizing and then it's short so it makes your legs look long I love the neckline it's straight across then it has a slight little ruffle detailing it's just it's the perfect dress I mean it's very simple but I've already won this one a lot and I'm gonna be taking it to some upcoming vacations I have because it's just that dress that you can throw on and it looks like you tried super hard and you didn't do anything so that is going to be it for the Reformation haul I hope you guys like this video if you want to see more videos like this or you want to see more fashion videos in general let me know in the comments down below and I will definitely make more but obviously I will still continue to make beauty videos as well so stay tuned for that and I hope you guys enjoy don't forget to subscribe before you leave and I will see you in my next video bye

31 thoughts on “Reformation Fashion Haul & Try-On

  1. All talking halfway of the vid these aspects youtubers dont realize or they really wanna talk too much…. making the audience bored guys its making us bored and do not finish watching the vid

  2. What size do you wear? I’m about to buy online but I’m not sure if the size is similar to Zara or H&M

  3. You mentioned you have dogs, as a vegan how do you deal with giving them meat products? My dogs love burger and chicken but I hate buying it and having it in my home

  4. i absolutely agree w ur take on sustainable fashion! i feel like its still an unpopular opinion but its so true and i hope more people realize it! ur such an inspiration!

  5. Excellent Reformation Fashion Haul Video Hannah, Great Stylish and Cute Purchases, Very Entertaining and Fun, Very Much Enjoyed! ⭐⭐⭐⭐❤

  6. Hi Hannah, I was wondering if you could please do a vid on your favorite summer scents! I am currently obsessed with Pinrose’s Sun Saint, I was looking for a vegan and cruelty free alternative to Maison Margielas Replica Beach Walk and I actually prefer Sun Saint, it is lighter, beachy and lovely if anyone is interested. My other favorite new found summer scent is Commodity’s Nectar, just lovely on and not overwhelming. Would love to hear yours if you haven’t already! Thank you 🙃

  7. I live in London and was so excited to go to Reformation in NYC a couple weeks ago but was so disappointed in the quality of the clothing. I’m happy to pay $250 for a dress if it’s made sustainably and also of decent quality, but when I tested the stitching on a couple pieces I tried on, they seemed like they’d fall apart in one wash 🙁 maybe the pieces you got were better made ! 🙂

  8. Love Reformation so much! Hope they open up a store in London soon so that it is more accessible for Europe market as well. I find it a bit difficult to find sustainable brands like Reformation that have feminine, romantic design – especially in Europe. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  9. I loved all the pieces, especially the 2 piece set! FYI I’m unsure if it’s just me, but the links didn’t work for me 🙁

  10. Absolutely LOVE your personality and videos! Thank you so much for all the effort you put into them. I look forward to them every time you upload! I’d love see more fashion videos and would love to know where you got your denim pieces. Hope you’re having a good week thus far x

  11. i absolutely love your videos, hannah! do you have a blog post on sharing your favorite ethical (non-fast fashion) brands and stores? i’d love to know what other brands you support!

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