hey guys I have about seven of these packages filled with gorgeous Reformation dresses that I'm gonna try on so uh yeah let's get started I'm very excited about this little beauty from Reformation Reformation have is one of my newest favorite brands this is the oh yeah everything comes individually wrapped so if you need to send it back UPS is here but they um they focus on sustainability which is really cool this is I always order two sizes because I find the sizing to be a little tricky for this is a cute little dress that is basically like comic book print all over it voila I have been looking for a little dress that would layer over trail mix and look cute and your sweaters but still work summertime there's also oh gosh this is like the softest material ever it's like a t-shirt ooh this might be a shirt ha ha just kidding I'm short so this will be a dress on me and you can't see but it's I'll show you guys it's long it might be too long for me but we'll work with it this is a cute little mod dress I'm short super soft and stretch it yeah let's see how this fits I like Baxter long Oh No you forgot to open this one or I didn't open it I just thought it was a different dress because they all there's three with the same fabric but out all right if you like this Tryon video like and subscribe below and most importantly which one should I keep let me know they're all so good


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